Invoice Tracker Template – Track Invoices With Payment Status

Invoices are billing documents that contain a detailed itemized description of all the goods and/or services provided to a customer by a vendor. Invoices are necessary for best accounting practices, keeping track of sales and other statistical data that a company needs, such as maintaining inventory controls. Basic invoices contain important information regarding each business transaction, such as: Contact information, description of goods/services purchased, payment terms, dates and important signatures.

There is a vast variety of invoices that any one business can use. As these are billing documents, it is extremely important to make sure that these necessary business documents are carefully recorded and filed for future reference. In order to keep track of their invoices, businesses use an invoice tracker template.

Invoice trackers are used to keep track of all a business’s mass of endless and growing piles of invoices, so they can be immediately retrieved when needed. However, with the vast variety of invoices a business deals with, from sales invoices, to supply and part invoices, hourly invoices, etc. a business needs a way to manage it successfully, with as little time wasted as possible, as tracking invoices can be tedious and expensive waste of man hours. These templates are an excellent way to manage your invoices. By using invoice tracker template businesses will no longer have to purchase and learn any new software. Simply download the invoice tracker template and customize it.

Our invoice tracker templates are professionally designed and compatible with the Microsoft Excel platform. These tracker templates make the task of keeping track of invoices quite easy as they come already designed with the following fields: Invoice date, invoice number, customer name, due date, amount due, total paid, age, outstanding and status. With our invoice tracker templates, you can filter the invoices by their status, due date, customer name. Your time is valuable, and using these templates is an excellent and cost-effective way to manage this most important aspect of your business.

Invoice Tracker Template for Excel

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