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20 Printable Movie Ticket Templates – Word – Illustrator

On June 19, 1905, in the steel metropolis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the first movie theatre in America opened its doors to the public. It was named ‘The Nickelodeon’, combining the words ‘nickel’ (the price of one ticket) and ‘Odeon’ (the ancient Greek term for theatre). Since then, the price of a movie ticket has increased significantly. Likewise, the process of purchasing movie tickets has also progressed.

For movie theatres, long queues of moviegoers waiting hours to buy tickets to a movie on the night it is released is no longer a concern. They do not have to advertise the show times and prices of movie tickets. Fortunately, there are several methods for theatres to sell movie tickets online in advance, and these alternatives have been available for over two decades.

A movie ticket is a physical or electronic document that grants its holder the right to enter a movie theatre to watch a movie or show. The movie ticket usually has the film’s name, the time it will be screened, and the price. Theatres may sell tickets for general or specific seating. Some movie theatres also offer reserved seating, where the ticket holder can choose their seat before entering the theatre. Nowadays, moviegoers can buy tickets online. Electronic e-tickets are sent to the customer’s email and can be printed or shown on a smartphone or tablet.

This article aims to educate movie theatre owners and event organizers on the particulars of a movie ticket and the benefits of using a movie ticket template. A movie ticket template is a pre-designed format that allows easy customization for creating personalized movie tickets

Movie Ticket Templates

Our pre-made downloadable movie ticket templates are designed for your benefit. Using them helps you save time, especially if you need to create tens or even hundreds of movie tickets. Instead of creating your tickets from scratch, you can use our templates and customize them to fit your needs. Another reason to use them is that they will help you organize everything.

When selling tickets for a movie or show, you need to keep track of all the different showtimes, seat numbers, and prices. The templates can help you keep all the information in one place, so your staff does not have to search for them whenever a customer asks them a question.







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        Purpose of Using a Movie Ticket Template

        As a theatre owner, you can benefit significantly from using pre-built movie ticket templates. A well-designed movie ticket can make life much easier for you, your staff, and your customers. There are many reasons to use a template.

        Some of these benefits include the following:

        Saves money

        A template allows you to print multiple movie tickets simultaneously, saving valuable resources that can be diverted to other theatre departments. Moreover, since you don’t have to hire a designer to design your movie ticket, you can save more money. You may also benefit by offering discounts on movie tickets, placing you ahead of your competition.

        Saves time

        A decent template lets you focus on content rather than the document’s format and appearance. After you have developed your movie ticket, your staff may quickly distribute them to consumers who have already paid. If you need to include more elements in your movie ticket, a movie ticket template can prove beneficial. As customers see movies frequently, it will prevent you from having to recreate the tickets every time.

        Reduces stress

        Proper movie ticket templates eliminate the need to worry about fonts and font sizes, header styles and sizes, margin dimensions, content, and page layout, among other things. Using it means you will not be staring at a blank page with no clue where to begin, and you will be significantly less stressed during the process.

        Ensures smooth and easy process of customization

        One disadvantage of using readymade movie tickets is that your customers may not like the ticket design. A template is typically readily available, and it is pretty simple to edit and customize the movie ticket’s content. You may customize it by changing the color, theme, and design. Using it ensures that every movie ticket purchased by your customers has a uniform and well-presented design, style, and structure.

        Information to Include in a Movie Ticket

        When designing a movie ticket, key elements should be distinctive. Your movie ticket needs to convey sufficient information to your customers regarding the movie they want to see.

        The following features should be clear and concise in a movie ticket:

        Name of the movie or show

        At the top of the movie ticket, include the show’s full name. Do not use abbreviations or iterations of the movie or event name, as this may confuse customers.

        Below is an example of an entire movie name and a short one:

                 Full movie name: The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It
        Abbreviated movie name: TC3: The Devil Made Me Do It

        Date and time of the show

        Below the movie name, include the date and time the movie will start screening. You are advised to write the time in a 24-hour format to eliminate confusion for your customers, as you may be showing the same movie more than once on the same day.

        Address of the venue or the theatre

        Below the date and time, address the venue or theatre where the movie will be screened or where the event will take place. You might have multiple screening rooms in your movie theatre. Therefore, customers need to locate the exact venue of the movie they wish to watch or the show they want to see.

        Any discount

        Finally, mention any discounts or offers you may have for that specific movie, future movies, or shows. For example, you may reduce snack prices if a customer buys more than five tickets or offer discounts on tickets for couples.

        How to Make a Movie Ticket in Microsoft Word

        If you have an established movie theatre for your clients to enjoy various movies and programs, having a cinema ticket prepared and available is a great idea. A movie ticket may be printed as often as needed once it is designed. It is, therefore, to design one and maintain a backup copy. You can quickly create a movie ticket in Microsoft Word.

        The following is a step-by-step guide to making a movie ticket in Microsoft Word:

        1. On the bottom left corner of your screen, click on the Start Icon and open Word. Alternatively, you may click on the Search icon, type in Word, and click on the icon to open Microsoft Word.

        Ei7Zfo36d7eW8MBYd15g T4Vw rfy1Dws61AqmdX5DLt07ZYADIX8yX 27iwDXa2nyta93JW3s3GJ1OsjIC uIkJGj2 FwSdEN9kiBQteJ0vYfntIrvpbI2CUXZJyd4n6q9ji7PVLBphM5bITlyF tU

        2. On the left ribbon, click on New to open a new document.

        7v UGqNj1e94QaDoIMgXk20Ml6qXrgE60i dIcrV49Jcru0bf7saAGck2yp7j8Qa NRHC hOdPbnapPoer 8UuKn0VLaJhI5efdxYkzt4L0EaxMBl ItZynLtsFE450TwnvN7bBIzYsQVc1w4Ptn4

        3. Click on the Insert Tab and select Shapes on the top menu.

        JetVey7vN LMQSQxwSDDT4D7yl2mRmYQl82zK2zEUYzaMcaqxUOeu1OGxEYA7ExXuQcifIQQYOBP0IKHo60E8h6mLcfG6vACOV31908ZtMmYXRPxYc9LF HFA0YL2TXcPLMSTTGi3Mec Hj7UFOGpA4

        4. Select a shape of your choice, preferably from the Rectangles menu. A cross cursor will appear on your document. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cross cursor across the document to the size you wish your movie ticket would be.


        5. Select the Insert Tab and click on Text Box in the top right corner. A text box will appear on your document. Drag the edges of the text box across your shape to fill the entire span of your shape.

        4OMXq4CR7YHMwY9A 3lQc8P4twoJUuOCRO55JYY5xwzQ88YbGnHkmqD4EJQpvgJSTBNJSiBtpf19tq6W4om4we2uEcdsBxBV1fYPqnGuu Np8Pq3hgzSXATHMNj52LvpZWMBQMD7C 3r8Ay1574E98k

        In your text box, fill in all the appropriate information. Write your theatre name, the movie or show name, the date, and the time of the screening.

        AmBKl2iV4 7EkaOpBgQoE WygksDQbSPkRfzqAb6oauzOQGP2q M843gapKqnknWhHPO9oB

        6. Highlight any text you would like to edit, and under the Home Tab on the Font ribbon, customize the font styles and sizes. Click on the Insert Tab and locate the Shapes and Illustrations Tab. Select any shapes you want to add to your movie ticket and add any images you wish using the Pictures option. Under the Shape Format Tab on the Shapes Outline ribbon, select the appropriate color for fill, outline, and effects.

        FZUNjuD0djCofcyISORdtuU VaQazaH1uBDTcg96H3ZMzhQ5LZUpl1MbVY2K5AKaUiuLPtrwbXgJuaLFLh4q60f9xzPLiEuF0QJSNu XMgq3FegrRvAo7cOJg7SqUmHGA7MW3jJ6pJuaYUXM9yStQLI

        7. On the top menu, select File and click on Save on the left menu to save your movie ticket.

        AQExxGNr9Bg Us2k1PFNC1BJr9bQuL6ZqqhwhneFFVW0mm9QzTM6Ao9h8NC98KxC85Bij7XNUByMErrqurGMYy26wlXDnGHiEfEZ8KOMZmoysGDnpYz0MRkjw0RuHE2ePF4nxlwu0N3R fGhfrkZfus

        8. Click on File on the top menu and select Print. On the copies dialogue box, specify the number of copies you require and click Print to print your movie tickets.

        hGaX9mgZRFOnON4RhaYbt2dGqtPBCqfPJREqcs4t2TTtLDnDEUvhb Cw EtiKO7FPGmW612sqbqBNxbomL85JFc3Mcs1CME9v5H7OVtkauKKmM LqsgbxY pjedKCoj22uKfdtvt goIinxVa2jYs k

        Tips to Consider When Making a Movie Ticket

        You need to make your movie theatre attractive and make it the preferred destination for moviegoers. A compelling movie ticket can help you achieve this. 

        You should consider the following aspects when making a movie ticket:

        Keep it simple

        A movie ticket does not need to be overly complicated. Just make sure to include the essentials like the name and date of the movie, showtime, and ticket price. Remember, your customers want to know when and where to be for the movie. Including a lot of irrelevant information is pointless.

        Make it eye-catching

        Use bright colors and an eye-catching design to make your movie ticket distinctive when compared with those of your competitors. An eye-catching design will help entice customers to buy tickets.

        Use high-quality paper

        Use high-quality paper for your movie tickets to give them a professional look and feel. In addition, by using high-quality paper, your movie tickets will be more durable so that they can be reused when customers need them to claim discounts later on.


        People enjoy watching movies with their friends and family in theaters and cinemas worldwide. It is a fun way to spend time with friends and family and is highly entertaining. This is because individuals can relate to the characters, emotions, music, actors, and storylines in movies, and all of these aspects combine to make it a pleasant experience. With advancements in filmmaking and camera technology, the trend of watching movies in cinemas is expected to rise in the following years.

        To be able to sell movie tickets as a theatre owner, you must design compelling and appealing ticket designs that will entice customers to purchase movie tickets from you. Using movie ticket templates may help you achieve this. They are professionally designed so that you can easily customize and use them without the help of any designer and print your customized movie ticket.

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