Sales Letter for Promoting an Exclusive Offer (with Samples)

Have you ever tried to send a product announcement or service promotion letter, but there were no resulting effects? This can make someone lose morale. Writing a sales letter for promoting a service or product can be quite a challenge. It is maybe because you are not certain about the details that should be included in the letter.

70% of People fail to succeed when promoting a service or a product (via letter or email) because of their formatting style of the sales letter to potential clients.

Well, I have written this well-crafted guide on what should be included when writing such a letter and have shared five key points to follow to write a killer sales letter that will help you boost 25% more sales. It should help you understand the most important details that should be included in a sales letter for promoting a special offer or service.

Let’s start:

The emphasis of limited Time: The letter should be able to express the time-frame of the exclusive offer. It should let the client know when the offer will run through and emphasize on the day it will end. For instance, you may write it like this. Before the end of the month, until midnight, after Christmas, etc.

Expound on the benefits: You should include the major benefits that can be achieved during this exclusive offer. Mention key benefits; the potential customers will get during the special offer—things like potential savings, promotional bonuses, and others.

Sense of urgency: Another thing that should be expressed in the letter is a sense of urgency. Make sure it informs the person to the importance to grab this offer before it expires.

Encourage a purchase decision: Inform and encourage the customers with a list of advantages and benefits they will get. You should also use punch lines to encourage them to make a purchase decision with a Win-Win situation. For example, “You can save $899 for two years + You can cancel at any time and request a refund! It’s a 100% Win-Win deal.”

To sum up, these are the most important things that you should include in any sales letter, promoting a service or a product. But before you start writing it, Be sure to study in-depth details of your offer and list down all the advantages a customer can have.

Free Samples & Examples

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