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15 Free Taxi Receipt Templates – Word – Excel

A receipt is a document that is used to prove that a customer has fully paid for the goods or services received.

Usually, a receipt is issued by the payee or seller to mark the transaction as complete. These are legal documents that are essential during the accounting, auditing, and tax filing processes.

A Receipt is issued by the taxi driver to confirm that the passenger has made full payment for the trip. Consequently, it should contain the details of the passenger, including their name, address, miles traveled, and the exact amount paid. Additionally, it should include the name and contact information of the taxi driver. This is necessary in case the passenger needs to contact the taxi driver.

Hence, using a receipt is a professional way in which a taxi company can keep track of its daily operations. It keeps the driver accountable for every transaction conducted during their work shift. Thus, a driver should have a professional receipt book to help document the details of every transaction. The receipt book may have carbon copy or duplicate sets, with one copy for the customer and another for the taxi company’s records.

This article is meant for taxi drivers to learn more about the importance of a receipt, how to create one, what to include when creating one, and the best practices to observe to ensure that it is complete and accurate.  

Download Free Templates

Given below are the taxi templates that you can download for free:

private hire taxi receipt

private hire taxi receipt

taxi receipt generator

taxi receipt generator

taxi receipt online

taxi receipt online

private hire taxi receipt

private hire taxi receipt

taxi receipt generator

taxi receipt generator

private hire taxi receipt

private hire taxi receipt

    Why are Taxi Receipts Important?

    Issuing receipts after every trip is mandatory for a taxi driver. It allows them to easily keep track of trips made, places visited, and their total earnings at the end of the day. Besides providing details of the monetary transactions, receipts also allow taxi drivers to create a perfect work schedule that will help them maximize their daily earnings and earn a good reputation within the company. In addition, this document means that drivers have a proper record of their weekly, monthly, and annual income and can accurately file their taxes.

    What is Included in Taxi Receipt?

    A receipt should accurately display the details of every ride. This is to ensure that the document is complete.

    Therefore, when creating it, you should include the following basic details:

    Invoice number and date

    Every business must keep an accurate and traceable record of its transactions. A unique invoice number is essential for proper bookkeeping. Similarly, the date of the transaction is an important detail that must be mentioned in any official document. 

    Company details 

    The company name and logo should appear on the document as an effective way to identify it. Additionally, add the correct address of the company and the accurate contact details, which may include a phone number and an email address.

    The address and contact details are important for maintaining proper records.  

    Date and time of the ride

    It should have the correct date and time for each trip. It also ensures that the timing of the transaction is clearly documented, allowing for easy reference and verification of the service provided.

    Driver’s name

    When generating the receipt, remember to include your full and correct name. This is again vital information for maintaining proper records.

    Taxi number

    It should have an accurate taxi number. Including the registration number of the taxi’s license plate number is essential, as it allows the passengers to accurately identify the taxi that they used.

    Pickup and drop-off locations

    It should include the correct pickup and destination addresses of the passenger. This allows you to show all the areas you visited during your work shift. It also helps to determine the distance traveled and calculate the fare. This information is essential for determining the cost of the ride. 

    Total amount paid

    After the trip is completed, include the total amount charged for the whole trip. This should include additional charges, such as tolls or airport fees, waiting time, and related costs.


    This section allows you to add any extra information related to the ride.

    Best Practices for You

    A receipt is an important document for any business. Therefore, it is important to be attentive when preparing it.

    Consider the following tips when creating it:

    • Ensure that you always have your receipts ready; this is an efficient way of issuing accurate receipts in a timely manner.
    • Always provide a receipt to all your passengers. Some customers may need them for tax or business reasons. 
    • It is crucial always to have a copy of every receipt that you issue. This is an effective and efficient way of tracking your productivity, earnings, and expenses regularly. Moreover, these records are vital when filing taxes or for insurance claims.
    • Suppose you are using a digital receipt system to generate it. In that case, it is important to ensure the personal and financial details of your customers are protected.
    • If you are using a taxi dispatch service, it is important to adhere to all their rules when regarding issuing receipts.
    • You can use templates to create accurate and professional receipts for your passengers. These templates will prevent you from making unnecessary errors when preparing a receipt.  

    Key Takeaways

    • A receipt for a taxi ride is a legal document that proves a passenger has fully paid their fare once their trip has been completed. Normally, it is issued immediately after the fare has been paid.
    • It allows you to document how much you are earning weekly, monthly, or annually. Also, it can be used to create a work schedule that will improve your productivity as a driver.
    • It is crucial to pay attention that it contains driver details, the company’s information, and the fare amount.
    • Additionally, in the receipt, you should include the taxi number or the license plate number of the vehicle. This makes it easy for customers to correctly identify you and your vehicle or if they want to report a problem.
    • You can use templates to create accurate and perfect receipts effortlessly and accurately. This saves you time and effort.
    • Customers can accurately rate the services they used during their trip with the help of the information on it. Positive customer reviews can be helpful for generating more business. 

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