20+ Marketing Letter Samples

Sales and marketing are the two key aspects of a typical business venture. This is because they are the primary avenues through which all businesses derive their revenues, and with it, the revenue to remain operational. Sales and marketing letters are the simplest and economical tool for any businesses’ sales and marketing strategy.

What is Marketing Letter?

A marketing letter is an official correspondence drafted by a business entity addressed to a clientele, informing them of the availability of goods and services as well as their corresponding prices.

Most businesses use marketing letters to promote their products and/or services. Such letters are normally written to encourage customers to try out the new products that they haven’t used before.

Marketing letters are used by businesses for various reasons, including:

i. Invitations to Bid Marketing Letters

Your Name


City, State, Zip Code


Recipients Name


Company name


City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Recipients’ Name)

We are pleased to inform you that we have chosen to accept your bid X87276F (bid number), dated 14th Aug 2020, to perform (the type of services to be offered) services at our facility for $700.

According to your bid, we expect you to begin working on the (list the items of the bid) immediately upon receipt of this letter and to complete the work no later than 1st Sept 2020. We shall issue the payment upon acceptable completion of the work.

We look forward to working with you.




ii. Direct Marketing letter sample

14th Aug 2020

Dear Mr. Walker:

Everybody likes the idea of saving something off their purchase. Saving 25% makes it sound even much better. The Moon Shopping Credit Card is a real friend to people who love to shop online. If you are a shopping enthusiast, the Moon Shopping credit card is a must to have.

The credit card operates the same way, just like any other ordinary cards. The difference with ours is that you save more than you spend. Should you choose to get one, you can contact our customer care representatives through our official numbers found on our websites. Someone will process your details, and you will be furnished with an application letter before 12 hours lapse.



iii. Follow-up marketing Letter Samples

Dear sir/madam,

We would like to follow up on your decision about our product. We sent you a marketing letter on 19th Aug 2020, but you are yet to give us a response. Our terms and conditions, as well as price list, maintain. Our company offers very competitive prices when it comes to home décor and furniture fittings. As a result, we have had many referrals from existing customers, and that is why we believe you should be part of our success story.

I also wish to remind you that the benefits we listed and explained in the first letter are still applicable. We are doing this follow up because we value you. Kindly contact us without fail through www.glammyspace.com in our toll-free line.

Yours sincerely,


Lily Marshall

iv. Sample Fundraising Marketing Letter

Dear Mr. Stanley,

Over the last span, I have been running a charitable Trust named House of Judah Charitable Foundation. Our goal is to finance various social causes such as providing sanitary pads to the less fortunate girls in society, providing education to bright poor children, helping to acquire medical healthcare for the poor, providing food to the needy, and so on. We’ve helped so many people during these fifteen years.

I have planned to market our Charitable Trust Foundation so that we can be able to reach more people, who will benefit from this foundation. To actualize such a marketing program of our Trust fund, we need around $7000 of the fund. Therefore, I’m requesting you to make your generous contributions towards this so that we can reach more needy people.

It is my wish and hopes that you will give us a positive response. Thanks for taking the time to consider this request.

Thanking you

v. Sample Insurance Marketing Letter

Dear sir,

With all the uncertainties around the world, we feel that it is our duty as Firestone Insurance Companies to keep you safe. Calamities have no warnings and leave many businesses with untold destruction. With our services, you will be able to reduce the loss by insuring your life, business, and property with us. We are reliable, secure, and instant in our service delivery. The main challenge with other companies is that they take much time before compensating their clients, leaving them to wallow in suffering. We are timely and care about your satisfaction.

Taking a step to insure yourself, business, and the property is the best decision you can ever make. There is a disparity between someone who has insured themselves and their business from someone who hasn’t during calamities. Ensure yourself, business, and property with us today.

Thanking you

vi. Sample Marketing Letters for New Business

1st Sept 2020

Dear Friends:

We announce the opening of “Club Rumours” in the City Mall next to “Apex Multinationals” on 15th Sept 2020, and welcome you all. We have all sorts of entertainment to cater to everyone. Once you step into our club, you will have all the fun you are looking for.

The great J.J Mc. will be here for the inauguration from 6 pm. to 10 pm. on the 15th Sept and there will be a discount of 50% on an opening day. We have drunk from all major distributors, including EABL, Keroche, Milani’s, and other amenities such as Spur, VIP sections, casinos, and more.

Do grace the club with your presence and see our vast range of products and enjoy yourself in the process.

Best Regards

vii. Sample Marketing Letter to Company CEO

14th Aug 20xx


Tyro Tech Solutions Limited

Dear Mr. Kenwood:

We understand the challenges faced by a CEO in this era of economic instability. We at Zunis Provide you with the solution for downsizing. We have been in business for over five years, and we specialize in counseling and training employees in such a way that there is growth in the company, and no downsizing will be required.

We assure you that you will profit from working with us. If you are interested in our services, please contact us at (888) 70499 676

Thank you

viii. Sample Marketing Letters to Client

1st Sept 20xx

Dear Ms. Rachael:

Flawless Femi products have been enjoying the good backing of your company, and we are quite obliged by it. We would, thus, like to inform you of our special discounts on the various products that we are offering during this festive season.

We have a brand-new attraction this season. Every wholesale purchase above $500 will fetch you a discount of 10% and any purchase above $1000 will fetch you a discount of 25%.

We have increased our stock and have brand-new items in kids, ladies and gents wear, and a lot of contemporary African Woman dresses in all our stores. We hope that you will pay us a visit and stock your showroom with our new designs.

With best wishes,

ix. Sample Marketing Letter to Customer

1st Sept 20xx

Dear Customer:

We are certain that you are looking for a store that shelters all utilities of daily living under the same roof. We have launched a new branch of our “Home and Décor” in your neighborhood, and this is just the place that will help furnish all your home and décor needs.

We have the best quality products with a selection of different brands to choose from. Our prices are reasonable, as you will find once you visit us. We assure you that you will be able to save more with our products. Our shop is open during the weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm. You are welcome to come and have a look.

Best Regards.

Marketing manager

Kevin Mussic

x. Sample Marketing Proposal letter

14th Aug 2020

Dear Mr. White:

We would like to start by commending you upon starting up a learning institution. It is an excellent idea and a great business venture that can bring you millions of dollars. However, you should be mindful that without the proper marketing strategies, it can easily turn out to be just another college. Make it a one of a kind college by trusting the Multi-Max Marketing agency. In our firm, we ensure that your services are known far and wide. We use various modes to promote and advertise on behalf of our clients, including radio, T.V. and billboards.

Afford us a chance to make you a leading institution.

Multi-Max Marketing Firm


xi. Sample Product Marketing Letter

20th Aug 2020

Dear Customers,

Why Metrex Soap should be your cleaning partner

Over the years, most parents have had the challenge of having to rush their kids to the hospital after a playful day. Bacteria causing germs are everywhere, and children being children play with everything, and in the process of having fun, they end up touching contaminated surfaces making their skin rough and dry.

If you have used our products before, you will be our ally in admitting that they are the best in the market today. Our soap kills 99.9% of bacteria, causing germs, soothes the skin, and leaves behind a good fragrance. You can find our products at all leading stores. All are encouraged to try out our new product.

Mrs. Yasmin

Marketing Manager

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