30+ Bookmark Templates – Create Customized Bookmarks

Creating your bookmarks on your computer is easy and fun. It’s a craft project for kids, and bookmarkers are great gifts. Creating templates in Microsoft Publisher gives you many options; you can customize them by adding photos, colors, and graphics. There are many great Word templates out there, but this program does not allow much flexibility when customizing the template.

Decide whether you want to use Microsoft Word or Publisher to create your book bookmark. The latter allows you to customize everything; in the first, the options are more limited. Open the program you plan to use.

Go to the Microsoft Office Book Bookmark Templates site and scroll through the list of templates. Pay attention to which program uses the bookmark. Click on one of them to find out more about it. Such as the size of the file and the program that is needed. Click “Download” when you’re ready for that template.

Choose where you want to save it and click “Save”. The template will open automatically in Word or Publisher.

Click inside the text boxes and type your text into the bookmarker.

Change the text format if desired. Change the font by clicking “Font Schemas” in the format publishing box on the left side of the screen. You could also use bold or resize text using the icons on the toolbar.

Add graphics or photos to the bookmark. If your template already has photos you can delete or replace them. To do this, click on the chart to select it and then go to “Insert” and “Image”. Choose “Default Images” to insert another chart. Choose “File” to insert a photo. If you choose “Default Images” use the search box on the left side of the screen to search for a specific type of chart. If you choose to insert a photo, place it on your computer and click “Insert”.

Add borders to the marker by going to “Insert” and selecting “Design Gallery Object

“. Click “Borders” and then double-click one to insert it into the template. You may need to resize the border to fit. Click on it, and white circles will appear in its corners. Click one of them and drag it to the desired size.

Change the color of the template by clicking “Color Schemes” in the publish format box. You can click on different colors, and the marker will change color.

Save the file if you plan to print it again.

Insert cardboard or sturdy paper into the printer. Go to “File” and “Print” to print the bookmarks.

Customize the text in the bookmark template. In most Word, you can change only the text. Some allow you to modify colors or graphics, but most don’t.

Save the file if you plan to print more bookmarks in the future.

Place cardboard or sturdy paper on the printer and click the printer icon.

To make the markers extra-resistant, lick them. Copy centers will laminate them for a fee, or you can buy lamination equipment from an office supply store.

Free Templates


























PSD and AI Format

Bookmark Template 26

It is a printable promotional bookmark template with a beautiful design. As the name suggests, it is used as a promotional extra!

Bookmark Template 27

It is a printable whacky bookmark set template with an edgy design. It is best suited for kids and children. Moreover, you can also use it as a promotional extra!

Bookmark Template 28

It is a personalized printable bookmarks template which you can design and customize according to your own choices!

Bookmark Template 29

Bookmark Template 30

Bookmark Template 31

Bookmark Template 32

Bookmark Template 33

Bookmark Template 34

Bookmark Template 35

Bookmark Template 34

It is a printable space bookmarks template with beautiful space graphics objects. It is best suited for kids and children. Moreover, you can use it as a promotional extra with astronomy books!

Bookmark Template 37

Like our first template in this list, it is a printable sale bookmark template with a beautiful design. As the name suggests, it is used for promotional purposes!

Bookmark Template 38

It is a printable floral bookmark template with beautiful flowers graphics objects. It is best suited for promotional purposes in the spring season!

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