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18 Free Daily Planner Templates (Edit & Printable)

It is no secret that a daily planner can boost productivity. A planner is considered by many as the ultimate tool for time management, motivation and a great way of organizing your calendar.

There are various benefits to using a daily planner template, and after creating your planning system, you may begin to see the results instantly.

A daily planner is an excellent way to ensure that everything in your life is organized in one location. This article will look at the tips for organizing your daily planner, the benefits of using a daily planner, and how you can get your daily planner.

Benefits of Using a Daily Planner

There are various benefits to getting your day planned. All of these are important to be successful in life! Some of the benefits of using a planner include:

  1. Increased productivity: The best way to ensure that you have dedicated enough time and resources to a given task is by scheduling it beforehand. This will boost your confidence in handling the task and prepare you psychologically for the task ahead.
  2. Increased organization: A daily planner helps make your life more organized as you can view all the activities you are supposed to undertake in a day from a central point.
  3. Decreased stress: Planning your day is an excellent way of reducing stress and anxiety. After listing down all the activities you are supposed to carry out in a day, your mind begins to worry less and focus more on finishing the listed things.
  4. Gain perspective: One of the best things about using a daily planner is that it gives you a general perspective of the activities you will be doing.
  5. Increased motivation: After breaking down a massive task into manageable subtasks, you will be able to see that you can achieve them much more manageable. A planner also helps you in tracking your progress, which may be a motivating factor for many people.
  6. Less screen time: Having a planner helps reduce the amount of time spent in front of a screen, helping you remain focused on your task list since you will be less distracted.
  7. Add some fun to your life: Breaking tasks into simple, manageable tasks makes the complex, stressful, or mundane tasks a little bit more fun to tackle.
  8. Get more work done in less time: Using a daily planner helps you prioritize tasks that are more important and need to be completed before others.
  9. Never miss another deadline: Having all your activities laid down in one location helps you track every deadline easily.

Free Daily Planner Templates

Following are free printable daily planner templates that can be customized as per needs:







free printable daily planner 2019 pdf

free printable daily planner with time slots

daily planner template - google docs

weekly planner templates

daily hourly planner pdf

customizable daily planner template

monthly planner template

cute daily planner printable

free printable daily planner 2019 pdf 01

free printable daily planner with time slots 01

daily planner template - google docs 01

weekly planner templates 01

daily hourly planner pdf 01

    Top Tips and Ideas for Planner Organization

    You can do various things to ensure that your daily planner is effective and easy to use. To make your work much easier, you can Create daily planner sheets by using our templates, which have been professionally designed for maximum productivity.

    Other things you can do to ensure the effectiveness of your daily planner include:

    Schedule deadlines, events, and appointments

    Make sure to write down and schedule out all your events, deadlines, and appointments. Utilize our daily planner template to add in your dates as well as reminders.

    Create tasks

    Dedicate a space in your planner for your to-dos. Also, remember to jot down any new tasks in this section. This ensures that all your tasks are in one easy to find location.

    Prioritize your tasks

    Other than making the tasks that are more important or should be completed much faster come first in your list, you can also highlight or mark them.

    The best way to do this is to categorize the tasks into four categories using the Eisenhower matrix as:

    • Important/Urgent: do now
    • Important but not urgent: delegate or do after
    • Important but not urgent: do third
    • Important but not urgent: do last

    Categorize your tasks

    One of the best ways to better comprehend the urgency to complete a task is by categorizing them. Some of the categories you might consider using are;

    • Family
    • Home
    • Personal development
    • House
    • Work
    • Health
    • Business
    • School
    • Finance
    • Career

    Categorizing the tasks will help you identify the task quickly as you will just have to look at the category rather than going through a whole list of tasks looking for one task.

    Add time assignments to each task

    The best way to manage your time and ensure that each task is completed on time is by assigning time to each task. Look at some tasks that may require more time to complete and start with them.

    Create a top three for the day

    The best way to ensure that you complete the most critical tasks of the day on your task list is by creating a top three list for the day. This will help you focus on what is important.

    Avoid distraction

    It is essential to avoid any distractions that may make you deviate from completing your tasks. You can avoid using your phone when doing activities and dedicate time to using the phone. This way, you will have enough time to complete the tasks and check on the daily trends. There are no perfect planners, and using a planner is a skill. If you aren’t truthful with your time and commitments, you will, in most cases, fail to fulfill your duties, some of which may have dire consequences. Your planner can be one of the most amazing tools in your possession if you use it to help you get organized.

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