Free Baby Teeth Eruption Charts

Baby teeth are also referred to as deciduous teeth or primary teeth. Although the eruption times differ from one child to another, in most bodies, these teeth start to erupt from 6-12 months. Once a parent discovers the child’s teeth have begun emerging, they are interested to know what follows; this information is available in the baby teeth eruption charts.

From the chart, you’ll know the particular order in which the teeth will and the expected time. When you see the first tooth has erupted in your child’s gums, it’s essential to books, your baby’s first dental appointment to get advice and information on how to take care of your child’s teeth.

Understanding baby teeth eruption chart

Typically, babies are born with 20 teeth, which start emerging in the gum from the age of six months. By the time your baby attains 2-3 years of age, all these teeth will have developed. This process is referred to as teething, and it takes shape during childhood.

Baby teeth

The primary teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth that set in as your child advances in age. These teeth help babies to chew food.

About baby teeth

Each healthy baby is born with the following teeth:

  • 4 second molars
  • 4 first molars
  • 4 canine teeth
  • 4 lateral incisors
  • 4 central incisors

You’ll find one set of these primary teeth on each side of the upper and lower jaw.

The teeth at the mid of the lower jaw are the first to erupt, and this usually happened when your baby is between 4 to 10 months.

The teeth eruption chart gives you a clear indication of when you should except teething in your child besides the order that the teeth will follow to emerge. As we have said before, each child is unique, and the order and the time the teeth erupt may vary from one child to another.

Free printable charts

Baby Permanent Teeth Chart PDF

Baby Primary Teeth Chart

Baby Teeth Arrival Chart

Baby Teeth Chart 01

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Baby Teeth Chart PDF

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart 01

baby Teeth Eruption Chart 02

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart 03

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart 04

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart 05

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart PDF

Baby Tooth Diagram Chart PDF

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart PDF

Permanent and Baby Teeth Chart

Permanent Teeth Chart

Permanent Tooth Eruption Chart

Printable Baby Teeth Chart PDF

    At what age does teething begin?

    Each baby is unique, and teething begins at varying times. Ordinarily, teething starts when your child is 4 to 7 months, but this period may range from 3 to 12 months according to your child as we have said each child is unique. If your child’s teeth emerge early or they delay for a while, you need not worry since each case is different. But if your child attains one year before any teeth appear, you should visit your dentist for checkup and advice.

    After noticing the first tooth in your child, know it’s time to purchase the first soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste for your kid. While buying these items, ensure they are made explicitly for children since, at this age, they should use toothpaste with low quantities of fluoride.

    In which order do baby teeth erupt?

    Although each baby is unique, you should expect your child’s teeth to erupt at a specific time. Baby’s teeth emerge at varying times, and the order may also differ. If your child has any problem with teething, it’s wise to consult a dentist to know if there is any condition that may be affecting the teething process.

    In ordinary circumstances, you should expect your baby teeth to follow the following order.

    • First teeth: the first teeth to emerge are the lower incisors; these are the teeth that appear at the center of the lower jaw. You can expect these lower incisors to appear in around 6-10 months.
    • Second teeth: After the lower incisors, you should expect the central incisors to appear in the upper jaw. This should be between 8-13 months of age.
    • Third teeth: the upper lateral incisors will appear adjacent to the central incisors at around 9-13 months.
    • Fourth teeth: At around 10-16 months, the lower lateral incisors will emerge next to the lower central incisors.
    • Fifth teeth. At around 13-19 months, the first set of molars will emerge both in the upper and lower jaws.
    • Sixth teeth: At around 16-23 months, the canine teeth, also known as the cuspid or eye teeth, will erupt.
    • Seventh teeth: Expect the second set of both upper and lower molars to emerge at 23-33 months.

    After these teeth have erupted, your child will have a complete set of teeth to chew their favorite dish.

    When will my child shed their primary teeth?

    You should expect your child to start shedding their primary teeth at the ages of 5-7 years. It’s thus essential to instill good oral hygiene habits to your child at a young age. Children learn better via examples; therefore, ask them you join you as you brush your teeth. If you want your children to develop excellent oral hygiene habits, it’s essential to make teeth cleaning a family activity.