Disney Vacation Packing Checklists

Do you think about traveling to Disney but don’t know where to start organizing yourself? We have prepared a checklist with everything you need to know to make this dream come true. Check out!

Traveling to Disney is undoubtedly something that most people dream of doing at some point in their life. The reason is simple: the place is wonderful and charming and transports people to a world where magic is real.

Are you thinking of traveling to this incredible destination? If this is your case, then be sure to check the checklist we have prepared. In it, we put all the steps you need to follow to plan your trip to Disney easily and smoothly. Here are some tips and write everything down!

Define the Best Time to Travel

The first step in living this magical adventure is to define the time when you want to travel. It is important to make this choice based on the period in which the park receives the most visitors.

According to the Disney website, the school vacation period – March, June, and July – is the time when the parks will be fullest, that is, if you want to escape from the stockings, escape this period! April, May, September, and October are months when the parks tend to be quieter (low season).

In November, in addition to the fact that Disney is not at full capacity, it is capriciously decorated for Christmas and looks even more beautiful. It is worth checking!

Passport and American Visa

After defining the time when you will travel to Disney, based on your schedule and the best time to visit the park, get your passport. If you are an American, you don’t need any visa but if you live outside the USA you will require an American visa.

Once you have your passport, hurry to get your American visa because the process can be slow, and you don’t want to delay your trip, do you? Get smart! And lastly: only buy your ticket after you already have a visa!

Search for Airline Tickets

Parallel to previous activities, search for airline tickets so you can find them cheaper. Experts recommend doing this about six months to a year in advance. Another thing that you also need to consider is the season: the high season usually has higher values.

Keep an eye out for promotions and offers and regularly visit sites that provide information about the most affordable tickets to certain destinations. It is even possible to register on these platforms to receive promotions directly in your email.

Set the Hosting Location

Don’t forget to define your hosting location. There are several options that can save you money, such as, for example, alternatives that allow you to stay in rooms at home or even rent the entire house for a different price when compared to traditional options, such as hotel and hostel. You need to evaluate the options to find the one that best suits your budget.

It is also important that you stay in a location that is close to the Disney complex so that you do not have too many transportation expenses. For those who want to fully experience the magic and charm of Disney, there are themed hotels within the complex that guarantee some exclusivity for those who stay at them. Worth checking out!

Set up a Tourist Itinerary

Visa guaranteed, passport issued, the ticket purchased. The next step: assembling your itinerary, the tool that will guide you during your stay in Orlando.

Define here which parks you want to visit, the sights you want to visit in Orlando, restaurants you want to eat, stores where you will do you’re shopping, and everything in between.

 It is always worth talking to someone who has already traveled to Disney to get some tips and not let your ride be too busy or too slow. Everything should be used in the best way, and organization is the key to this.

Disney Backpack Essentials:

  1. Travel documents: passport with visa, hotel/car reservations, printed park vouchers.
  2. A jacket, since it is quite cold on the plane.
  3. A change of clothes, in case my checked bag is lost on arrival.
  4. A Ziploc or any transparent bag to store liquid items
  5. Clothing for each day +1
  6. Comfortable Walking Shoes/Sneakers
  7. Cell Phone
  8. Portable Backup Battery
  9. Phone Charger w/ Cords
  10. Books/Magazines/Games
  11. Sweatshirts (seasonal)
  12. Laptop/Tablet/Kindle
  13. Extra Memory Card
  14. Pillows/Blankets
  15. Park Tickets /Magic Bands
  16. Rain Jacket/Poncho/Umbrella
  17. Hand Sanitizer
  18. Autograph Book and Pen
  19. Change of Clothes
  20. Misting Fan
  21. Camera
  22. Batteries
  23. Flip-Flops
  24. Hat or Visor
  25. Earplugs
  26. Backpack
  27. Sunglasses
  28. Sunscreen
  29. Tissues
  30. Gym Clothing
  31. Deck of Cards
  32. Toothpaste
  33. Toothbrush

Another type of item that is essential is any high-value product. Here we can include everything from jewelry to electronics and even cash and cards. This should never be checked in larger suitcases, for security reasons, as luggage theft is becoming more an

On the other hand, there are other items that can never board the handbag, such as:

  1. Liquids or gels over 100ml / each.
  2. Aerosol sprays.
  3. Very large sharp items, such as scissors, knives, and pocket knives.
  4. Explosives, firearms, flammable, and gas-powered instruments.

FREE Disney Vacation Packing Checklists

Above, we have put a suggestion of what not to forget to take to Disney while packing. Of course, many items were left out, you can download our FREE Disney vacation packing checklists for a complete version.



Disney World Ultimate Packing List


Now that you’ve got some tips on how to plan a trip to Disney, it’s time to put that dream into practice. Run and go live this incredible experience!

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