How to Write After Sales Follow-up Emails

After-sales follow-up email is an email, you write to your customers after they purchase your goods or services to thank them for their business and build up a good relationship with your customers. These follow-up emails are intended to show that you are a professional in your business. They increase the trust of your clients, hence making them more loyal to your products or services. Regardless of the fact that your customers may be satisfied with your goods or services, but they are not happy with your after-sales services, they may hesitate to do business with you anymore.

On the other hand, a businessman who is keen on maintaining a healthy business relationship through after-sales follow-up is assured of maintaining customers’ loyalty. It increases the chances of having repeat customers and referrals from existing customers. As soon as you receive an order from a client and deliveries have been made, it is always good to do send an after-sales follow-up email. Be sure to ask about the customer’s experience with the goods, any flaws, and if there are ways they think you can improve the quality of the products or services.

Tips to Write a Professional After-Sale Follow-up Email

Writing an after-sales follow-up email doesn’t require a lot of expertise. Make the follow-up email simple and to the point. It is an essential tool for any business and needs to be written professionally. Make sure to follow the following simple tips while writing one.

Writing Tone

The letter should be formal, but keep a friendly tone as you are thanking your customers for purchasing your goods.

Inquire in Your customer’s experience with the Goods

Let the customer know that you are interested in knowing their experience while purchasing and using the goods. Inquire if the customers require any assistance or if there are improvements they like made on the product.

Be Brief and Straightforward

When writing this email, be precise and on point. Please avoid unnecessary information. Remember to appreciate them for being your valued customers.

Free Templates & Examples

sample follow up email to prospective client

follow up email after providing service

polite follow-up email sample

warm follow-up email

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sample follow up email to prospective client 01

follow up email after providing service 01

polite follow-up email sample 01

warm follow-up email 01

best ways to follow up with customers 01

follow-up email template after no response 01

follow-up email after meeting 01

    Sample After Sales Follow-Up Email

    You can use a sample after-sale follow-up email to get started. You only need to get a sample and personalize it to meet your needs.

    Subject: Your recent purchase at XYZ store.

    Dear Mr. Rakesh,

    I’m Writing on behalf of XYZ Ltd. to express our gratitude to your company for Purchasing Medical Supplies from us. Your purchases boosted our sales, and we were able to meet our monthly sales target. Next time you’ll purchase from us, your company will get a great discount.

    In case you need any clarifications, please contact us as soon as possible. We will send our sales representative to your company for more discussions to ensure a healthy business relationship. Thank you for your continued support.



    XYZ Ltd.

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