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28 Best Job Acceptance Letter Templates

Jobs are hard to come by. Not many people who submit their applications get called for an interview let alone picked for the vacancies. It is only a matter of fairness and courtesy hence to show appreciation for the acceptance of you are lucky to strike it.

That will require you to draft and send out a job acceptance letter. It is a letter that you send out to a recruitment panel to specifically thank them for offering you the vacancy. It contains a polite tone and seeks to show a deeper appreciation. We explain its finest details in the conversations that follow.

Purpose of the Job Acceptance Letter

This letter aims to serve the following purposes:

Formally accept the Vacancy

The job acceptance letter primarily notifies the recruitment panel that you have formally accepted to take up the vacancy. This is important as in many cases, there are several people who are placed on a waiting list just in case the person selected for the job refuses to take it up.

Demonstrate your Appreciation

It goes ahead to demonstrate your appreciation for being picked for the vacancy. In this case, you simply tell the panel that you are grateful for their decision to pick you as the holder of that vacancy. That is to make them know that you value and appreciate their decision and the vacancy as a whole.

Confirm the Start Date

In the job acceptance letter, you must also confirm that you will be available on the date when you indicated you would start working. The purpose of this is to dispel any doubts that your organization may have as pertains to your availability for the said vacancy or at the time indicated.

Sign the Contract

You should also specify when exactly you will be available to formally sign the contract. It is necessary that you do this yet again to reassure the employer of your availability and eagerness to start working. You may alternatively confirm that you will indeed hand in the signatures at the time stipulated.

Seek any Clarifications

Finally, this is the time to also seek any clarifications if need be prior to settling in your new workplace. You may for instance seek information about the reporting times, the orientation, and any other items that have to be picked and carried along the way in the workplace.

How to write a Job Acceptance Letter

If you look to write a great job acceptance letter, we urge you to follow these steps:

Step I: Address the letter appropriately

This is a formal letter. As such, you have to address it appropriately. Incorporate the names and addresses of both parties i.e. you the sender and the recipient. You might have to include only your name and address if using the e-mail medium to convey the contents to the recipient. It is important that you incorporate both details since this is for all practical purposes an official letter.

Step II: Craft a clear subject line

Proceed now to craft a clear subject line. The purpose of this subject line is to summarize your content in one clear and concise sentence. It then goes ahead to prepare the reader or recipient appropriately for the contents that shall follow thereafter. Needless to say, it has to be relevant to the theme of the job acceptance letter.

Step III: Express your gratitude formally

Each company operates on a set of rules and regulations. It is important to acknowledge that you indeed agree, understand, and promise to commit to them. At this stage, you should formally thank the recipient for giving you the opportunity to work with them and make money in the process. This in fact is the core of the job acceptance letter as it is where you devote the bulk of the contents you have to put forth.

Step IV: Officially agree to the terms of employment

In this process, you should also officially agree to the terms of employment. Here, you basically confirm that you have read the terms and agreed to them. It is a mandatory exercise as hardly any company will give you the job without you accepting to abide by their laid down terms of engagement.


Which position exactly are you accepting? Chances are that in that organization, there are many positions that have been dished out to several people. It is hence good to specify for the sake of allaying any doubts.

Step V: Closing

As with any other official letter, you have to include the dates, signature, and stamps. The purpose of this requirement is to grant the job acceptance letter the official character and designation. These should also be accompanied by the use of respectful terms like ‘Yours Truly,’ ‘Sincerely,’ and ‘Best Regards,’ to name but a few

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

RE: Job Acceptance Letter

It is with much joy and ecstasy that I formally and officially take up this vacancy. As per the contract, you stated that I should come over to sign the contract on ___ (mm/dd/yyyy.)

I not only commit to being available at that time, but also promise to come over with all the tools, items, and things needed to put the matter to effect.

As a matter of fact, I also agree to abide by every rule, term, and regulation you spelled out. Many thanks for the offer, yet again! I hope to see you then.

Kindly reach me on phone XXX-XXX-XXXX


Your Name


Job Acceptance Letter Sample

Wednesday, August 26, 20XX

Mr. Dennis Karis,

Proprietor – XYZ Merchandises,

494 Ellis Street,


California 91105

Dear Sir,

RE: Job Acceptance Letter (Sample)

As you know, I Abraham Misheck, applied for an interview with your organization on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 and was subsequently picked for the job from a pool of the many applicants.

It is with great personal satisfaction and gratification that I accept the offer. I promise to abide by the terms of references and also work within the parameters laid down.

I shall sign the contract when I report for duty on the first date. It is then also that I shall clear the air as regards my remuneration package and the other vital issues that may arise.

Thank you very much yet again for the offer.


Abraham Misheck

Job Acceptance Letter Templates

As a matter of courtesy, it is imperative that you draft this letter within the deadline set forth. That is the only surety that you will eventually bag the job. To be able to do a great job, you have to follow the insights we have generously relished in a manner that is faithful and diligent.

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      Things to Keep in Mind While Writing

      As you draft this letter, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. We highlight and explain them here below:

      Work within the stipulated deadlines

      Many companies do give out deadlines when the jobs have to be confirmed or denied. You must see to it that you find out the deadline and work strictly within it. Submitting this letter later than the specified deadline may often be interpreted to mean that you have in fact turned down the offer.

      Keep it formal and brief

      Keep the job acceptance letter formal and brief. Like we have already stated, the letter is official, for all practical purposes. You have to incorporate only the bare minimum pieces of information that a letter of this kind is supposed to have. Leave out others that may not be really linked to the theme of the letter.

      Employ a professional tone

      As part of making it formal, you have to see to it that you only employ a professional tone and business formal format. The language, grammar, sentence structure, and diction you use have to be professional in character. It is only that way that you will be able to make the job offer acceptance letter serious.

      Express the gratitude explicitly

      Spare a paragraph at least to thank the recruitment panel for their decision to pick you for the job from a pool of competitive applicants. That will also go a long way in demonstrating that you are truly serious, upbeat, and appreciative of the vacancy as a whole.

      Countercheck for any errors

      Before you hit the ‘send button’ (in case of the e-mail) or print it out (in case of the hard copy letter), you have to proofread, countercheck for any errors and weed out any issues. You definitely want to make every effort to have the job offer acceptance letter interpreted well.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What does a job acceptance letter look like?

      It is in a nutshell a brief and concise letter that seeks to inform the employer or recruitment panel of your decision to accept the job offer. Given its general intent, the letter is official and formal both with regards to structure and tone.

      How do you acknowledge the job offer via email?

      Simply draft an email acknowledging your acceptance and then hit the ‘send button.’ That will serve the purpose!

      Is an acceptance letter a contract?

      NO, not at all! These are two different documents that similarly serve two different purposes. The ‘acceptance letter’ merely shows that you have agreed to take up the vacancy. Its ‘contract’ counterpart however goes to establish a formal relationship between you and the company that employs you.

      What comes first acceptance or contract?

      Acceptance, it is! You have to agree first before the company may not schedule a meeting at a later date for you now to sign a formal contract with it.

      Does an offer letter mean I got the job?

      YES, it does, but subject to the fulfillment of certain preconditions. You have to draft and send out a job acceptance letter within the stipulated deadline to be able to be accepted officially. The failure to do that may be interpreted as a forfeiture of the vacancy altogether.

      When to write an acceptance letter?

      We have already explained that each company has a timeline within which a letter of this kind has to be drafted and sent out. You have to see to it that you operate strictly within this laid down deadline. There is really no universal timeline as each company is unique.

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