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15 FREE Shipping Labels Templates

All the important information required for delivering any package to the appropriate address is written on the shipping label. A shipping label template will contain information about:

  • Name of the company and customer who ordered a particular product.
  • Address of the company from where the package is sent and the address of the customer who has ordered it.
  • Tracking code of the package.

In today’s world, the process of shipping requires being fast and accurate as well and the templates for shipping labels have made it easy for the companies to deliver their packages to their customers at the right address. The process of using the shipping label templates is advantageous because all the details can be easily mentioned on it for effective delivery of the products. So the free templates for shipping labels should be printed very carefully and should have all those important sections in which the significant information can be written easily.

The process of shipping can be simplified as the templates help to have all the information in one place in the form of a shipping label. The printing of shipping labels can be made possible through the process of automation and the chances of errors also get reduced to the maximum possible level. In the past days, there were very common problems associated with the delivery of packages to the customers in the form of delays in product delivery, delivering the product at the wrong address, etc. But now the world has been completely transformed and most of the processes run on automation which requires monitoring the whole process only.

Shipping label templates are helpful for both types of purchases either online or in person. Free to download shipping label templates are available on the internet. You just need to search for those templates which match your shipping labels’ requirements. The basic details on any free template are almost the same, you will only need to edit it for adding any piece of information on the shipping label template which you think is significant to be written over it.

Having a standard template for all the shipping labels which will be used by the company help to save time because the information regarding the customer will have to be changed and the company’s information will remain same for all of them. In this way, there will be an advantage that all the customers will receive same information about the company as well.

Purpose of shipping label

Shipping label templates help in various ways. The purpose of their usage and how they are important for any company or a customer is important to understand by all. Following are some of the purposes which can be fulfilled by using the free templates for shipping labels:

  • The most important reason for using a shipping label template is to ensure that the package will be delivered at the right address.
  • All the essential information regarding the company and the customer can be enlisted at one place.
  • The customer will also be able to see the total payment from the shipping label templates without the need of opening the package first. In this way they will give the payment charges to the courier rider right at that time of receiving their package.

Elements of a Shipping Label

Shipping label templates are of equal importance for the company who is going to deliver a particular product, the courier company through which the package will be delivered, and the customer who had ordered a particular product from the company. Almost all the free templates of shipping label have same kind of information enlisted on it. So the elements of a shipping label template and their requirement purpose have been described below:

Origin address

The name of that company or organization who is has received the order of a specific good and is required to deliver the package through courier service will be written on the shipping label template. It is important because the customer may have ordered any other product from another company also and they may become confused that which parcel has been received so if the name of the company will be written then the customer will automatically know that what they have received.

The address of that company should also be written on the shipping label templates so that if the customer wants to exchange the received product in case the ordered product is not the same which they had ordered or if the product is damaged.

Customer name

The name of the customer should be written accurately on the shipping label template. It is important so that the package gets delivered to the right person who ordered it. You should make sure that exactly that name gets printed on the shipping label which has been provided by the customer. For ensuring it, you should ask the customer to spell their name if the order is being taken through a phone call or if you have received the order via message then you should make sure to write the same spellings of name as sent by the customer while placing the order.

Destination address 

The destination address refers to that of the customer’s address who has placed a particular order from a specific company or organization. It is important to write the accurate address so as to avoid any delay in the time of package delivery and most importantly to ensure that it gets delivered at the right address and at the right time. Mentioning the destination address on shipping label template is significant because in case of any product return, your company will have to bear the extra charges and it will also damage the image of your company if the customer will not receive the parcel at the specified time.

Package weight

It is important to mention the package weight on the free template attached over it in the form of a shipping label template because it will allow the courier service for handling it appropriately. The courier company will also charge according to the weight of your package which will be delivered to the customer.

Shipping class

The shipping class specifies the time duration in which the customer want to get the package delivered. It may be:

  • Priority.
  • Over-night.
  • Two days delivery.
  • Next day etc.

If this information will be specified on the shipping label template then the courier company will be able to deliver the product at the right time and the delivery charges will also be decided according to it.

Electronic tracking number

The purpose of writing the electronic tracking number on the shipping label template is to track the location where a particular product has been reached. When the package is delivered by the company, the electronic tracking number is also given to the customer for checking the shipment status and it also useful for the company for tracking the parcel when it has been delivered to the customer. It helps in making sure that the package does not get lost any time due to the negligence of the courier rider.

Shipping barcode

The shipping barcode helps in providing the authenticity of goods being delivered to the customer. Each product has its own barcode and helps the customer in checking the information regarding that particular good because all the products have their own specific barcodes. So this information is also essential to mention on the shipping label templates.

Create a Shipping Label Template in Word

  • Step 1: Open a Word document, go to the Mailing tab on the command ribbon, and then click Envelopes in the Create group.
shipping label 1
  • Step 2: Click inside the Return Address field. Press the Caps Lock key to enter capital letters. Enter the name or organization of the returned recipient in the first line, then press Enter.
  • Step 3: Enter the street number, street name, and street type. If you need to include an object number, such as an apartment number, enter this number without “APT”, enter a hyphen, and then enter the street number, street name, street type, and direction. For example, enter “22-999 JOSEPH ST SE” (without quotation marks). Press Enter.
shipping label 2

Step 4: Enter the city and two-letter province or territory code and zip code on the bottom line. Insert one space between the city and the province or territory. Insert two spaces to the right of the province or territory. The alphanumeric zip code includes one space between the first three and the last three characters. For example, enter “WINNIPEG MB A1B 2C3” (without quotation marks) on one line. Press “Enter” and enter the country name in blocks, for example, “CANADA” in the last line.

Step 5: Click in the “Delivery Address” field and enter your first and last name in the first line, then press “Enter”.

Step 6: Enter your delivery address in the third last line, specifying the main address, destination number, street name, suffix, and then the destination number. If there is an apartment number, enter this secondary address identifier and an alternate address. For example, enter “29 E JUNCTION RD APT 209” (without quotation marks).

shipping label 3

Step 7: Enter your city, state abbreviation, and zip code in the second last line and insert one space between the city and the two-letter state abbreviation. Enter two spaces after the state abbreviation, followed by five or nine digits of the zip code. For example, enter “HOUSTON TX 12345-6789” (without quotation marks) on one line.

Step to Print Shipping Label

Following are a few simple steps to print the shipping label template:

  1. Load standard sheet paper or No. 10 envelope into the printer.
  2. Click Print in the Envelopes and labels dialog box. Check the addresses for readability.
  3. Trim the extra spaces around the margins with a paper trimmer. If you printed the envelope, your correspondent might attach this envelope as a sticker on the outside of the package. Put this label in an envelope and send a letter to your correspondent using the return address.
  4. You can change the envelope settings by clicking the “Options” button on the “Envelopes” tab. Click the “Envelope Settings” tab, and then click the “Envelope Size” drop-down list. Click on the desired format size. Click OK. Load paper or envelope into the printer. Click Print.
  5. Scan the shipping label and email the file to your Canadian correspondent for printing

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    What is the Correct Way to Place a Label on Package?

    Placing the shipping label template appropriately on the package for ensuring that it might not get misplaced at any time during the process of its delivery is important. You should consider the following points in mind for placing it correctly on the package being delivered:

    • The shipping label should be displayed at the front side of your package.
    • It should not be folded from the corners because it might lead to improper display of the information mentioned on the free shipping label template.
    • The standard size for label shipping templates is ‘4 x 6 inch’, ‘6 x 3 inch’, and ‘4 x 4 inch’. You should prefer to use that size which is according to the size of your package.
    • Make sure that the shipping label is securely fastened with the package by using the transparent tape on its all four sides.
    • If you are going to paste the shipping label with the help of glue even then you should make sure to use the tape also for making it more secure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I print labels from home?

    If you are running a small setup of delivering the homemade products online or within the premises of your surrounding area then you can print the shipping labels even at your home. You will only require a printer and a good internet connection at your home for doing so. You will enter all the information in the shipping label template by using the computer and laptop and then get it printed with the help of a printer and attach it to the package to be delivered.

    Can I print a shipping label on regular paper?

    The shipping label can be printed on regular paper and if you are doing so you can choose to cover it from all sides with a single layer of scotch tape for adhering it appropriately. Moreover, if the transparent scotch tape will be used on all sides it will also cover the regular piece of paper and will protect the paper from any wear and tear on which you have written all the important information required for delivering the package to your customer.

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