12+ Best Scholarship Thank you Letters (How to Write)

Once you are awarded a scholarship, most students believe that their part is over and there is nothing left to do. However, contrary to this belief, receiving the check should not be the final thing you do; a thank you letter can go a long way in reassuring the awarding committee that they made the right decision. Furthermore, it can be done as a courtesy gesture which there is always room for in any formal interaction.

Remember that receiving a scholarship is proof that the grantor was swayed by your application from the multiple applications handed in. Since a scholarship is not refunded, it can be considered a gift. So it is only right to show your appreciation for the opportunity.

The primary purpose of writing a scholarship thank you letter is to express gratitude to the individuals or organizations that gave out their money for the scholarship. This money could have otherwise been used elsewhere, but they chose to invest in you.

Additionally, it is an opportunity for the student to update the committee/ grantor on the difference impacted by the scholarship. This reassures them that the money was put into good use, which is the grantor’s intent.

A thank you letter leaves a long-term positive impression which can be instrumental in boosting your chances should you choose to apply for another scholarship in the future. Therefore, a well-crafted thank you letter is necessary as it is one way to set you apart and may open doors for future opportunities that the committee could be offering.

Choosing Between Handwritten or Typed

If you are wondering whether to handwrite or type your thank you letter, well, both of these techniques are acceptable. However, handwritten thank you letters are recommended. Why is this the case. You may ask, handwritten letters feel more personal and show a certain level of commitment and genuineness. When handwriting, you can purchase a blank thank you card, and you can then write your thank-yous inside. Remember, the letter should exhibit a certain level of professionalism, so if at all your handwriting is not legible, it would be best to type the letter.

If typed, the letter should then be printed and hand-signed before being sent. Most students are tempted to send scholarship letters by email, but this is discouraged. Email-sent thank you letters seem dull and impersonal and more of an afterthought than an intended course of action. This may prompt the committee to perceive it as not genuine. However, an exemption is made if, throughout the process, you have been in contact with the grantor/committee via email. If this is the situation, ensure that the email is written professionally and timely- that would be immediately after receiving the scholarship.

How to Write (Format) a Thank-You Letter for a Scholarship

The objective is to come up with a high-quality thank you letter. The time taken to write a scholarship thank you letter varies depending on the author’s skills, but normally it takes just a few minutes to craft one. Understand it does not have to be too long to serve its purpose effectively.

The letter’s body can be categorized into the following paragraphs:

1st paragraph

The first paragraph after salutation should state the purpose of writing the letter- which is to thank the awarding committee, grantor, or donor organization for their charitable contribution. Within this paragraph, you should identify yourself, which scholarship you were a recipient of, and the educational institution you are attending or plan to attend. You can also include a statement of how things would have been for you had you not received the scholarship.

For Example:

I write this letter as a gesture of my appreciation for awarding me the Beyond Borders Scholarship for the year 2020. I will use the money to cover part of my tuition fees and my school residency fees for an entire semester.

2nd paragraph

The following paragraph is used to give general information about your academics, such as your year of study, graduation date, grade point average (GPA), and extracurricular quests such as sports, arts, clubs, etc. Within this section, you can briefly focus on how you wish to spend the money.

For Example:

I am a third-year student at Hawkins University majoring on. I have averaged a GPA of 3.6 over the three years and continue to work even harder. I am to graduate come 2021 in July. Additionally, I am an committed member of the school’s swimming team.

3rd paragraph

In the next paragraph, you can provide more personalized information about yourself, for example, academic pursuits, internships, volunteer experience, research projects you have been involved in, future career plans, and interests.  

For Example:

Last year I was an intern at Capitol Holdings in the finance department, which raised my interest in accounting. As a result, I intend to further my studies and do a Master’s degree in macroeconomics as a step towards my career as an economist.

4th paragraph

The fourth and final section is used to close the letter. You can close off by restating your gratitude towards the committee or donor for their assistance.  You can also point out that without their intervention, you would not be having the opportunity at your disposal at the moment. Once this is brought forth, you can sign off like with other formal letters and including your name and signature as the last items.

For Example:

Again, I would like to say I’m thankful for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to develop my career and improve myself.Thank you.

Ashley Miles

Tips to Write and Send the Letter

There is no one-size-fits-all for scholarship thank you letters, but there are various aspects that cut across the different scenarios possible.

To improve the quality of your thank you letter, here a few tips you should keep at the back of your mind:

  • The letter should at least be sent within a week of accepting a scholarship offer.
  • Be it handwritten or typed, the thank you letter should not exceed one page in length.
  • The letter should include the organization’s name and address and should include a formal salutation like ‘Dear Whom it may concern.’
  • The letter should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The letter should be in a friendly tone and a bit formality to portray its professionalism. It should not be as formal as a scholarship essay.
  • For a handwritten letter, use stationary that does not leave stains or use a card to ensure the letter remains clean and presentable.
  • For electronic notes, ensure that you save the letter either as a Word Document (.docx) or alternatively as Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).
  • Always proofread your work, and in addition to that, you can have someone else, such as a lecturer, review it and give their opinion.
  • Where you have received scholarships from multiple grantors, you should personalize each thank you letter before sending it.
  • Enclose your letter in an envelope if it is being mailed. If it is hand-delivered, label the envelope as [Name of Scholarship] Thank You Letter.
  • Always confirm where thank you letters should be dropped off or mailed to. Dropping off should be done at regular office hours or put in the recommended drop-box.

Scholarship Thank-you Letter Samples

College Scholarship Thank-You Letter Sample

Jane Doe,

123 North Street,

Brighton, MA 3445

4th March 2021

Canlight Foundation,

5678 Delaware Blvd,

Oregon, TX 1163

Dear Awarding Committee,

It is with great joy I write this letter to thank you for awarding me the BeBold 2021 Scholarship. The contribution will go towards paying my tuition fees for my undergraduate degree at Maryland University.

At present, I am in my fourth year studying Project Management and have managed to maintain a 3.2 GPA for the four years. I am actively involved with the school’s football team, and I’m passionate about poetry. I expect to graduate come April 2022, after which I plan on pursuing a career in project management.

Should the opportunity to further my studies avail itself, I plan to do my Master’s at New York University for the same program, specializing in engineering projects in the water industry.

Thank you for bringing me a step closer to my career goals.


Jane Doe

What to include:

College being expensive, most students use scholarships to pay for expenses rather than accumulating huge amounts of student debt. If a scholarship was your option, a scholarship saves you from financial constraints, and it is only fair that you thank the person or people who gave you the scholarship.

A thank you letter for college should include;

  • Your year of study, the name of the institution, and your educational track.
  • Detailed information about the academic pursuits you plan on and any extracurricular activities you are involved in, such as sports.
  • Your proposed graduation date and the career you wish to pursue after graduation.
  • A description of how your chosen career path allows you to make a positive contribution to a specified community or society at large.

High School Scholarship Thank-You Letter Sample

John Miers,

654 Peach Street,

Chelsea, OH 2085

24th January 2020.

St. Johns High School,

345 Down Avenue,

North England, PA 8826

Dear Awarding Committee,

I am greatly privileged to have been awarded the High-Flyers scholarship of $10000 for the academic year 2020. I take this chance to thank you for your generosity, as it has helped me reduce the financial burden of tuition fees.

I am a student at St. Johns High School and plan to sit for my final exams in 2021. I’ve been an above-average student, but with this contribution, I plan to improve on that as I no longer have to worry about school fees. For two years now, I have been playing for the basketball team through which I was able to participate in the national championship. I was the first runners up for Sustainable Development Science Competition held in 2019 for presenting my project on Green Farming.

After graduation, I plan to join The University of Michigan to pursue a degree in Agro-Economics and have a career in agronomy in the future. High school has played a major role in helping me realize my potential and the need to have an active role in solving modern problems.

I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity.


John Miers

What to include:

High school scholarships mean that you will get an opportunity to attend a private institution. Private institutions are known to offer illustrious academic and extracurricular programs which have a positive impact when applying for college and further down in your career.

With this in mind, a high school thank you letter should include;

  • Academic and extracurricular achievements you have attained during your time in high school.
  • A detailed plan of intended pursuits after graduation, such as the course you wish to study, in which college, and the career you have in mind as your interest.
  • A description of how your high school experience has played a role in your development and prepared you for the future that be.

Thank-You Letter to Scholarship Donor Sample

11th February 2021

St. Peters Church,

778 Billiards Ave,

Jacksonville, VA 22801

Dear St. Peters Church,

My name is Gary Harrison, and I am a recipient of the St. Peters Angels scholarship for the year 2021. I’ll take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for your contribution to my studies.

Through the funding, I will be able to pay for my final semester in college. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication at The West Virginia College. I plan to become an investigative journalist for the British Broadcasting Company at some point in the future. Thank you for ensuring I have a shot at this.

I plan on making use of this opportunity to the best of my ability, and again, I am grateful for your intervention through the St. Peters Angels Scholarship.


G. Harrison

What to include:

Expressing your gratitude for receiving a scholarship from a donor allows the donor to have a first-hand understanding of the impact their donation has made. Seeing their contribution is being valued motivates them to continue offering their support. Remember, most donors specify on requirements for awarding scholarships, but they may not be involved in selecting individual recipients. Therefore, a thank you letter can be used as a follow-up reference.

It is advisable to include the following;

  • Your name and that of the scholarship you received and are thankful for.
  • Details about your academics such as the name of institution/college/university, category of degree (diploma, undergraduate, Master’s or Ph.D.), name of the degree program, and your specialization or minor.
  • Personal information about extracurricular activities, volunteer experience, leadership positions you hold or have held within the institution, and clubs you are actively involved in.

Thank-You Letter for Scholarship Sponsors


Clare May,

34th Orange Street,

Westchester, AZ 74001

21st February 2020

Realtech Foundation,

555 Beach Street,

Riverside, CA 4448

Dear Realtech Foundation,

I am writing to voice my gratitude for awarding me the Be The Change You Need Scholarship of $25000.

I plan to utilize this funding to pay for my tuition fees. I am currently studying Biochemistry at the University of Oakland in my fourth year. I had a GPA of 4.0 in the previous year and plan on working even harder this year. This donation will help in ensuring this happens as I do not have to worry about my tuition fees. I am a member of the school’s athletic team and have silverware like the 2018 annual competition 5km winner to my name.

I hope to work for Healthtech Pharmaceuticals once I graduate. It is my desire to have an active role in tackling major health issues facing our society, and this financial support is a motivation for me.

Be The Change You Need campaign is one that gives hope to students like myself with financial constraints, and I would like to utter my appreciation for your efforts. Thank you.


Clare May

Scholarship Thank-You Letter Template


[Organization Name]

[1234 Street Address]

[City, State zip]

Dear [Grantor/awarding committee],

I am [Your Name], and as a recipient of the Name of scholarship] scholarship, I would like to thank you for awarding me the funding.

I am currently a [Year of Study] doing my undergraduate/masters in [Degree/specialization] at [Name of School]. This scholarship will support me in paying for the remaining years. I have a passion for [Degree-related activity] and would like to use my professional skills in solving society-based problems. I’m also active in the university’s rugby team, and this scholarship will ensure that it continues. Through rugby, I’ve participated in charity events like the 2019 Street Family Charity Event, and thanks to you, I will be able to participate more in going forward.

Thank you for taking me a step closer towards my academic and career goals through your generous donation through Name of scholarship].


[Your Name]

Free Templates

The easiest and fastest way of excelling at writing a scholarship thank you letter is is by referring to templates. Templates give you a general overview of what is required in the letter in terms of structure and components. Being aware of the need for our readers to come up with outstanding scholarship thank you letters, we have provided scholarship thank you letter templates for download.











    A scholarship thank you letter other than being a gesture of appreciation can go a long way in motivating donors to continue making donations. It does not have to be long; one page is usually enough to effectively communicate what you intend. You should identify yourself first before proceeding to thank the grantor. Additional information like personal interests can be given in a scholarship thank you letter. Scholarship thank you letters can be handwritten or typed, handwritten being the most recommended as they feel more personal. You should use a friendly tone but do not forget that it is still a formal document and should be handled as such.

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