How to Create a Party Guest List (Free Templates)

When we think about hosting a party, the first thing that comes to mind is: where do I start? Well, we’re here to help you with that! The guest list is the most important part and is exactly where you should start to focus your efforts. The planning place, the number of drinks and food, renting tables and chairs, etc., are important! But you usually need to know how many people will be at your party to budget all of this. So you better be assertive and start with the list!

Set the number of people

It is important that you have a limit. It doesn’t have to be an exact amount; it can be an average. For example: if I have decided that I am going to have a party in my apartment and I know that there are only 60 people there, then I will put this goal on my list.

Thinking about this number, see who really matters to be at the event you are producing. In a list of a corporate event, you need to prioritize those people that you need to create or maintain a relationship with. In a wedding list, you need to filter the closest people and people who are part of that moment.

For this, there is no secret, if you have already defined how much you can spend and it was a little tight, make a modest list for the party. If later on, researching some budgets, you realize that you can increase the list, increase it.

But at the beginning, start with a small list, so you don’t have to do the job of making a list for 500 people and then to have to remove people per person.

The ideal in the first two cases (corporate and wedding) is to make a list together with your partner. And in the latter case, another option would be to determine the limit quantity for each partner to pick as per the budget.

Always review!

With the wedding, a month away, review the guest list. The purpose of the review is to add or remove people from the list and to check the budget!

You may have already cut out possible guests, but if you need to do it again, there’s not too much! For that feeling of having to cut out that promoter from the first event or that aunt who appears in the family photo, but who never calls you on your birthday, you can ask yourself some questions.

They are for you to dialogue with yourself or with the other parties involved in the party if it is worthwhile or not to keep certain names. Are they:

Why is this person on the list?

Does she really need to be there?

You can include more, no problem! But you can also be even more practical and apply a questionnaire where the answers will only be yes or no. This second method applies to weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, and the like. It also serves the most indecisive people. And don’t be offended if you are that person, I fit in too!

Do I see this person often?

Do we always talk on the phone?

Are we constantly talking about text?

Do we go to each other’s houses?

Have we gone out together in the past few months?

Do we exchange birthday, Christmas, and special date’s messages?

Do I feel comfortable with that person?

And so it goes

The list is over budget and now?

Well, there is, on average, a 10 to 20% chance of a guest missing; you can take that into account.

If the number of guests that exceed the arrangements is too much, try to reduce if they are too little, you can even leave.

We believe that these tips will help you build an impeccable and successful list, but as we really want it to be perfect, we will give you 3 more golden tips.

3 extra tips, which are golden!

Leave a safety margin on your list for people who will appear over time. That goes for both a wedding, which is planned for almost two years in advance, and for that last-minute party planned.

Follow the tips we previously tried to list, cut, review and cut … in advance, even a small error can disturb your budget, so it’s recommended to plan in advance.

And lastly, use efficient platforms, and they will make your life easier! Excel is a great place for you to make your lists. There you can separate guests by tab, colors, alphabetical order, etc. The possibilities are endless. But nothing to have it as support also to control the confirmations.

Make your life easier, and don’t rely on a phone call for it. Ask people to confirm their presence via an online list and follow up when needed.

Download free guest list templates

You can download and use our FREE editable template to create an impeccable list without getting into much trouble. So you can spend your time with other details of the event and let automated and secure platforms worry about it!


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