Inquiry Letter for Funds: How to Write and Format (with Free Samples)

Seeking a fund from different organizations for helping any particular cause, research, or grant has become a common practice in recent years. Organizations and foundations which provide funds for a noble cause or any important research typically like it better to receive a proposal letter, which is formally called Latter of Inquiry (LOI) regarding fund-asking proposals. An inquiry letter for funds actually resembles auditions for getting a part in the play. Many individuals or institutions might seek funds from a particular foundation. Whom the foundation will pick to grant funding almost entirely depends on this letter that will definitely assist the funder to choose which one is the best fit for their fund.


In the realm of business communication, an inquiry letter can be defined as a letter which is written by an individual (or a person on behalf of any organization) to another party or organization asking for specific information regarding any particular interest. An inquiry letter for funding is the one that is sent to the funder by the fund seeker briefly discussing reasons behind seeking a fund and why the fund should be granted to the seeker. Inquiry letters are being asked by foundations who grant funds for causes, as going through a lot of full-proposal files would be much more time-consuming and tiresome comparing to the same number of 2-3 pages long inquiry letters.

Major Points to Include

A letter of inquiry for funds is quite identical to a proposal letter, although this size is the main difference. Compared to an actual proposal letter, an inquiry letter is a miniature form. A well-written inquiry letter can confirm your ticket to grant the desired funding for your project. An ideal inquiry letter should include the following features to catch the eye of a fund-granting foundation:

Introduction: A small summarization of executive type. Should include the name of your institute, the volume of the requested fund, a brief narration of the project for which the fund is requested. In this portion, you should explain why your proposal is an appropriate choice for the aims and funding preferences of the funder. This introduction could allow you the highest chance for making the best impression on the funding organization.

Description of your institute: Describe the potentials and abilities which your institute holds for fulfilling the proposal you mentioned in the introduction. Be precise and compact, provide a short recitation of the particular nonprofit and a brief analysis of your agenda. You must confirm to include what you currently do, and what can be accomplished by you and your institute with the requested fund.

Declaration of demand: Directly and clearly decipher the requirement which your proposed project can fulfill. Remember to explain the target population and geographic area which will be involved in your project, with relevant statistics, data, and samples.

The methodology of the project: Describe how the project will be conducted to accomplish the maximum outcome. Give a brief list of primary actions, major staffs, overall and ultimate goals of your agenda, etc.

Other funding sources: Short description of other foundations, organizations, and facilitators which you are approaching for funding as well, also mention the funds you have already received (if applicable)

Conclusion/Summary: Once again, briefly state the aim of your project, invite to ask for further information, while thanking the funder for his/her kind consideration. If the funder’s guideline asked for any special attachment, include those.

Sample Letters & Examples

Sample 1:

Professor Ahmed

272 Elwood Drive

September 24, 20xx

Dr. Michael


Science Grant

272 Elwood Drive

Dear Sir.

I am a science professor at the University of Pretoria, and I would like to inquire about your research grants. I have been informed by the school director that you are offering science grants to professors who would like to conduct research in the field of science, particularly in the fields of chemistry and biology.

I have worked on plant enzymes in my maters and graduate thesis, and I would like to continue my research on plant enzymes that could be used in garbage degeneration. I understand that this will be beneficial to the country to help solve the garbage problem. Your grant will be a great chance for me to pursue the research, and I hope that I will be considered. Please keep me informed about the process of the application so that I may apply soon.

Thank you


Professor Ahmed

Sample 2:

September 23 20xx

ABC Limited

625 Valley Arcade

New Orleans

Dear Mrs. Rebekah,

I am writing to follow up on our recent telephone conversation concerning your organization’s sponsorship for “Walk for Cancer,” a program of the world cancer org. The opportunity to support the “Walk for Cancer” campaign provides for your organization to achieve your objective of giving back to the community, as well as visibility, aligning your passion and drive for the “Walk for Cancer” campaign. I’d like to invite your company to contribute in this exciting campaign.

Through the very from corporate support, the “Walk for Cancer” campaign receives, we will be able to enhance and foster our relationship with the community, which is a vital part of your organization. The support by your organization would go a long way in providing the opportunity to further develop these key components.

Attached are supplemental materials detailing the marketing benefits to our supporters. Please contact me at (888)287-8278-279 if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration of the materials provided.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to establish a long-lasting partnership with your organization.


ABC Limited

Enclosed: Supplemental materials detailing the marketing benefits.

Sample 3:

September 24, 20xx

Maxwell Hopkins

Managing Director,

Peniel and Procter Community Foundation,

1256, Kirichwa Avenue,


Dear Mr. Hopkins,

I am writing to seek the support of $10,000 from the Peniel and Procter Community Foundation for general capital support of our program, Financial Aid for the widowed and orphans. I believe that this project is in line with Peniel and Procter Community Foundation’s mission in empowering the lives of African widows and Educating the orphaned.

Our program was established in 2014. We reach out to the struggling widows and orphans within Africa and offer them financial aid in the form of scholarships, basic needs, and setting up businesses for them for stability purposes. So far, we have helped with about 1000 needy students and have established businesses for 150 widows. Thus far, we have received two humanity awards.

The project for which we seek sponsorship will make a great difference in the lives of these widows and orphans in the two major ways: Ensuring that bright needy students get a chance to achieve their educational dreams and empowering widows to be financially stable while fighting for their inheritance rights and acceptance into a society that largely discriminates them.

We have received kind donations and contributions from various volunteers in the initial stages. Right now, we are aiming to reach out to more widows; therefore, we would like your foundation to be part of our success story by offering us grant support and sponsorship.

We’d be content to meet with you to discuss this request in more detail and look forward to submitting a complete proposal.

Yours Faithfully,

Cynthia Martins,


African Widowed and Orphaned Empowerment Initiative.

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