Sample Employee Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Employee termination letter for poor performance is a letter designed to let a given employee know that his or her services are no longer required due to his or her poor performance at work. This letter is written following an employee’s inability to deliver efficient services repeatedly.

As a human resource officer or employer, you will have to write several letters of termination in office. However, this is not the only thing you have to do the entire day. Therefore, having a template for these termination letters only makes your work easy. Since most times, the reason you have to write the letters are similar, a template will save you lots of time. You can have a few templates on your desktop computer. That way, when required to write a letter for an employee who is performing poorly, you pull out the suitable template, edit it in a few minutes then print and give. It will save you lots of time thus allowing you to do other things. At the same time, it will help improve your rate of efficiency. Having a letter written in just a few minutes of your boss asking is always a good sign of an efficient employee.

Termination Letter for Poor Performance:

Another job termination letter should be made for an employee that has poor work performance. If the employee has failed to demonstrate improvement or has failed to meet goals of the company, this letter should have detailed explanations and examples of that failed performance.

Probationary Job Dismissal Letter Sample (Bad Performance)

Probationary Job Dismissal Letter Sample ( poor Performance)


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Job Termination Letter for Poor Work Performance

Sample Termination Letter For Poor performance


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These employee termination letter templates are designed to help employers write termination letters to employees they need to let go with the labor laws in mind. These templates employ the appropriate language that should be used when letting an employee go. This will ensure that the employee in question cannot use the letter against the employer based only on the language used in the termination letter. They can also be used as a guideline with your own letter of termination. The templates are free to download and easy to edit thus making your work very easy.