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40 Awesome Christmas Gift Certificate Templates to End 2022!

As Christmas approaches you feel the excitement in the air and you are encouraged to help spread the magic. You are looking for ways to brighten the lives of those around you and one of the ways that you can do that is through the help that a Christmas Gift Certificate offers. You can surprise those in your life with a gift that is truly special through the help of one of the five best gift certificates. When you are looking for a way to add a little magic to the season you will find that a Christmas Gift Certificate can help you with that.

Christmas Gift certificate templates are used to express unique sentimental messages towards your loved one, family, friends, co-workers, and boss. Christmas gift certificate templates are printed on paper and often carry a monetary value or are exchanged for gifts at the designated stores. Christmas gift certificate templates sometimes also mention value or gift validity or expiry. Christmas gift certificate templates express your particular messages customized to your needs, like mentioning the person’s name and memorable holiday season messages to make their Christmas occasion even more special.

Through the help of a template, you can quickly and easily create a Christmas Gift Certificate that will surprise the recipient. The gift certificate that you create can be customized to meet the needs that you have. The gift certificate that you create can be personalized to the recipient. When you are looking for something special to give as a gift you will find that a Christmas Gift Certificate allows you to surprise someone with something that is completely unique. Make your Christmas a little more magical through the help of a gift certificate and all that they provide.

Located here you will find five of the best gift certificates out there. Through the help of these five templates, you will be able to create a Christmas Gift Certificate template that fits your needs and that is perfect for the one who will be receiving it. You will find that the Christmas Gift Certificate that you create will bring about joy for the recipient. You have a lot to get done as Christmas approaches and you will be able to quickly and easily create a great gift that will be appreciated through the help of a Christmas Gift Certificate.

Christmas gift certificate templates are editable, unique gift certificates available in either pdf or Microsoft word format that can be used for printing gift certificates on paper.

Where and when can it be used? 

Users can use Christmas gift certificate templates to create memorable and uniquely designed gift certificates as a special gift with a promise of gift and genuine appreciation. The Christmas gift certificate templates are highly regarded, and they reinforce and boost the genuine emotions of love, friendship, and appreciation during the Christmas season.

Christmas gift certificate templates are pretty helpful for sending profound emotional messages to family, loved ones, colleagues, and bosses on the special holiday occasion of Christmas. Physical gifts accompanied with special customized Christmas gift certificate templates can significantly boost the mood and create great personal affection for your special loved ones, family members, friends, co-workers, and boss.

Why Choose Gift Certificate Templates?

Gift Certificate templates are handy for expressing your particular messages and sentiments on important occasions like Christmas. There are various unique and artistically designed gift certificate templates to select, and each design is crafted to unique needs, which can be personalized according to user requirements.

A Christmas gift certificate template can boost positive emotions for people you are familiar with and create empathy, loyalty, and a unique bond on the special occasion of Christmas.

Christmas gift certificate templates can boost sales and improve the marketing and brand image for companies to boost customer loyalty and retention. Business companies often use gift certificates to portray deep sentimental emotions during the holiday season, like Christmas, to improve the bond between companies and their clients. 

Christmas Gift certificate templates can save time for the gift buyer. It eliminates the need to go out and buy unique gift cards for your loved ones as one can easily customize the Gift Certificate template according to his unique needs and send particular messages along with buying a gift online.

Gift certificates often come in a range of different designs, which are unique and attractive. Some gift certificates carry a profound hidden message and connect with the intended recipient through attractive themes and design targeted towards the special one, friends, family, or co-workers.

Difference between gift certificates and gift vouchers

Gift certificates are sentimental certificates printed on a piece of paper intended for a specific event or experience towards the consumer or client. Gift certificates are used for publicity of brand image and create customer loyalty. Gift vouchers are used to provide people or clients with specific discount values concerning purchasing. Gift vouchers make a great gift to give to people with limited information about the consumer or client targeted. 

Why Should I Use Christmas Gift Certificates?

In this age of digital computing, people have very little spare time, so having to schedule a particular time arranging or buying gift cards for a special occasion like Christmas for our dear ones, family and friends is a pretty time-consuming activity.

Christmas gift certificates enable us to portray and convey the profound hidden messages we want to say to our friends, family, and loved ones on a special Christmas holiday event. This incorporates and deepens the bond between friends, family, and loved ones. They are fascinated by the beautiful, artistic, and loving Christmas gift certificates that they receive as monetary value or along with gifts. Unique designs are available and customized according to the client’s need and can be printed on special paper to increase value.

Essential Elements of a Christmas Gift Certificate Template

Creating and personalizing a Christmas gift certificate template is not very complex but requires certain details that are vital for proper expression and implementation. Some of these vital parts are listed below

Name of receiver: The most crucial part of a Christmas gift certificate template ensures that the Christmas gift card is delivered to the right person, thereby reducing any possible chances of confusion as to who is entitled to redeem the gift card.

Name of Sender: Another significant part of the Christmas gift certificate template as it notifies the recipient of the origin of the sender’s origin, thereby giving the receiver a chance to show their appreciation of the gift certificate. Companies can also use this method to promote their brand identity and develop customer loyalty.    

Description or Message details:  The most significant of the Christmas gift certificate template is that it indicates and portrays the value of the gift item and can list instructions on how to redeem the gift. This part can be used to deliver emotional or sentimental messages to your loved one and show one’s appreciation. Companies can use this part to describe the term and conditions necessary to redeem the gif card.   

Listed Date: The date being another critical component of the Christmas gift certificate template, provides details regarding the sending day or date of dispatch, notifying the recipient of the importance that the gift card is recent and that the gift card can still be redeemed. The expiry date or validity of gift cards are also mentioned in this section.

Title heading: The title section is usually optional but can function to express certain sentimental emotions and functional messages to the receiver to show appreciation and love. Companies can use their brand name to improve their brand name and improve customer loyalty.  

Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Check out these Christmas Gift Certificate Templates that are free to download and can be customized:






Christmas Gift Certificate

Jingle Bell Free Christmas Gift Certificate

Santa Claus Gift Certificate Template

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate

Vintage Christmas Gift Certificate

Free Merry Christmas Gift Certificate

    Christmas Gift Certificate Pink Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate (Snowman)

     Christmas Gift Certificate Red Pink Themed

    Santa Claus Christmas Gift Certificate

    Christmas Gift Certificate Jingle Bells Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate (Yellow Green Themed)

    Christmas Gift Certificate Ornaments Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate – Dancing Santa

    Christmas Gift Certificate – Green Red Themed

     Christmas Gift Certificate Sky Blue Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate Yellow Brown Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate Blue Yellow Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate Black Red Themed

    Christmas Gift Certificate Hanging Ornaments

    Christmas Gift Certificate Blue Reindeer Themed

     Christmas Gift Certificate – White, Red Themed

    Snow Man Christmas Gift Certificate

    Hanging Christmas Jolly Socks Gift Certificate

    Christmas Gift Certificate (Doc,PDF)

    Christmas Gift Certificate (Sky Blue, Brown)

    Christmas Gift Certificate Orange Themed

      How to use Christmas Gift Certificate Template

      There are many benefits of using gift card templates in today’s fast lifestyle: quick, efficient, easy to use, attractive design good, price, and tailored sentimental message showing affection to your loved one, friends, family, co-workers, and boss.

      Using a Christmas gift certificate template is relatively easy. Go to www.wordlayouts.com, head over to the templates panel, and click on the Christmas subsection, and a page will open showing you all the unique, colorful, and attractive designs of Christmas gift certificate templates.

      Pick your favorite design, and then add it to the cart. Now click the checkout option. Purchase the design by entering your details and enter your payment details by using PayPal, debit, or credit card number and download the file to your pc. Now you can open your gift certificate template by entering all the details required for your recipient and entering your unique message and showing your affection.

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        Christmas Gift Certificate Wording

        Christmas gift certificates can use various unique greetings or quotes to demonstrate your love and affection for your family and friends.  The message can vary according to relationship and situation, from being very classic, funny, and religious to professional and business-centric. Some examples are listed below 


        Using the basic Christmas gift card saying is an extremely beneficial way to spread the love of the spirit of Christmas. The basic message can cover almost anyone and will fit easily into all kinds of situations. Using small sayings or a few words can bring about magic in any situation. Some examples are listed below:

        • Best wishes for the holiday season and a happy new year
        • Wishing you health, happiness, and peace during the holiday season
        • May this holiday season bring you great joy and happiness
        • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
        • Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
        • Have a joyful Christmas!
        • Merry Christmas with lots of love.
        • You are my best gift. Spending time with you is the most I cherish.
        • Let your heart fly, and Merry Christmas.
        • The best time of the year! Celebrate by spreading the Christmas cheer and love
        • May the Christmas spirit guide you and bless you
        • May the spirit of Christmas bless you, and Happy New Year.
        • May your heart open to the joy and happiness of the holiday season


        Using humor or funny messages is a great way to express your love and genuine feeling for a close relationship like family, sibling, and close friends. Just ensure that your humor does not offend the receivers feeling or hurt them emotionally. Some examples are listed below:

        • May your activities are fun and large and expenses be small. Merry Christmas
        • Special note: Christmas is canceled. Unfortunately, Santa got your email of you being good; he died laughing.
        • My favorite activity of Christmas is blaming my weight gain on the family holiday. Merry Christmas
        • I put a lot of thought into your gift, but it’s too late for that now. Merry Christmas.
        • The best thing about Christmas cards is? No fruitcake included!
        • Does anyone know where I can buy love? They told me that was the best thing to give out this Christmas.
        • May you have many gifts and fewer be your returns. Have a relaxing Christmas eve!


        Using religious or biblical verses to celebrate the Christmas season is quite popular with people who have a very high appreciation of Jesus bible verses and who shower more faith affection as it’s a great way to show your connection with your loved ones during the Christmas event. Some examples are listed below

        • God bless you in the holiday Merry Christmas
        • May the season of Christmas open your heart and fill you with joy throughout the new year
        • May your faith give you the blessing of peace and hope during the holiday season
        • Halleluiah, may this holy night bless your heart with joy, love, and peace. Merry Christmas to all!
        • Rejoice this holy night for our savior and Lord Jesus. May the blessing of Christmas be upon you.

        Christmas gift certificates are a unique way to show your love and affection to your family, friends, and loved ones. Gift certificates act as a unique gift showing particular emotional and passionate messages that show you care for your family, co-workers, and friends. By personalizing your gift certificate, you attach a personal touch with your gifts and convey your innermost deep feeling that delivers and sends joy to your personalized Christmas gift certificate recipients. These gift certificates are becoming an increasingly popular way to send sentimental messages during the holiday season as being very economical but very used to use and deliver compared to physical greeting cards.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is better, gift certificate or cash?

        Gift certificates are popular compared to giving cash and portray deep affection towards the recipient of the gift certificate and convey friendship and attachment messages targeted towards your special loved one. Gift certificates are available in unique and attractive designs that the sender can customize according to his desires, therefore, becoming a unique gift that fully conveys the message of love and affection and some monetary value or gift redemption.

        Do Christmas gift certificates expire?

        Some gift certificates indicating monetary value or gift redeemability portray expiry date and validity, but it is up to the company or brand that issues the gift certificate to provide an expiry or validity option as it is optional.

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