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16 Christmas Gift Tag Templates (Editable)

Christmas is a cheerful season where families and friends come together to celebrate and share gifts. However, Christmas preparation can be hectic, given that one has to purchase several gifts and wrap them perfectly. In most cases, gifts are selected or created to match the needs and personality of the recipient. The use of gift tags is essential during this process as it helps identify the correct recipient of each gift.

A gift tag is a small card or cloth attached to a present containing details about the sender and recipient. Also, it may be used to describe the nature of the gift. They can be bought or handmade at home. Combining wrapping papers and gift tags makes it easy for one to personalize gifts.

This article will focus on how to create unique and sensational Christmas gift tags, ideas, and messages for these gift tags. It also provides templates that will save you time and effort during the creation process.

Free Templates

Below are provided pre-made templates you can access and download for free:

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    Why Should You Use Tags for Christmas Gifts?

    Tags are attached to a gift either by tying or using suitable glue. With the tags, you can write compelling and brief messages to the recipient. As a result, you will create a unique and long-lasting impression. Additionally, these enable you to include the recipient’s details, like their names and address, if needed.

    Traditionally, gift wrapping is an important part of preparing a gift. Note that a gift tag allows you to connect with the recipient. In most cases, adding it is the final stage of preparing and wrapping a gift. Hence, the gift is special and personalized to the recipient’s preference. Furthermore, these tags make the gifts look sophisticated and appealing to the recipient.

    What Messages Can You Write on a Christmas Gift Tag?

    A Christmas gift tag is meant to help you communicate and pass a Christmas message to the recipient. However, formulating a perfect message may not be easy.

    Here are messages that you can include in your tag:

    Short and traditional

    This entails using the common and short Christmas messages that are traditionally used by most people. These messages are usually relatable and simple to prepare.

    For example: 

    Have a Merry Christmas
    A Happy New Year
    I wish you a happy holiday
    Christmas wishes with lots of love
    Enjoy your holiday
    Great tidings for this Christmas season

    Sentimental family message

    If you are hosting Christmas celebrations for your family, you can include emotional messages in your tags.  Sentimental family messages are meant to show the bond among family members and the power of love within the family during this festive season.

    For instance: 

    Family is all that matters during this time
    Family is where you are
    I love being around my family
    Christmas is always better with family
    Family is my greatest gift
    Family is what keeps me going
    I wish my family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

    Song lyrics

    At times, formulating the right message to write on the tags can be challenging. But, using lyrics from your favorite songs or the recipient’s favorite song can help you craft the perfect message for your your tags. 

    Examples of these song lyrics include: 

    Christmas is a beautiful time of the year
    It’s Christmas
    I want to spend Christmas with you
    I wish it could be Christmas every day
    Have a holly jolly Christmas

    Jokes and sarcasm

    Sarcasm and jokes are a great way of creating a happy mood while giving presents.

    Examples of jokes to include in your gift cards include:

    What do you call an elf that runs away from Santa’s workshop? A rebel without a Claus
    What do you call Santa when he stops moving? Santa Pause
    What do grapes sing on Christmas? This is the season to be jelly.
    Time to get into the Christmas spirit, wine, and beer.
    What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite.

    You can also use sarcasm like:

    Christmas calories do not count.
    Merry drunk, I’m Christmas.
    You told Santa that you have been good this year. Well, Christmas has been canceled since Santa died of laughter.
    Christmas makes people forget their past with a present.

    Romantic phrases

    There are times when you get to spend Christmas with your partner. In this case, your tags will contain romantic sentiments like, It is lovely waking up next to you this Christmas, Christmas is always special with you around, You are my favorite present this Christmas, I want to spend every Christmas with you, and May all your Christmas wishes come true, my love.

    Playful puns

    Christmas is meant to be a joyful time of the year. Therefore, including playful puns on your tags will help make the Christmas mood even better.

    Christmas playful puns include:

    This Christmas is Santastic
    This day Claus for a Santabration
    There’s a snowbody like you
    I want to snow you how much I love you.
    If Santa gets stuck in the chimney, he will be Claustrophobic.

    How to Make Christmas Gift Tags: 8 Unique Ideas

    Gift tags are an effective way of personalizing your presents. Personalization makes gifts unique, special, and beautiful. However, this may be a hectic process if you don’t have the right ideas and materials to use.

    Here are certain ideas to consider when creating a gift tag:

    Using greeting cards

    In the case of using greeting cards to make Christmas gift tags, below are the steps you should follow to ensure you make a proper tag:

    • Find greeting cards with high-quality and beautiful images. 
    • Then cut small shapes out of these cards. Note that the images on the greeting cards come in different shapes. 
    • You can enhance the appearance of the cut-out shapes by adding more color and other details to enhance its appearance. 
    • Proceed to write a message on the back of the tag and then punch a hole in the tag. 
    • Use a string to attach it to the gift. The string should be twice the length of your finger. You can use yarn, twine, a rustic string, a ribbon (if the tag is fancy), or a metallic thread.
    • Proceed to thread the string through the hole you punched on the tag. Ensure that you first fold the string into half, poke the folded end through the hole to create a loop, slide the two loose ends of the string through the loop, and then tug on those ends lightly to make a tight knot.
    • Finally, attach the tag to your gift by tying the loose ends of the string around the gift or the handle of the gift bag.

    Pro tip: Apart from writing on the back of the tag, you can use stickers or stick words at the back of the tag to add sophistication and make it fancier.

    Using cardstock

    When using cardstock, do the following:

    • Find several card stocks in different colors.
    • Cut out shapes such as hearts, squares, and so much more. 
    • You can decorate these tags using glitters, drawings, and other decoration materials. 
    • You can then attach these shaped tags on a layered tag. 
    • Afterward, write a compelling message on the back of the layered tag. 
    • Attach it to your gift by punching a hole in the top part of the tag, slipping a thread twice the length of your finger through the hole, and then tying the loose ends to form a knot.

    This way, you can tie or attach the tag to the handle of your gift bag or to the ribbon wrapped around your gift.

    Use your junk mail

    Junk mail can make perfect tags. You can use envelopes of old mail to create unique and fancy tags. In most cases, these envelopes come in different colors and have different decorations. You can cut out shapes from these envelopes and attach them to a plain-colored layered card. Ensure that you write a simple but beautiful message on the back part of your tag. At this point, you can attach it to your gift.

    Using magazine cuttings

    For magazine cuttings, consider following the instructions given below:

    • First, identify a magazine with quality images and the writing that you are looking for. Ensure that the images are clear and sharp, smaller than the palm of your hand, and contained or part of a larger image.
    • Then, cut the images from the magazine. You either cut out the image’s shape or the entire box containing the image you want.
    • Stick the images on a sheet of cardstock using suitable glue. You should apply glue on the back of the image, flip it, and stick it against the cardstock.
    • Ensure that you smooth it out to avoid bubbles or wrinkles. Always use a glue stick, rubber cement, or spray adhesive.
    • Cut out the image you just pasted to the cardstock to get your preferred shape, and then attach it to your tag.
    • Proceed to write a complimentary message on the back of the tag.
    • You can punch a hole in the top part of the tag.
    • Proceed to cut a piece of string twice your finger’s length and slip it through the loop.
    • Do this by folding the string, poking the folded end into the hole to create a loop, slipping the loose ends through the loop, and tugging gently to create a knot.
    • Attach the tag to your gift using the loose ends of your fancy string or by using adhesive glue.

    Use an old shirt box

    An old shirt box can be handy if you create a tag. You can cut out several shapes from the box. Then color the cut-out pieces and decorate them with glitters and other decorative attachments. After the tags are complete, you can attach them to your gift. Note that the tags should contain an important message directed to the recipient.

    Using brown paper bags

    Brown paper bags can be useful when creating tags. Using scissors, you can cut out different shapes from the brown bag. The material on these brown bags can be used as they are or can be decorated. Once you have enough shapes, you can attach them to a layered card that contains a special message at the back for the recipient. Afterward, you can attach the completed tag to the gift before handing it over.

    Use scrapbook or craft paper

    With a scrapbook or craft paper, you can cut out different shapes that you can use as gift cards. You can use glitter or stamps to decorate these pieces further if their decorative lines and patterns are not appealing enough. Once these tags are complete, you can attach them to your gift using a string or glue. The tags should have a special message meant for the recipient.

    Use a pre-built template

    If you find it hard to create a perfect tag for your gift, you can use a pre-built template. They make it easy for you to create a perfect tag effortlessly. Additionally, these pre-sectioned documents will save you time and energy because they are customizable to fit all your needs and requirements.

    Bottom Line

    Gifts are an essential tradition in every Christmas holiday. Therefore, finding the right presents for your family and friends is necessary. You can make these gifts appealing and presentable by wrapping them perfectly and adding tags. A well-wrapped gift makes the recipient feel special and appreciated. Also, gift wrapping allows you to personalize the gifts depending on the recipient.

    Furthermore, using tags for your gifts makes them special. The tags allow you to write a special message for the recipient. You can design these tags at home with simple materials like magazine cuttings, scrapbooks, and junk mail. However, if you don’t have time to create a tag from scratch, you can use ready-made templates. The essence of tags is to add meaning to the gifts and make them more special for the recipient. 

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