How to Make Shipping Labels in Word (Free Templates)

Have you ever been in a situation where you organized delivery and had to print the label or shipping label at home? There is a high probability that the answer is “yes”. The shipping label is the most important document to ensure that your delivery is successful, and there are cases where the customer is responsible for printing it and affixing it to the package.

In this guide we will show you how to create a shipping label and not just that, we are also offering a template which you can download and use for FREE!

Microsoft Word includes an envelope template that you can adapt to prepare a shipping label for sending to your correspondent. Formatting the return address and your shipping address must follow the shipping instructions from the postal services of both countries if you are shipping internationally.

For example, if you are shipping something from Canada to the U.S, Canadian postal addresses have an alphanumeric postal code with alternating letters and numbers, and without a hyphen, American postal codes have all numbers and a hyphen between the fifth and sixth numbers in a nine-digit code. This shipping label can be printed on a standard sheet of paper or in standard envelope No. 10, and then mailed to your correspondent.

How to create a shipping label in Word

Step 1: Open a Word document, go to the Mailing tab on the command ribbon, and then click Envelopes in the Create group.

shipping label 1

Step 2: Click inside the Return Address field. Press the Caps Lock key to enter capital letters. Enter the name or organization of the returned recipient in the first line, then press Enter.

Step 3: Enter the street number, street name, and street type. If you need to include an object number, such as an apartment number, enter this number without “APT”, enter a hyphen, and then enter the street number, street name, street type, and direction. For example, enter “22-999 JOSEPH ST SE” (without quotation marks). Press Enter.

shipping label 2

Step 4: Enter the city and two-letter province or territory code and zip code on the bottom line. Insert one space between the city and the province or territory. Insert two spaces to the right of the province or territory. The alphanumeric zip code includes one space between the first three and the last three characters. For example, enter “WINNIPEG MB A1B 2C3” (without quotation marks) on one line. Press “Enter” and enter the country name in blocks, for example, “CANADA” in the last line.

Adding Shipping Address

Step 5: Click in the “Delivery Address” field and enter your first and last name in the first line, then press “Enter”.

Step 6: Enter your delivery address in the third last line, specifying the main address, destination number, street name, suffix, and then the destination number. If there is an apartment number, enter this secondary address identifier and an alternate address. For example, enter “29 E JUNCTION RD APT 209” (without quotation marks).

shipping label 3

Step 7: Enter your city, state abbreviation, and zip code in the second last line and insert one space between the city and the two-letter state abbreviation. Enter two spaces after the state abbreviation, followed by five or nine digits of the zip code. For example, enter “HOUSTON TX 12345-6789” (without quotation marks) on one line.

Print shipping label

  1. Load standard sheet paper or No. 10 envelope into the printer.
  2. Click Print in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. Check the addresses for readability.
  3. Trim the extra spaces around the margins with a paper trimmer. If you printed the envelope, your correspondent might attach this envelope as a sticker on the outside of the package. Put this label in an envelope and send a letter to your correspondent using the return address.
  4. You can change the envelope settings by clicking the “Options” button on the “Envelopes” tab. Click the “Envelope Settings” tab, and then click the “Envelope Size” drop-down list. Click on the desired format size. Click OK. Load paper or envelope into the printer. Click Print.
  5. Scan the shipping label and email the file to your Canadian correspondent for printing

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