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Job Interview Thank You Letter Templates

Looking for employment is often considered a job in and of itself. There are many processes to complete, from composing the proper resume and CV and interview process. However, one part is often overlooked, and that is the thank you letter. The post interview thank you letter can often seal the deal, so it is a wise choice to send one. While it is often forgotten, it is nonetheless an important part of getting the position you want.

What is a Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter is either an electronic email or handwritten letter sent after an interview. Thank you letters are a way to show your appreciation to the interviewer and the time they spent with you. It is also a last moment chance to reiterate your skills and state why you are the best candidate for the position.

What is the Role of the Thank You Letter

The Thank you letter shows that you retain excellent people skills. You are showing the interviewer you are appreciative, respectful and have overall good manners. The thank you letter also serves a purpose of reminding the hiring manager of your interview. This is very useful as they might be deliberating who to hire at the moment.

How Can the Thank You Letter Improve Your Chances

The thank you letter allows you another chance to sell yourself to the interviewer. Take some time to think of the interview, and write down a few highlights, especially those instances which zereoed in on your skill sets, and how you would be the best person for the position. Also, remember that just in case you forgot to mention something during the interview, now is your chance.

When is the Best Time to Send Your Thank You Letter

You need to send your thank you letter or email about 24 hours after your interview. This is important as your interviewer usually sees many people a week. If you wait too long, they might not be able to match the interview with the thank you letter. If you use the 24 hour rule, this means that the interview will still be fresh in their minds.

How to Write a Thank You Letter

According to statistics, hiring managers prefer written letters to emails. However, an email must be used if the position is to be filled immediately, as one sent by post may take a few days. Some individuals do both: Email and then letter. Below are some important elements to include in your thank you letter.

Thank the Interviewer

Thank the interviewer for taking their time to meet with you. This will show that your are courteous, responsible and detail orientated. Keep the tone of the letter civil and professional. Under no circumstances be casual, but only professional.

What Did You Like About the Interview

Mention something that you found interesting. For instance, you can state that you enjoyed learning about how your role would benefit the company, and help it to move forward. Remember, always focus on what you can offer the company whenever possible.

Recap Your Skill Set

Use this opportunity to remind the hiring manager or interviewer of your skill sets and how you can contribute to their company. This is where you state why you are the best choice for the position.

Below is a Brief Sample of a Thank You Letter

Good Afternoon Mr. Peterson,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to meet with me yesterday about the managerial position with your company.

It was a pleasure meeting you. I enjoyed learning about the company, its products and my role in the company. After our interview, I am confident that my skill set, education and experience are an excellent match for this position.

I look forward to continuing with the process. Please feel free to contact me at (email) or call me at (phone), if you have any more questions.

Best Regards,

The Benefit of Thank You Letter Templates

Thank you letters are an important part of the interview process. Many individuals choose to use thank you letter samples as a guide in using the correct format. We offer a variety of Thank You Letter Templates from which to choose, and all are guaranteed to assist you in creating an eye-catching thank you letter, one that the hiring manager is sure to remember. Using our Thank You Letter Templates is quite easy, all you have to do is to download the template of your choice, and use it as a guide to complete your letter. As a result, you’ll be sure to have a properly formatted thank you letter which looks professional and polished.

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