How to Create Gift Labels (Free Templates)

With gifts, the same thing always happens to us: we go straight to the most beautiful one who is wrapped. In this post, we tell you how to make gift labels with lettering and a wrapping paper together! Make your gifts the most beautiful with this easy tutorial to create a perfect packaging of gift labels and wrapping paper.

Paper that is finite, but not transparent and can be folded well. If the paper is very stiff, it will cost more to wrap the gift later.

Watercolors: In this case, we have chosen to use the silver-tone metallic watercolors. However, you can also create your own combination by choosing the individual metallic watercolors that you like the most.

Cards: Cardstock of the same color as the paper you are going to use to wrap. This will help us create some cards that will accompany the gift.

Brush: Brushes or brush with a refillable tank, will be the key to the success of your wrapping paper.

How to create wrapping paper with watercolors

To create the wrapping paper, you have to dilute the watercolor in plenty of water, dip the tip of the brush and splash freely on the paper.

You can try staining either with your finger (rubbing the bristles with your fingertip) or by tapping on the brush.

As in everything, there are a thousand different ways to do it.

The result will depend on the texture of the watercolor, the distance from which you splash, the force with which you hit the handle, etc.

How to make gift labels with lettering

Now it’s time to make the gift labels with lettering!

  1. First, cut the colored cards into different shapes and make a hole with a die cutter.
  2. It is time to write personalized messages for each recipient on gift labels.
  3. To do this, we have used a silver watercolor, which contrasts very well with the black color, and a black watercolor to write on white.
  4. We have written with the brush with a small deposit, ideal for writing smaller letters with watercolors.

Have you seen how beautiful they all look together?

Well, wait to see how well they combine with the paper we have expressly crafted to wrap your gifts!

Once you have everything dry (this is very important), you can start wrapping gifts as if there were no tomorrow.

Pay attention to the small details; for example, we have used a white rope, making a loop to put the label.

It looks nice, right? Without a doubt, if we saw these gifts under your tree, you would go straight to open them first.

You already know that the most beautiful gifts are those that are made directly from the heart, and nothing better than to make this special packaging with your own hands to finish off the moment.

Download Free Gift Labels Templates

Gifts labels template helps you to increase your productivity. To save your time, we have created templates that you can download and use for Free!




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