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24 FREE Printable Gift Tag Templates (Word | PowerPoint)

We have talked about Christmas wrapping before. They are always important, but on December 24, in the midst of the nighttime confusion, who usually saves us? THE LABELS! Yes, it’s true! It is where we usually put the name of the person to whom we will offer the gift. So without these gift tags in our packages, Santa would have his life much more difficult!

We share with you some fantastic ideas to make your gifts even more beautiful. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on packages, opt for a cheap flat paper (even the one in the newspaper serves) and bet on different labels. Just this little touch to surprise the person to whom you will offer the gift.

The songs, raise your hand who has never sung in the lungs; All I want for Christmas is You, the food, and the spirit of help that occurs at this time.

For us, Christmas is synonymous with family, friends, a table full of people, traditions, but, and this is big but we admit against all possibilities: we love to give and receive Christmas gifts!

Love! Who takes away the thrill of walking through the illuminated city streets (or crowded shopping malls) takes everything from us!

We love to pick gifts and wrap them all with the same wrapping paper. What’s the big deal? Sometimes the presents will change. But nothing that can’t be solved.?

Christmas Labels – The Best Way To Identify Gifts

There are a lot of ways to identify Christmas presents. But from our point of view (nothing suspicious), Christmas labels are a precious help.

You don’t, believe us? Do this little exercise with us! How many Christmas gifts do you put in a little card to wish you merry Christmas? How many times do you write: Dear John (for example), with happy Christmas wishes!?

Probably more than we should have if you have many friends and a large family, starting to wrap and label Christmas presents is a task that has to be accomplished long in advance.

But have you ever thought about how much your life would be easy if after, wrapping, you just needed to edit a label?

The truth is that here you can find 100% customizable Christmas gift tags, where you write your most sincere Christmas wishes.

Believe us, this year, all your family and friends will know who sent that beautiful dying gift.

Why Should You Tag The Gifts You Offer?

Imagine that your family is a bit like ours! There’s too many of us! Among adults, teenagers, and children, we have a party.

When the time comes to exchange gifts, it’s always a big fuss. Many forget to identify who the gift is for so many others, forget to put it to who it is!

We often end up opening gifts that we don’t know who offered it. So if you use our Christmas stickers, we are sure that this problem will no longer occur.

But there are many more advantages! You don’t, believe us? Well, meet them.

1. You can create a custom message

2. Ensures the identification of all gifts you offer

3. It is a beautiful and unique way of identifying the gifts

4. It lets amid confusion, know everyone that gift you are the one who offers it.

These are some of the many advantages of wearing Christmas tags on your gift! We around here will use and abuse them!

We’re sure you too. Oh, and regardless of gifts, remember that the true spirit of Christmas is to be with whom we love!

If you have the most loved ones around a table full of food, believe us, one can have the best gift in the world.

















Best Christmas Gift Tags Templates

Following are some of the best Christmas Gift Templates:

1. 6-in-1 Christmas Gift Tags Templates

These are 6-in-1 Christmas gift tags templates with beautiful designs. These kinds of gift tags are best if you are giving the gift to kids!

Christmas Gift Tag Sample

    2. Minimalist Christmas Gift and Price Tags Templates

    These are minimalist Christmas gifts and price tags. These kinds of Christmas price tags are best for commercial purposes!

    Editable Christmas Gift Tag Sample

      3. 41 Christmas Greeting Card’s Templates

      These are 41 minimalist Christmas greeting card’s template having an edgy design. These kinds of greeting cards are best if used in gifts fo to the children!

      Editable Christmas Gift Tag

        4. 13 Christmas Gift Tags Templates

        These are 13 Christmas gift tags templates with a traditional design and graphical objects. These kinds of gift tags are suitable to be given to anyone!

        Christmas Gift Tag Sample

          5. 9 Christmas Gift Tags Templates

          These are 9 Christmas gift tags templates with an elegant design and graphical objects. These kinds of greeting cards are best for teenagers!

          Gift Tag Free

            6. 5 Christmas Greeting’s Cards Templates

            These are 13 Christmas gift tags templates with a traditional design and classical objects. These kinds of gift tags are suitable to be given to elders!

            Christmas Gift Tag Sample

              7. 6 Christmas Gifts Tag Templates

              These are 6-minimalist Christmas gifts and price tags. These kinds of templates are usually for different commercial purposes!

              Free Download Gift Tag

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                This infographic shows gift tag template statistical insights.
                This infographic shows gift tag template statistical insights.

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