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Retail Manager Resume Examples (Free Templates)

The retail manager advises customers and provides attractive and functional access to their store’s products. In order to guarantee an impeccable service, they inform their customers about the assortment and the services of their trade. They also manage the renewal and orders of their goods and ensure that they have sufficient stock.

To develop a retail manager resume with an impact on retail management, you must demonstrate the results. It’s not enough to simply describe the responsibilities you’ve had. It should highlight specific achievements and/or contributions that directly impacted a business’s success and profitability.

Things Excepted from a Retail Manager

Some specific skills or strengths to highlight in your retail manager resume that will help demonstrate success in retail management include:

Customer relations

  • Welcome customers, recommend products that meet their needs and budgets
  • Explain the characteristics to be respected when using the goods (commissioning for electronic equipment, fitting for furniture, washing clothes, etc.);
  • Establish sales documents (guarantee, release, insurance) and provide information on after-sales service;
  • Cash in the amount owed through various means of payment (liquid, credit card, invoice, voucher), grant a possible discount, and register the sale for the management of the stock;
  • Receive claims and manage all situations arising from problems (failure, defect, delivery error);
  • organize special promotions on special occasions (inaugurations, anniversaries, parties, etc.) and organize demonstrations or tastings;

Work environment

The roles of retail managers vary by the workplace. In a specialized store, they work alone or in small teams and are in direct contact with customers. In a large area, they are assigned to a radius and perform specific tasks.

Retail managers work standing upright, often under artificial light, and in an air-conditioned environment. The schedules are wide, especially at times of high traffic (festival periods, sales time, night openings, etc.).

Goods management

  • Negotiate orders with suppliers and ensure compliance with sales contracts (price, delivery time, quantity and quality of products);
  • Save deliveries, carefully unpack the goods, label them, then store them in depots and present some of them attractively on the shelves;
  • Ensure the quality of the products presented (expiry date, cold chain management, replacement of broken or used display products, etc.);
  • Anticipate stock outages and offer special sales when the merchandise is struggling to find a buyer;
  • participate in inventories and contribute to the proper maintenance of accounting by transmitting supporting documents (invoice, delivery slip, inventory statement, etc.).

Employee management and training

Retail manager training is achieved through an apprenticeship. The first two years are a common core. The third year takes place in one of the following specific areas: customer advice, merchandise management. Retail managers aren’t always on the front line of business, which is why one’s ability to train for other employees is critical for a retail store to run successfully.

What to Include in your Retail Manager Resume

The information in your Retail Manager resume may have different layouts depending on the qualifications for each job you are applying for. However, CV’s usually contain the same basic elements, which include:

  • Professional Experience
  • Skillsets
  • Educational Background
  • Achievements
  • Published papers

Add keywords

Companies can receive hundreds of retail manager resumes and CVs each week. In order to narrow the field of applicants, they pre-screen their retail manager resumes and CVs using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). This software functions to filter out any retail manager resumes and CVs that do not contain the proper keywords or key phrases. If the CV does not have these keywords or phrases, it is rejected. It does not matter if you have vast experience in your field or have the most professional-looking CV if the keywords are not scanned, your CV will be rejected and no hiring manager will see it.

Keywords and phrases for a Retail Manager CV depend on the type of position you are applying for. Basic examples of keywords for Retail Managers are:

  • Time management
  • Team Player
  • Supervising
  • Organized
  • Management
  • Efficiency
  • Decision making
  • Customer service


After you have completed your CVs it is necessary to proofread them. Errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling will automatically get your retail manager resume rejected. For individuals who feel they need help, they may use online proofreading software or hire a proofreader to go over their CVs.

Best Retail Manager Resume Templates




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      Best Retail Manager Resume 09

      This is another clean resume and CV template for the retail manager position, which is simple in design. These kinds of templates are best for anyone applying for a retail manager position.


      Best Retail Manager Resume 10

      This retail manager job resumes, and the cv template is simple in design, thus, perfectly appropriate for everyone who is applying for any kind of job in the sphere of retail management.


      Best Retail Manager Resume 11

      This is a simple yet elegant resume and CV templates for anyone applying for a retail management job. Its simple design makes it look professional.


        Always Choose a Well-Formatted Resume

        Recruiters in almost all the companies generally do not spend more than a minute on the retail manager resumes among the many they receive. Therefore, it is important that both documents generate a good first impression, which will give way to a possible job interview and will get a positive predisposition from the potential employer in that interview, and that’s only possible if the ‘retail manager resume’ is well-formatted.

        Final Thoughts

        A well-written and presented resume opens doors to many job interviews and should be brief and clear concise. If you’re looking for a job – and on these dates, you’re probably doing it – it’s important that one takes some time and put some effort to surface a good, job-winning resume and cover letter.  We hope that these retail manager resume templates will help you secure the retail manager position. To help your career grow, we have tons of other resources.

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