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A candidate rejection letter is a document sent to a job candidate by an employer or a hiring manager, who did not make it to the next phase of the selection process. After conducting the interviews, the hiring manager and/or the human resource manager must consider each applicant’s strengths and skillsets, and determine whom they would like to work with. However, before they proceed with a candidate, they must inform the other candidates that they have decided not to move forward with them.

Why you should send a Job Rejection Letter

Being rejected isn’t easy for anyone, but receiving a standard letter meant for everyone who had applied for the position only adds insult to the injury. When drafting a job candidate rejection letter, it is important that carefully choose your words. Even though the recipient may not welcome the news that they have been rejected for the position they had applied for, being kind and considerate will ensure that they maintain a positive perception of your company.

Why should you send a rejection letter?

  • Sending a clear and positive candidate rejection letter is not only kind but also a proper and professional way to address the candidates who didn’t make the cut.
  • A rejection letter is not only important in improving your candidate experience but also a great way of employer and company branding.
  • Most candidates appreciate receiving an official communication from companies they had invested their time to apply.
  • A candidate-job rejection letter shows the candidate that you recognize the effort they put coming for the interview or sending in their application and helps in limiting any negative feelings towards you and your company.

How to Write A Rejection Letter

Thank the Candidate

Always thank the applicant for taking their time to come for the interview or sending in their application. Try to be as polite and convey genuine appreciation.


Personalize the letter as much as possible. Use the applicant’s first and last name in the letter. You may also include a note from your previous conversation or mention an attribute you appreciated.


Applicants often value feedback from hiring managers they’ve been interviewed with because it provides them with an insight into key areas of improvement and may help them consider the next steps in their job search.

Be direct, but gracious

Begin the letter by thanking the applicant for taking their time to consider your organization for their next career move. After that, get directions to the point, remembering to extend a compliment, if you can.

Invitation to apply again

If you feel that a candidate has all the skills that fit for another position in your company, let them know you would like for them to send in their applications for other positions in the future. However, if you feel that an applicant’s skills don’t fit what you are looking for, there is no need to invite them to send in their application for other opportunities in the future.

Writing a candidate rejection letter is not a task anyone enjoys. It is an easy task to fumble with, but it is much worse to avoid altogether. A candidate rejection letter will always be disappointing to the candidate no matter how the news is delivered to them. However, knowing how to let a candidate down respectfully may motivate them in their job search.

The rejection letter after a job interview or job application is an integral part of what is commonly referred to as the candidate experience. This provides a brief description of the whole process of interacting with the applicant. A botched job rejection letter can turn someone who wanted to work with you into someone determined to bad-mouth it

To make your work easy when drafting a candidate rejection letter, you can download our ready to use templates that are designed to help you let down the candidate respectfully. You can choose from the templates provided and customize them to provide your feedback without having to start from scratch.

Free Samples & Templates

Job rejection letter template


_ [Company Name]

_ [Postal address]

_ [City]

_ [Recipient Name]

__ [Street address, Postal code]

_ [City]

Dear (name of recipient)

We would like to thank you for sending in your application for the [job title]. We really appreciate that you took your time to learn more about the task and completed your application.

The candidate pool for this job title was very competitive, and we would like to notify you that you have not been selected for this role. We are deeply sorry for this outcome.

We will be advertising other positions soon. We hope you will keep us in mind, and we encourage you to send in your application again.

We wish you luck in your future endeavors.


__ [sender name]

Sample Job candidate rejection letter

Tammy Airlines

Texas, 2485 SA

New Zealand

September 3, 2020

Jonathan Adams

Castile road, 2596 CA


Dear Jonathan,

We trust you are well together with your family members. Thank you for applying for the steward role position with Tammy airlines. We went through your resume and learned more about your skills and accomplishment. We sincerely regret to notify you that you have not been selected for this position.

We had many qualified candidates, and we had to choose only one candidate for this role, it was a difficult decision to be made. Kindly bear with us.

Now that we had the chance to know you better (talents and abilities), we would like to keep your curriculum vitae on file for any job openings that best suits you.

Yours truly,

Hailey Brad,

Human resource manager

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