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5 Editbale Adjustment Letters With Examples

A letter written in response to the complaint of the customer is called an adjustment letter. It is written when a seller or delivery authorities write back to the customer in regard to their complaint. The official in format, it is used to explain what is the nature and urgency of the customer’s complaint and how it can be resolved by the company.

The letter informs the customer whether his/her complaint has been accepted or been rejected, also the refund amount he/she is eligible for and how to obtain it. These letters deal with all kinds of complaints such as defective goods, service is poor, shipment issues, and product undelivered or not delivered on time, etc. These letters are known as adjustment letters because their main purpose is to resolve a conflict between customer and seller.

How to Format an Adjustment Letter?

An adjustment letter is mostly written in a formal business letter format. The real focus is placed on where to place dates, headers, and letterheads. Otherwise, the letter is basic in writing style. Here is one of the formats:

Header part

The header part should include the printed name of the sender along with the address, followed by the date, and then at the end, the name of the recipient and their address. This header can be placed either left or right

For instance:

Name of the sender
Sender’s Address


Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Address


Then comes the introduction, which includes a brief yet explanatory subject line of the letter and a proper salutation.

Example include:

Subject or Reference
Salutation (Dear Valued Customer)

First paragraph

The first paragraph should contain an acknowledgment of the complaint and an apology on behalf of the seller to the customer. You can also sympathize with the client for the inconvenience caused to the client.

Second paragraph

Moving forward, the second paragraph details the goods and services provided to the customer by the seller. You can also include the invoice numbers, the invoices in it, and details like the date of purchase.


The final paragraph is the rectification of the complaint of the customer. The letter should end with a complimentary close. if any documents attached, it must be specified too.

For example

Subscription – Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Full Name

Sample Adjustment Letter

Below is a sample adjustment letter for you to get a better understanding of the format and sentence structuring of the letter:

Richard Brooke
8th End Street, London

17th January 20XX

Centerville Bicycle Corporation

Ref – Complaint dated 15th January 2018

Dear Richard

This is in reference to your complaint dated 15th January 2018. We are very sorry that a broken bicycle had been delivered to your address. We take these things very sincerely and can sympathize with you for the inconvenience caused to you due to us.

In the meantime, we would like to replace your bicycle with a brand new bicycle of the same brand with no shipping costs to you. Our delivery boy will come and collect the defective product and deliver the brand new bicycle. Also, we would like to gift you a $100 gift card which can be used in any store, for the inconvenience caused to you due to us. We hope that you will continue shopping with us.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely

Joe Mendes
PFA – $100 Gift Voucher, it can be used anywhere.

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      Other Points to Consider

      There are many points to be taken into consideration while writing an adjustment letter.

      Organize material: all the previous correspondence between client and seller, his complaint copy, company policies regarding the complaint featured, any other relevant document, etc. should be first obtained and organized by the writer.

      Admittance of mistake: if your company is at fault, immediately accept the mistake and proceed to rectify the mistake. The customer demands, if rational, should be completed.

      Positive reply: sympathize with your client, listen to his/her woes, and maintain a positive tone and attitude towards the client to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

      Diplomacy: when the client is not right, and his demands are not justifiable, then the sellers need to be diplomatic so that even after refusal, your client remains satisfied. Explain the policy of the company and terms in layman language so the customer can easily understand your terms and conditions. Talk politely and don’t refuse bluntly or rudely.

      Politeness : Politeness as a virtue is encouraged by all the customer care services. Even when your client is at fault, you need to satisfy him while also maintaining your stance. In this respect, politeness comes in handy. A polite reply goes a long way in promoting the company’s reputation and name.

      Letter Head: Adjustment letters and claim letters should be officially endorsed by the company such that they should have letterhead on top.

      Proofreading: Always proofread the letter, so save your company embarrassment in front of the client. Facts should be checked and correlated with the system properly.

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