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Easy Moving Checklist [18 Free Templates] – Word | Excel | PDF

Moving can be very stressful if not well planned. You may be a procrastinator who, in most cases, gets away with doing things at the last minute, but moving is just among those things that you might not easily get away with. One of the mistakes that most people do when they are planning to move is failing to plan weeks before the moving date inches closer.

Moving, however, doesn’t have to be stressful, make your moving stress-free by planning using a moving checklist. You can uncomplicate the entire process of having to create a moving checklist by simply downloading our ready-to-use moving checklist templates. However, if you are looking to create your moving checklist, you can do so by following our eight-week moving checklist to change from “we are moving!” to “we are home!”

8 Weeks before Moving

When you are eight weeks away from moving, it is important to make sure that you organize everything you need to do. If you are moving out of state or out of town, you’ll need to do things like spend time with your family and friends and organize all your things. There are several tasks that you must address in your moving checklist at this time, such as:

  • Sort: the first thing to do when planning to move is to go over every room and every drawer and decide on what you would like to keep and what you would like to get rid of. Prepare a detailed list of “keep” items that will need special packaging or need some extra insurance.
  • Purge: there are those things that may still be in great shape, but you won’t be needing them anymore, rather than burn them, you can decide to donate them or host a yard sale.
  • Hire Movers: after you have decided on what you will be taking to your new home, the next step is to research the best moving companies. When looking for a moving company, you must make sure that you check on whether the company is licensed for regional moves if you are planning on moving out of one state to another.
  • Contact your children’s school: make sure to inform the school that you are moving, and acquire copies of your children’s records. You should also contact new schools for enrolment and record transfer details

6 Weeks before Moving

The moving checklist for 6 weeks prior to the moving is as:

  • Visit your friends and family before moving day. You can consider throwing a small party to squeeze in a few last memories.
  • Order packing supplies: since you have several things that might not fit in one standard box, make sure to order different sizes. Also include bubble wraps, packing tape, specialty containers, and packing papers.
  • Contact your doctor: inform your doctor that you will be moving and that you will need the medical records of all your family members. Alternatively, you can have them send the records to your new medical doctor. If you haven’t found one yet? You can ask your current doctors for references
  • Contact your insurance agents: find out whether there will be any changes to your insurance cover if you move from one state to another.

4 Weeks before Moving

When you have just 4 weeks left, you must start to get things together. So, the moving checklist for it will be as:

  • Start Packing: start by packingthe items you rarely use and save the items you frequently use for the last day of packing.
  • Label each item/box: to give you a comfortable time unpacking when you get to your new home; it is important to label each box. This also helps in making sure that fragile
  • Inventory: retain a list of all the boxes, their contents, and what room they belong in. You can use this list later to confirm that everything is accounted for.
  • Measure: it is important to measure all the doors and tight spaces to make sure that all your items from your old home will be able to fit in the new one.
  • Update your computer: it is important to update and backup all the software and files in the cloud storage service or on an external hard drive so that in case of anything, you don’t lose any information that is valuable to you.
  • Arrange for your pets: before the moving day, you should visit your veteran and have your pets authorized for the journey. You can also book a pet sitter or a care capacity for the moving day.
  • Contact utility companies: inform the utility companies that you will be moving and that you will need them to cancel any subscriptions or disconnect their services the day after you move; direct new utility companies to have their services installed to your new home at least a day before you move.
  • Consider storage: if for any reason youmay not be able to move on the day that you had planned and your lease has already expired, you should consider using a storage facility. You can store your items there before deciding to relocate them to your new home.
  • Defrost the refrigerator: clean therefrigerator and use up frozen food items that are hard to move.
  • Visit an auto mechanic: you don’t want to have your car breakdown during the move. Make sure to get your oil changed, tires fixed, and any other necessary tune-ups to make sure that your car survives the move.
  • Change your address: visit the post office and have them change your forwarding address. You should leave your new forwarding address with your neighbour, just in case anyone would like to send anything to your new address.
  • Alert relevant parties: make sure to inform your employer, credit card companies, banks, and subscription service area of your move.

2 Weeks before Moving

Just two weeks to go, it means a lot of work to do. Make sure to add these points to your moving checklist:

  • Confirm the movers: reach out to the moving company and confirm your plans with them. Make sure that the insurance in place is enough to cover all your valuables.
  • Clear out: clear outyour storage units, the safe deposit boxes, and any other off-shore storage facilities.
  • Take time off: estimate the number of days you will need to move and request your employer to give you time off.
  • Clean the rugs and carpets: get your rugs and carpets cleaned; they’ll arrive rolled and properly wrapped from the cleaner, ready to unroll at your new home.

1 Week before Moving

A week to go means you have to wind up all the work and to get ready to move, hence the moving checklist will be as:

  • Finish packing: make sure to complete the general household packing a few days before the moving day.
  • Pack your bag: if you are moving out of state, make sure to pack at least one change of clothes or more for each member of your family as well as other basics that they may need to survive during the move.
  • Unplug: make sure to disconnect and clean any large appliances you are moving, such as your washing machine, fitness equipment, etc. Also, make sure to contact a professional to disconnect the gas lines.

A few Days Before the Move

When you have just 2 or 3 days before you move, make sure to mark these tasks in your moving checklist:

  • Confirm the movers: check with the moving company and notify them about your schedule. Verify how much you will have to pay them on the moving day.
  • Get the keys: arrange with the realtor, landlord, or the agent to meet you on the moving day to hand you the keys to your new home.
  • Disassemble Furniture: disassemble any huge furniture and place the screws, fasteners, and brackets in a small plastic storage bag and make sure to label it.

Moving Day

Finally, the moving day is here. Here are some final things to check on the moving checklist:

  • Say goodbye: take your time to say goodbye to your neighbors. Also, make sure your kids say goodbye to their friends so that they may at least have some form of closure before moving.
  • Meet the movers: it is important that you check and make sure that the movers are from the company you had earlier contacted. On a moving day, greet the moving crew and check their identification papers.
  • Supervise the load in: you don want to lose your precious items during the move. It is, therefore, important that you assign a helper to keep watch the moving crew as they pack your items inside the truck.

Free Moving Checklists

Here are free printable moving checklist templates that can be customized as per need:















Packing Checklist For Moving




    Final Words

    There are all sorts of moving checklists that people make to make sure that the move is smooth and that they can settle into their new home in no time. By using a moving checklist, you can free your mind from the constant stress the moving process can make.

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