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40 Free Ticket Templates (Word – PDF) | Design Your Tickets

Whether you are holding a raffle or showing a film, you need tickets to help keep track of things. Tickets are used in movie theaters, tourist attractions, amusement parks, public transportation, raffles, and events. To create the best ticket for your event, you can use a number of Ticket Templates that are customizable.

What is the Purpose of Tickets?

Tickets are like vouchers that you give individuals to show they have paid for something, such as admission into a theater, park, or entered in a raffle or contest. There are a variety of designs and sizes that you can use to create your tickets.

You can download one of our free samples or templates to get a better idea of what tickets should look like.

Creating a Ticket 

Most ticket templates are compatible with Word or other document platforms. Whether you are downloading a free template or using the basic templates in your document software, creating tickets is an easy process. It also saves you a lot of money as opposed to hiring a company to create and print tickets for you.

Ticket templates give you a basic layout that you can then edit to further customize it by adding your own logos, graphics, and wording for the event. You get to choose your own color schemes and fonts to match the theme of your event.

What You Should Include 

While every ticket template will be unique to the event and person creating it, there are some things that you should have on your tickets.

  • Image of logo
  • Color theme
  • Information about the event (date, time, and name)
  • Sequence number
  • A perforation if you are using stubs to keep track

What Size You Should Use

A standard ticket that uses a stub is 1.97 x 5.63 inches. Stubless tickets tend to be 5.5 x 2 inches. You can use larger sizes if you are including ads, like 3.5 x 8.5 inches. Ticket templates are set up to work with a number of layouts, such as 2 rows of 6 tickets per page. How many fit on a page is down to the size you make your ticket.

Paper to Use for Tickets

You want to be sure the paper stock you use to print your tickets isn’t flimsy. You can buy card stock, which is heavier and made for printing tickets and certificates. Some will even be pre-perforated for you.

Creating Your Ticket Template

Once you have chosen your size and paper stock, you can choose your ticket design. There are different, such as festival tickets, raffle tickets, and concert tickets, all of which have their own sizes, shapes, and layouts.


When using a template to create your ticket, choose one that is closest to your theme. There is a variety of themed ticket templates to choose from, and, in most cases, you won’t have to do a lot of editing.


Next, choose the background color of your ticket. If the paper you are printing the tickets on has a color, you can skip this part. You may choose to use an image instead, but make sure it allows you to clearly see the text.

Graphics and Text

Choose graphics and texts that are related to the theme of your event. You can edit your fonts, their size, and color to match the theme. You have a chance to use your brand logo or specialized images to make the ticket your own. Once you have your ticket the way you want it, all you need to do is print them out to share.

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      Types of Tickets

      Something else to consider is whether you will have different types of tickets for your event. Using a template lets, you create different types that all tie into your theme. There are 7 main types of ticket that you can create:

      • General Admission
      • VIP
      • Reserved Seating
      • One Day Pass
      • Multi-day Pass
      • Discount Early-bird
      • Coded Discount – for specific groups of people that you give a reduced price to, such as families

      There are so many options available to you when you use ticket templates that let you create something truly unique for your event. It also saves you time and money.

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