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14 Housewarming Gift Thank You Note Wording Examples

We all know the hassles associated with moving and settling into a new house. Even though it’s exciting to be in the house of your dreams, the process is often tiresome and draining. But after you’ve settled, you will want to throw a housewarming party to welcome everybody with some positive vibes. This is also the chance to welcome your friends, relatives, and neighbors to your new residence.

When the fun is done, it’s important that you thank everyone with the help of thank you notes who attended or those who sent you gifts that graced the occasions. For many house owners, finding the right words to express their gratitude can be mind-boggling. This article will present you with various wording ideas to help you write a lovely housewarming thank you note.

Writing a Housewarming Thank You Note

Following are the steps and tips to draft the housewarming thank you note:

Write a list of gifts

To get everybody covered, you need to write a list of gifts received during the housewarming party and the name of the individuals who gave them. Keeping this list in handy is very vital as it will help you address the recipients appropriately.

Personalize the thank you note

The other important thing to remember is to make the thank you note as personalized as possible. This means that you need to refrain from using generic words. Rather, you need to address the recipient by their name. Also, you can mention the specific gift they presented you with to bring the message home.

Use high-quality stationery

In order to improve the impression, you need to use high-quality paper for the thank you note cards when writing. If possible, you can have the card decorated with unique, lovely designs and colors.

Be thankful for the gifts

A gift, whether small or big, should be received with appreciation. When writing the housewarming thank you notes, let the receiver know how much you appreciate their kind and thoughtful gesture. Also, let them know how much impact the gift will contribute on your lie.

For example, you can note that

‘Thank you very much for the generous gift. The clock you brought us was very meaningful since it will always keep us punctual in our daily activities.’

Focus on the good times

While writing the housewarming notes, it’s necessary that you focus on the fun moments you had during the party. When you concentrate more on positivity, you improve the impression of your letter.

For instance, you can write this,

‘thank you for passing by to attend our housewarming party. Through the fun we had, you actually transformed my new house to feel like a house. ‘

Invite them back

It’s courteous to give your friends and relatives an open invitation to visit you again in your new residence. Through the letter, let them know that you enjoyed their presence and support and would like to invite them once again.

For instance, you can say,

‘Your presence at the housewarming party is highly appreciated. Please feel free to pass by and to say hi.

Housewarming Thank You Note Sample Wording

Following are a few samples for a better understanding

Sample Wording 1

Dear Roselyn,

It was so wonderful to have you attend my housewarming party last Sunday. I do hope you had great fun and time. Since our new residence has a swimming pool, we plan to host multiple parties just to have a good time. Also, I am extremely thankful for the gift you presented to us. The video game will surely keep us entertained during our free time. My kids Elva and Kim likes video games a lot. Other than keeping them entertained, the gift will also help them be happy. I do hope we will meet again in the near future.


George Washington

Sample Wording 2

Hello Ms. Elena,

It was such a pleasure seeing you at our housewarming party that took place on 1s September 2020. It feels encouraging to have friends as caring as you. Plus, my husband and I were very grateful for the beautiful piece of art that you gave us as a gift on that day. As we all know, art speaks a million languages. Note that we have already hung it on the wall. Every time I look at it, your memories come fresh into my mind. That was such a lovely and thoughtful gift. We look forward to getting in touch in the coming days.

Lots of love,

Steven Carlos.

Sample Wording 3

Dear Oliver,

Kindly receive this note as an appreciation of your presence together with the family during our housewarming party. By you coming along, you made the party seem special. I know how you are busy with work and family matters, but you still managed to spare some time for my housewarming party. I remember us having fun, laughing, dancing, eating, and drinking till late in the night. Life can never be complete without you.

Thanks again for helping us transform our new house into a home.

Yours truly,

Fillister Colden

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    Final Thoughts

    After successfully hosting a housewarming party, it’s always necessary to acknowledge and thank everyone who made it happen. Saying a simple thank you note will make your guests feel appreciated and valued. Therefore, as soon as the party is over, don’t forget to send these useful thank-you notes.

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