Free Receipt Templates (How to Make a Receipt)

A receipt template is a pre-build design that can be used multiple times by an individual to issue receipts while maintaining the same receipt format. A receipt template is usually used to print the bank receipts or you can fill in the details in a template by opening it in Microsoft Word and print the filled copy. Another advantage of a receipt template is that it enables you to send e-receipts via email.

Organization and rectitude are essential characteristics for the growth and success of any enterprise, especially in the initial phase when the entrepreneur is still not 100% sure about how to handle his expenses and revenues.

Keeping records of cash inflows and outflows is one way to achieve this organization. For each expense made, it is interesting that the entrepreneur asks for the signature of the service provider or the seller of the goods on a receipt, in order to prove that the payment has been made.

This prevents possible problems, as if someone in the future charges mistakenly for something that has already been paid, and also assists in tax returns and company accounting.

But do you know how to make a receipt? Follow this post and better understand what a receipt is, what it is for, and how to do it!

What is a receipt?

A receipt is a document in which a person declares that he has received value or get paid from another person.

Payment receipt types

The receipt does not have a form specified by law but, for each occasion, depending on the business, you can prove different payments. There is a “general receipt” model, which can be found even in stationery stores.

It is a carton in which you fill in the details of who received and who paid, specifying the amount and date, to settle any transaction but the receipt is also applicable in judicial determinations, as in the payment of alimony, being fundamental so that the payer does not suffer the judicial execution.

It can also be used to prove the payment of the professional who rendered services to someone, such as a painter, which will settle the settlement of the amount agreed between the parties.

In what cases should a receipt be made?

Whenever the company makes a payment to someone, it is recommended that you make a receipt and collect the signature of the person to whom the money was delivered.

This payment can be to an electrician for a repair done, to a lawyer for a legal service, to a supplier for merchandise you have purchased, to an employee for receipt of salary, or for online digital marketing courses.

It may also happen that some of your company’s customers ask for a receipt when they make a payment to you or an employee of yours.

Is receipt the same as an invoice?

No, the invoice is an official accounting document that proves the provision of a service, but not necessarily a payment.

In some cases, invoices end up serving as proof of payment as well, as there are companies that only issue or deliver the invoice after the service is paid. However, they are two different documents.

How to make a correct receipt?

There are pre-made receipt templates that can be found in stationery stores, or you can download the free receipt template we are offering. In them, just fill in the blank fields with the necessary data.

However, making a receipt is not difficult! You can even type it on the computer and print it! Keep reading and learn how to make a receipt!

1. Give the document a title

Put a title in the header of the blank sheet: “Receipt”, “Payment receipt”, or “Payment declaration”.

2. Narrate the receipt

Now you will write as if you were the person who received the money:

“I, __________ (insert the name of the person who received the payment) , received from ___________ (name of your company or the person who made the payment) the amount of _________ (amount paid) , for the services of ___________________ (describe the fact or service being paid) . ”

If there is other information about the payment that you think is important, you can include it as well. For example: in the case of payment being made in installments, you can specify the number of the installment paid.

3. Take care of the values

Just in case, it is always recommended that after the numerical value, the amount should be written in full – for example, $ 150.00 (one hundred and fifty dollars).

According to US law, in cases of discrepancy between the numerical value and the written one, the written one prevails. To avoid problems arising from typos, take this into account.

4. Leave space for the place, date, and signature

Finally, describe the city and state where the payment was made and add the date in full. For example: New  York / NY, June 25, 2020.

Add a line with a space that fits a heading, and below it, write the full name of the person who received the payment with his CPF. After that, ask for her signature.

Now that you know what it is, what it is for, and how to make a receipt, there is nothing to stop you from creating standardized receipt templates for your company over time.

5. Check the forum to make payments

If there is any dispute or disagreement about the validity of any receipt, it must be discussed in court. In that case, if the document does not contain a specific forum, the dispute must be filed at the place where the receipt is signed.

Free receipt templates (Word | PDF)




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    The important thing is the content: a receipt must always contain the identification of the parties (payer and recipient), the amount paid, the service, the location, the date, and the signature of the person who received the payment.

    With your receipt in hand, how about learning about creating commercial invoices for your business?

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