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Address Label Template – 3 Different Size Labels

An address label is perhaps one of the most basic and important necessities that any business, big or small, needs have in their possession. This is the one thing that can help customize any letters or flyers that you mail out to your customers, as you can design it however you wish while, at the same time, ensuring that it remains as professional as possible.

There are many different types of address label templates available for you to take advantage of for your business; however, there is one address label template that remains very popular among those who have utilized it for their own businesses.

This particular address label template is one that can be easily created using the Microsoft® Word 2007 program, and it’s also one that contains a format that is very simple, yet very clean.

This address label template contains a white background with a gold-colored border. On the right-hand side, you will see a clip art photo of a house. This can easily be replaced by a clip art photo of something such as an office building as a way to represent your business. On the left-hand side of the address label template, the following information can be found:


*Street address

*City, state, and zip code

All of the aforementioned options can be easily edited in Microsoft® Word according to the needs that you desire. In addition to being of great use in terms of mailing purposes, this particular address label template can also be used to help a business owner maintain their various file label tasks.

As previously mentioned, this address label template was created using Microsoft® Word 2007; however, it can be completely customized using later versions of the program without issue. So if you are looking for the perfect address label template for your business, then look no further than the template that has been presented here.


Address Label Template Size 1″ x 2.6″


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Address Label Template 60 Per Page

Address Label Template 60 Per Page

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Address Label Template Size 1″ x 4″

Address Label Template

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