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30 Free Blood Pressure Log Sheets and Charts (Word | PDF)

Blood pressure refers to the intensity of the physical force which blood exerts in the vessels of the circulatory system. It is chiefly determined by the pace and intensity of the heartbeat. In turn, it determines how healthy you are more likely to be. To remain in optimal health and stature, you have to maintain this pressure at optimal levels. This can only happen if you derive the readings accurately and interpret them appropriately. Any negligence on your part may often worsen any pre-existing medical condition.

What is Blood Pressure Log Sheet?

A blood pressure log sheet is a sheet of paper on which you record your daily blood pressure. In many cases, this sheet is provided for by a healthcare facility. You may, however, improvise yours if you cannot obtain a genuine one from a doctor.

The records you post in the blood pressure log sheet will act as references in case of any future disputes. Further, it also helps you keep an accurate track of your own health. That is because there is a direct correlation between your own blood pressure and overall health.

There are three main kinds of readings derivable. These are the high, the normal, and the low blood pressure respectively.

High blood pressure: Also known as hypertension, Blood pressure is considered high if the readings go beyond 140/90 mmHg. Under some extraordinary circumstances, the pressure might exceed 180/120 mmHg. In this case, it is referred to as hypertension.

Normal blood pressure: Next is normal blood pressure. This one ranges from 120/80-140/90 mmHg. This is the one which is considered great for your own life. You will hardly sustain any issues or problems related to blood. Also, this is the level that you have to strive to maintain at all times. You do this chiefly by altering your diet and lifestyle.

Low blood pressure: Lastly comes low blood pressure or hypotension. This is regarded as any pressure that is 90/60 mmHg and below. This is a very dangerous position to find yourself in. That is because you may easily die if no serious intervention is taken to remedy the situation.

We stated that you have to take your readings and record them. A blood pressure log sheet is a trail of readings that you have acquired over a given duration of time. This blood pressure log sheet helps you to monitor the trends, patterns, and variations in your blood pressure levels over a given period of time.

It contains hard facts and figures about the pressure levels of your blood. This way it allays any worries or uncertainties which might arise in the course of caring for your health. Further, it helps you with the hard facts which you may use to argue your case at a later date.

Importance of Logging your Readings

Collecting data is important. Availing this data for easy future reference is much more important. There is no more reliable way of making use of your data than keeping accurate records of it. Below are some of the top benefits of logging the readings regularly:

Helps in Disease Management

In case you are under some therapy or medication which requires constant monitoring of your blood pressure levels, logging comes in handy. It helps you to establish trends, patterns, and other metrics which may be relevant to your disease management regime.

Track your Progress

You will also be able to keep accurate track of your own pressure levels. For instance, by logging your readings in the blood pressure log sheet you will be able to note whether your pressure is on the upward or downward trend. That way, you will be better equipped to handle any undesirable repercussions.

Identify any Issues

We have stated severally that there is a direct correlation between your own blood pressure and health. Any variation in your blood pressure level may hence signify the existence of an underlying issue. It is only by logging your records that you will be able to identify those issues and act on them appropriately.

Future References

You will definitely need this information in the future. This is especially for those issues which recur time and time again. Medical issues require only hard facts, not speculations. Only accurate logs of your blood pressure may confer the data needed to make sound and foolproof conclusions later.

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Blood Pressure Log Sheet Templates

A blood pressure log sheet template is a pattern against which blood pressure readings may be recorded. It forms the basis on which your readings may be keyed in. The blood pressure log sheet template is very comprehensive in that it covers all aspects of a reading schedule or arrangement.

Blood Pressure Companion Log Template

Blood Pressure Log Template 01Blood Pre

Blood Pressure Log Template 02

Blood Pressure Log Template 03

Blood Pressure Log Template 04

Blood Pressure Log Template 05

Blood Pressure Log Template 06

Blood Pressure Log Template 07

Blood Pressure Log Template 08

Blood Pressure Log Template 09

Blood Pressure Reading Log Template

Blood Pressure Weekly Log Template

Blood Pressure Log Template 10

Blood Pressure Log Template 11

Blood Pressure Log Template 12

Home Blood Pressure Record Sheet

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 01

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 02

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 03

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 04

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 05

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 06

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 07

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 08

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 09

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 10

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 11

Blood Pressure log Excel Template 12

    How to Use Blood Pressure Log Sheet Template

    By following the steps explained below, you will be able to use the blood pressure log sheet templates accurately:

    Step I: Determine your target blood pressure

    Start off by determining your blood pressure target. This is the pressure that you desire to attain. If your pressure is low, this target is usually higher and vice versa. Needless to say, the target is set forth by your doctor and after a thorough examination.

    Step II: Take and record the readings periodically

    Now, this is the most crucial part. You have to take your blood pressure readings periodically. This period is set by your doctor and has to adhere to the latter. You have to provide the reading itself, the date, time, and any other observations.

    Step III: Analyze the Data

    After some time, you have to analyze the data. This means studying the trends, patterns, and other vital aspects of the readings you obtained. While at it, you also have to weigh the readings against the target which your doctor had determined beforehand.

    Step IV: Present the Data

    Finally, present the data. This entails the display of the data in visual forms for the purpose of easy interpretation. To do this, you will have to make do with graphs, spreadsheets, and other display software. If you opt for the graph, be sure to showcase both the Systolic Blood Pressure and the diastolic blood pressure (DBP) clearly.


    Now that you have obtained the necessary insight, is it too much to ask that you find a blood pressure log sheet template and make use of it? How else can you put the insight we have furnished into practice? We wish you all the best in your successive endeavors!

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