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24+ Free Gift Tag Templates | Create Personalized Tags

A Gift Tag Template is a fillable piece of paper that ranges in size, shape, and material used to identify the sender of the gift, exchange greetings from the sender to the recipient and make an impression on the recipient.

It is also known as a gift label and is usually attached to the gift, either by tying or by being adhered to the gift itself.

It has information about the sender and recipient of the gift. The sender includes their name and that of the recipient in the “from and to” spaces provided. Whether it is hand-made or printed, a gift tag makes the gift more special, especially for the recipient. A gift sender can choose to use a printable gift tag template to make the process easier and faster.

A gift tag template is an already prepared and formatted gift tag that has all the elements that must be found on the gift tag. As the sender of the gift, you may choose the design that you prefer, download, print, and use the template.

Free Templates

Image of Birthday gift tag template editable free
Birthday gift tag template editable free

Image of Free printable gift tags PDF
Free printable gift tags PDF

Image of Birthday gift Tag template for Word
Birthday gift Tag template for Word

Image of Gift tags Printable
Gift tags Printable

Image of Editable gift tags
Editable gift tags

large gift tag template word

canva gift tags

gift tag maker

Image of Birthday gift tag template editable free
Birthday gift tag template editable free

Image of Free printable gift tags PDF
Free printable gift tags PDF

Image of Birthday gift Tag template for Word
Birthday gift Tag template for Word

Image of Gift tags Printable
Gift tags Printable

Image of Editable gift tags
Editable gift tags

large gift tag template word 01

canva gift tags 01

gift tag maker 01

    Where to Use Gift Tag Templates

    A gift tag template helps to reduce the time and stress associated with designing a gift tag from the start. With a gift template, the sender of the gift will have more time to write a beautiful message for the recipient; hence making the whole gifting process special.

    As the gift sender, you can use the printable gift tag templates on gifts meant for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and even holidays. You can also use it for gift packages meant for family, friends, clients, spouses, and colleagues at work.

    What to include on gift tags

    On the gift tag, there are particular details that must be included to make it complete and guarantee a positive impression on the recipient of the gift.  Here is what to include on your gift tag.

    • Personalized greetings to the recipient
    • Images that a relevant to the occasion being celebrated
    • Name of the sender
    • Name of the recipient
    • Special handwritten or printed words meant for the person receiving the gift

    Wording for Different Categories of Gift Tag Templates

    There are different types of blank gift tag templates that you can download and print based on the occasion the gift is meant for. That means that there are different phases that you should use on each gift tag to match the celebration. You should always include appropriate messages and greetings on the gift card, as shown in the examples below.

    Halloween“Ghostly Greetings”, “Happy Haunting”, “Best Witches”
    Thanksgiving“Happy Turkey Day”, “Happy Thanksgiving Day”
    Christmas“Holly Jolly Day”, “Twinkle in the Magic of the Season”, “A Season to Make Merry”
    Valentine’s Day“Be My Heart”, “My Heart is all yours”
    Easter“Happy Easter”, “Bunny-tastic Easter”, “Blessed Easter”
    Generic“Special for you on (holiday name)”, “Congratulation on (occasion)”
    Mother’s Day“With Thanks and Love”, “Proud to be your Kid”, “Happy Mother’s Day”
    Father’s Day“A son’s first hero”, “Best Dad Ever”, “Daughter’s first love”, “Happy Father’s Day”
    Birthdays“Today is about you”, “Happy Birthday”
    Weddings“Happily Ever After”, “Best Wishes”, “Congratulation and Champagne”
    Anniversaries“Happy Anniversary”, “Anniversary Cheers”
    New Baby“Congratulation on your new arrival”, “Welcoming your Angel”
    Graduation“Congratulations”, “Chase your dreams”
    Congratulations “Heartfelt wishes to you”, “Brilliant Achievement”

    Elements of a Good Gift tag Template

    For a good gift tag template, there are some elements that must be present on the template. As you design your own gift tag template, the following are some of the elements required to make your gift tag template compelling, suitable and well-personalized:

    Appropriate size

    You should select a gift tag template whose size matches well with the gift. The gift tag should not stand out oddly or completely disappear on the gift but instead complement it. This will only happen if you choose the appropriate size for the gift label.

    Actual label

    Ensure you mark your gift tag template correctly to make your gifting process easier. The actual label should have the correct recipient’s name and message to ensure the gifting experience is a success.


    The typography used to write the words or message chosen for the gift tag is equally as important as the words themselves. Use appropriate font styles, colors, and sizes to make the message more appealing to read.

    Visual hierarchy

    For the gift label design, the way you arrange your texts and images is essential. Depending on why you are gifting the recipient, you should choose whether to focus on illustrating the images or the text more.

    Attachment mechanism

    After creating the gift tag and including the information required, the sender should also be cautious when deciding how to attach the gift label to the gift. They can choose to stick it, tie it, wrap on, loop on or glue it on the gift.

    Sizes of gift tags

    Gift tags do not have a standard size, which means that they vary in size. Printable gift tag templates are usually resized to match the size of the gift. The size of the gift should determine the size of the gift tag you will use.

    How to Make a Custom Gift Tag Template in Word

    For a more personalized gift label, you can choose to make a custom gift tag template in Microsoft Word instead of downloading one. Here are the steps to follow to make a custom gift tag template in Microsoft Word.

    Step 1: Blank microsoft word document

    Click the start button, then Microsoft word to open a blank Microsoft Word document.

    Click “File” then “Save As” to save the newly created document.

    Editable Gift Tag Templates Free
    Gift Tag Template Word

    Step 2: Draw your shapes

    Click “Insert” then select “Shapes” to pick the shape you want to draw.

    Move the cursor to where you want to draw the shape in the document and draw it.

    Gift Tags Printable

    Step 3: Editing and formatting the shape

    Click on the shape and access the “Format” tab

    You can change the outline of the shape at the “Shape Outline” dropbox by choosing thinner or thicker outlines.

    You can also change the outline’s color at the same “Shape Outline” dropbox.

    The color that appears in the shape once drawn can also be changed. Select “Shape Fill” and pick a color to fill your shape.

    Gift Tag Designs

    For more design that goes beyond color, select “Shape Fill” and choose either “Picture” or Gradient” at the bottom of the dropbox.

    Free Printable Gift Tags Word Format

    Step 4: Adding and editing text

    To add text to the shape you have drawn, you need to go to “Insert” and choose “Text box”

    The drop-down menu will unveil “Draw Text Box” at the bottom and you should select it.

    Gift Tag Templates For Word

    Draw the text box over the shape and make sure it does not block your shape.

    Make the text box clear by selecting the “Text Box” tab and selecting “No Fill” in the “Shape Fill” dropbox and “No Fill” in the “Shape Outline” dropbox.

    You can then type the words and phrases of choice meant for your gift tag.

    Select the text and click on “Home” to change the font type, font size, and font color.

    Printable Gift Tags PDF

    Step 5: Combining and printing

    To ensure your creation can be moved from one part of the document to another as an entity, press “Ctrl Key” on your keyboard and click on each section of your gift tag creation.

    Move the cursor to a clear place where it becomes an arrow and right-clicks to unveil a menu.

    Under an option titled “Grouping” choose “Group” to make the sections in your gift tag become an entity that can be copied, moved, pasted, and even changed.

    Click “File” and then select “Save.”

    Free Christmas Gift Tags

    Select “Print” and set up all the requirements you want to before printing and using your custom gift tag template made in Microsoft Word.

    Free Downloadable Christmas Gift Tags

    Download Free Gift Labels Templates

    Gifts labels template helps you to increase your productivity. To save your time, we have created templates that you can download and use for Free!




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      Material to Create Gift Labels with Lettering and Wrapping paper

      Paper that is finite, but not transparent and can be folded well. If the paper is very stiff, it will cost more to wrap the gift later.

      • Watercolors: In this case, we have chosen to use silver-tone metallic watercolors. However, you can also create your own combination by choosing the individual metallic watercolors that you like the most.
      • Cards: Card stock of the same color as the paper you are going to use to wrap. This will help us create some gift cards that will accompany the gift.
      • Brush: Brushes or brush with a refillable tank, will be the key to the success of your wrapping paper.

      Creating wrapping paper with watercolors

      To create the wrapping paper, you have to dilute the watercolor in plenty of water, dip the tip of the brush and splash freely on the paper. You can try staining either with your finger (rubbing the bristles with your fingertip) or by tapping on the brush.

      As in everything, there are a thousand different ways to do it. The result will depend on the texture of the watercolor, the distance from which you splash, the force with which you hit the handle, etc.

      Making gift labels with lettering

      Now it’s time to make the gift labels with lettering!

      1. First, cut the colored cards into different shapes and make a hole with a die cutter.
      2. It is time to write personalized messages for each recipient on gift labels.
      3. To do this, we have used a silver watercolor, which contrasts very well with the black color, and a black watercolor to write on white.
      4. We have written with the brush with a small deposit, ideal for writing smaller letters with watercolors.

      Have you seen how beautiful they all look together?

      Well, wait to see how well they combine with the paper we have expressly crafted to wrap your gifts! Once you have everything dry (this is very important), you can start wrapping gifts as if there were no tomorrow.

      Pay attention to the small details; for example, we have used a white rope, making a loop to put the label. It looks nice, right? Without a doubt, if we saw these gifts under your tree, we would go straight to open them first.

      You already know that the most beautiful gifts are made directly from the heart, and nothing is better than making this special packaging with your hands to finish off the moment.

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