Party Invitation Templates – Invite Your Friends in Style

Should I take a fountain pen and write a personalized invitation on a handmade letter? Or is it enough to simply tag people on Facebook? Your invitation should reflect the theme of the party. You should do more than just inform people about practical details. It should be part of the party itself, generating enthusiasm in advance.

So, whether you opt for an email invitation or a quick email, it must match the overall topic of the party.

Different types of party invitations

The format of the party invitation is important because it can affect the response rates of your recipients, as well as your impression of the party. Let’s look at the three types of party invitations.

1. Handwritten

Written invitations are traditionally issued for very exclusive parties, such as weddings.

They require time, money, and effort from the party planner. This makes them impractical for large meetings with hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Because of the exclusivity and effort associated with written invitations, recipients are more likely to confirm their attendance (RSVP). A double envelope with your direction will further improve response rates.

2. Printed

Written invitations look good, but printed party invitations give you more options. If you associate with a good graphic designer or use an online template, then you can be truly creative.

Printed invitations are cheaper to produce than written invitations, but even more expensive than electronic invitations. They are also less exclusive than written invitations, but more than digital invitations.

Tip: Find a commercial printer that can print your invitation to the party and do it justice.

3. Digital

Digital party invitations, whatever form they take, are by far the cheapest and fastest option. You can compose an email and send it to all your attendees at once with the click of a button.

What details to include in your invitation to a party

Your invitation to a party should answer all the relevant questions attendees will have. These include what, why, who, when, and where of your party.

Most party invitations will include the following details:

  1. Name of guest
  2. Title and description of the party
  3. Name of hosts and organizers
  4. Time and date it will take place
  5. Location and how to get there
  6. Dress code
  7. RSVP Deadline

Depending on the type of party you are planning, you may also want to include information about parking, children, seniors, dining options, and special dietary requirements.

Best Party Invitation Templates

Following are some of the best party invitation templates:

Party Invitation Postcard Template

Simple and easy to edit party invitation template. This party template can be customized to be used on different occasions.

Christmas Party Invitation Template

With a decent background, this template is more of a minimalist without failing to have the face of the Christmas party!

Grad Party Invitation Template

You can opt for an intense and vibrant color to get attention and make everyone want to read your invitation!

Tea Party Invitation Template

Beautiful tea party invitation template with colorful trees in the background. Everyone is going to love this tea party invitation template!

Graduation Party Invitation Template 02

The best-shaped graduation invitation is simple, practical, and creative at the same time!

Holiday Party Invitation Template 02

With its light blue colored background, red, and white font colors, it is the best template for a holiday party invitation!

Party Invitation Template

This is a cute little party invitation template with minimalist design and vibrant colors. It can be used on a number of different occasions as an invitation template.

Happy Birthday Party Invitation Template

This is a beautiful kid's birthday template in which you even edit the photo. Balloons in the background make it perfect for kids.

Awesome Party Invitation Template

The design of this party invitation does justice with its title, and it really is an awesome party invitation template with an elegant design!

Baby Shower Party Invitation Template

With beautiful kid's clothes and vibrant color combinations, this is the best baby shower party invitation template!

Christmas Party Invitation Template

The background is illuminated by the Christmas balls, revealing the warm colors of Christmas.

Coffee Party Invitation Template

Coffee mug, fumes, and brown color, this is a really well-suited template for inviting people to your coffee party (everyone loves coffee!).

Baby Shower Party Invitation Template

The design of this baby shower party invitation template is best if you are having a baby shower party in winters!

Holiday Party Invitation Template

With a beautiful combination of white and red this template is best for a Christmas holiday party invitation!

Housewarming Party Invitation Template

With a neutral background and cute little house, this template with its minimalist design is best for inviting people to your housewarming party!

Kids Birthday Party Invitation Template

Balloons in the background give you a clear indication, and you can add a custom photo of your child to make it look perfect.

Graduation Party Invitation Template 02

This graduation invitation template in standard format is a classic, but it does not mean it is not charming!

Dinner Party Invitation Template

Everything in this template, from background to the objects, shows that it is best suited for inviting people to dinner parties.

Christmas Party Invitation Template

No words to define the beauty of this template! The large luminous tree in the party invitation of the company's fraternization party inspires all the magic of Christmas!

Graduation Party Invitation Template

It has to contain basic information, but without losing the aesthetics that you can customize easily!

    How can party invitation templates help

    If you feel ready to try to create your party invitations, don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be a graphic designer. You can get one of the many free templates online. You just have to add details, and you can customize it accordingly within a few minutes without spending any money!

    We hope that these party invitation templates will help you in inviting your loved ones to the parties you are looking to organize!

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