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Informal Meeting Agenda Template – Organize Meetings

Informal meeting agenda template provide guideline for organized meeting that may not require decorum and which are not official. Informal meeting do not have any specific time length and can take place in any place provided the agenda is discussed and the conclusion is met. It is perceived as a rough work sheet to inform members the kind of issues to be discussed. Generally having an informal meeting is capturing and discussing issues that may fail to be captured during a formal meeting.

Informal meeting agenda template is one of the easiest ways of organizing and arranging groups to have a meeting. This document allows comprehensive details of any particular meeting. Roles of the members can be filled in the template and other useful information.

The template efficiently and professionally portrays the nature of organization structure. Informal meeting agenda makes it easier to make adjustment and prior preparation. This always makes it clear that the meeting to be held will be enough to contain all the issues.

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Benefits of informal meeting agenda template

  1. It gives a clear direction to the participants showing the various responsibilities of the members
  2. It set a clear focus on the objective and goals of the meeting
  3. All the stakeholders are informed of the where about of informal meeting
  4. It makes the meeting open to all members for discussion and amendment is easily done

Each of the topic to be discussed can have a presenter and the total time allowed and if time is not managed as the information must cut across and achieve the intended goal. It also contains who called the meeting, facilitator, observers etc. special meeting minutes notes are made to generalize the meeting.

It is designed in Word to enable easy customizations. You can type required details or can add and delete fields which are not necessary.


Informal Meeting Agenda Template for Microsoft® Word :

Informal Meeting Agenda Template for Microsoft® Word


Informal Meeting Agenda Format Sample