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6 Free Gift Voucher Templates – Editable

A Gift Voucher (also known as a Gift Certificate) is a card or a piece of paper that entitles the owner of the card to a specific amount of money that is only redeemable in certain stores in exchange for goods or offer discounts to certain purchases. The Gift Vouchers can be handed out to customers by the store or company as a form of promotional strategy. The Gift Vouchers can also be bought by customers as a form of a gift.

Gift Vouchers are often used by businesses and companies in marketing in order to entice customers to purchase from their businesses as well as for promotional purposes.

The Gift Vouchers are also great gifts that are becoming increasingly popular. A customer can buy a Gift Voucher to give to another person so that they can give them the opportunity to choose and get whichever product they would like from a certain store. It’s an excellent way to relieve the person gifting from the hassle of shopping for the perfect gift at different stores.

What Is the Difference Between Gift Coupons And Gift Vouchers?

A gift voucher is a single-use card that will give the customer a one-time discount on certain goods by having a single code associated with each of them. While a coupon will have a different type of code attached to it that is applicable to emails etc with the purchase in order to apply a discount based on a percentage.

How will Gift vouchers Help a Business?

Gift Vouchers are loved by the customers and are essential in any business. Having gift vouchers and promotions for your business whether you own a store or offer services is important to increase your customers base. The uses and advantages of Gift Vouchers are:

They are a great marketing tool: Gift Vouchers are a great way to improve your store’s brand and impress the customers. A happy customer is a returning customer. By giving the Gift Vouchers, more people will be interested in buying from your stores.

Advantages for property: Having Gift Vouchers will increase the visibility of your business. Making more people aware of what you’re offering and where your business is located will likely lead more customers to your doors.

Advantages in terms of your customers: Gift Vouchers will provide flexible and attractive incentives to consumers. This will establish a good association with the brand and will motivate customers to choose more products from your store as well as develop trust and reliability in the consumers. 

The advantage in terms of promotions: Making a big show about the Gift Vouchers will help bring more and more customers. promote the vouchers on social media, send emails to customers informing them about the voucher, and other methods of spreading the knowledge about the voucher will help in spreading the name of the business and customers will be inclined to come to the business. Offering gift promotions on purchases is also a great incentive for the customers to do business with you, for example: offering a $10 gift voucher to any purchases above $100.

When Should Gift Vouchers Be Used?

As a business owner, there are specific times of the year that will be especially beneficial to use gift cards. Mainly right before and during national holidays. These are the times of the year when customers will be spending the most amounts of money. So you want to engage with as many customers as possible during these times.

As a customer, you can use the gift voucher in specific stores during the exchange process, either to get a discount or to pay for a certain product.

What Are The Factors Of Validation Of Gift Vouchers?

Nearly all Gift Vouchers will have an expiry date within which they will be required to be used by the customers or the voucher will be rendered expired. There are cases where the voucher will have a set period of time of viability rather than expiration by date (i.e The voucher will be viable for the one-year duration from the date of purchase), in these cases too, the vouchers will contain the date of purchase by the customers.

The logo of the business should also be on the voucher as well as the stores where the voucher can be redeemed at.

The voucher will also include the amount of money that the voucher is equal to. A customer can buy products at this price. This also applies in cases where a discount is offered.

The contact information for the business, including phone number and Email in case a customer wants to inquire about the voucher or the business itself, is also to be specified on the voucher.

Any terms and conditions that the voucher will be compliant with will be added such as the voucher not be exchangeable for cash.

There are cases where the voucher is issued to a certain customer. Thus it will have the customer’s name and only that customer will be able to redeem the voucher.

What Kind Of Format Should Be Present On A Gift Voucher?

A businessman should ensure the Gift Voucher is simple, short yet catchy to the eye of the customers. All the necessary information and terms should be mentioned as well and be as clear as possible.

They should remember to include a short description of the type of voucher and what item it pertains to. The more enticing details that you give the more likely a customer will buy and use the voucher.

Leave a space for a personal message from the customers in cases where the voucher will be a gift. This allows the customers to personalize the voucher and make it more meaningful.

Be sure to include all the necessary details mentioned in the “Factors of Validation” to ensure that your voucher will be a flawless masterpiece that brings more customers and opportunities.

Have You Fully Decided To Create And Design A Gift Voucher?

think about your target audience. Who do you want to promote to? What kind of products are you going to be providing? What kind of discounts are you going to give? After deciding on all of these questions, use our superb, professional editable Gift Voucher templates to make this process easier for you and make you stand out from your competitors.

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