How to Create Address Labels (Free Templates)

A good feature of Microsoft Word is the function of making labels, which helps you to organize products or correspondences that need to be organized physically. With this feature, you can repeat some text on the screen without writing more than once, creating a batch of different labels. The Word lets you print multiple labels on the same sheet of paper quickly, creating a table and replicating the same text in each cell. Few people know, but there is an automatic way to do this, which requires much less time.

Step 1:

Open Word. At the top of the page, click on “Mailing” and then on “Labels”.

Step 2:

Write in the text box “Address”, the text that will be printed on the labels. It can be an email address, a name, whatever you want. To change the color of the text, font, or alignment, select the text, right-click, and choose the desired option.

Step 3:

This step is for those who want to print just one label. If you want to print several on one page, go to Step 4.

In the Envelopes and Labels window, there are two options for printing: “Full page – same label” and “one label”. The first option will print a giant label, the size of the page. The second will print a regular size label, in the table cell that you specify in “Row and Column”. Read Step 6 to better understand how the table works.

Step 4:

To print multiple labels per sheet, click on the “Options” button. A new window called “Label options” will open.

Step 5:

In the “Product number” list, choose the option with the label size that is right for you. The dimensions of the label are given to the right of the list. For example, the “1/2 Letter” option prints a single half-letter-size label (13.97 X 21.59 cm). The “30 per page” option creates 30 labels of the same size on A4 paper, and so on. When there are two options of the same name, it means that one creates labels vertically and the other horizontally.

Step 6:

Having chosen the number of labels, click “Ok”. You will be returned to the “Labels” window;

Step 7:

Click on the “New Document” button. Word will generate a text document with your labels. Note that it is a table, and each label is a cell;

Step 8:

If you are satisfied with labels without images, just select File> Print, and the job is done. If you want to add a graphic resource (an image or some visual ornament), click on the Insert tab at the top of the page and choose the type of graphic resource you want (Image, Clip-art, etc.);

Creating labels in batch

  1. Go to File> New using Template … or open Word from scratch;
  2. In the search box, look for a label;
  3. Select the appropriate template for the number of labels you want to create;
  4. A new document will open with the template you chose, look:
  5. Now, to customize them all at once, search for YOUR NAME or the name that is repeated on the labels;
  6. In the search box, click on the magnifying glass and then enter  Replace ;
  7. In the Find and replace box, put the name you want to put in the second field;
  8. Do the same for Address, City, Zip, or any additional information you have on the label you use.

Free Label Templates (Word)

To help you in creating address labels, we are offering a FREE editable templates to use and print!




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