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22 Free Receipt Templates | Payment, Cash and Rent Receipts

Receipts are written proof of the transactions done by any person. Its use is not limited to a single sector. Instead, they use of receipts can be found everywhere around us. Receipts are of equal importance for the service providers and the customers. Its use ranges from receiving printable receipt templates from different vendors daily whenever you buy anything from the market to formal businesses and even in the stock market.

Different people can use free receipt templates, including landlords and many business people. The templates for printable receipts help them manage all the records in one place and keep them as proof that the payment has been transacted. In this way, they can avoid any problem at any later time.

Receipts serve to be a record and are made after the payment is received by the service provider from a customer, and the customer keeps it to have proof of ownership for that thing which has been bought by him/her. Therefore, customers feel secure after paying the cash amount once they get the receipt. On a receipt, the date, amount of cash received, type of payment, name of service or good bought, and name of the person who received the payment are also mentioned.

The printable receipt templates from the local market vendors are usually handwritten on a simple page of paper. On the other hand, electronically printed receipts are given when you buy anything from a superstore or market. The primary purpose of a printable receipt template is to indicate that the payment has been paid.


In the late 14th century, the term “receipt” was emerged, which means “the act of receiving”. Another meaning of this term in the 14th century was “statement of ingredients in a medicine or potion”. This term originates from the word “Receipt,” which is of the Old North French, also known as Anglo-French language, and it means “prescription, recipe, or receipt”. The word “Receipt” was, in turn, originated from another word, “Receipt” of Old French which was devised from the term “Recepta” of Latin language, which means “received.”

It was the 1600 century when its meaning was also regarded as “written acknowledgment of goods or money received”.

Ancient Egyptians were the first who introduce the use of receipts. They started to keep the receipts as proof that they had paid the tax. Because some of the farmers and merchants were exploiting the tax system, they used to devise such strategies by which they would not have to pay the taxes. At that time, receipts were made of papyrus rather than paper. Then after the industrial evolution, receipts started to be printed on paper and were first introduced in London. Different brands used to print their receipts on which their brand names were also printed.

How long should you keep it?

There are many purposes for which you should keep a receipt for a particular period which may vary for different types of goods and services. It may also depend on the specific company’s policy.

If you are a customer and have bought any good or service from the market, you should keep the receipt retained because you may need it to exchange or return the purchased products. It would be best not to get your receipt misplaced until the product’s warranty remains. The receipts provided after paying tax are of utmost importance and should be kept as authentic proof in your record.

The International Revenue Service (IRS) has given three years as far as the businesses are concerned. All the business setups should keep their receipts in their company’s record. If a company faces loss in a particular year and could not pay the tax within time, keeping the receipts for that specific year is seven years.

Receipt vs. Invoice

Mostly, people think that receipts and invoices are the same things. But, instead, they are different from each other, so here is a comparison between a receipt and an invoice by which you can easily differentiate both of them.

A receipt is given to the customers after they have been paid for a good or service purchased by them.An invoice is generated before the customer has made the payment and is demanding that payment.
It is proof that the customer has made the transaction.It is a request from the customer to perform the specified transaction.
E.g., when you pay the restaurant bill after dinner, you receive the receipt of payment made by you.E.g., you get an invoice in the form of a bill when you go out for dinner in any restaurant.

Types of Free Receipt Templates

There are different types of printable receipt templates used in different sectors for various purposes. For example, you can use free receipts templates to start a new business and plan to make the receipts. Then you can get a suitable one by choosing from all those free receipts templates, which are available everywhere and can be accessed easily. You can also get printable receipts templates which will save your time, and you can quickly get them printed after modifying them according to your requirements.

Following are some of the different types of printable receipt templates along with their use for varied reasons:


Business receipt template

Printable receipt templates are used by different business companies running their business and providing their services or products to the public. The companies issue these receipts when customers have paid for the service gained by them or the product purchased by them from a particular company. These receipts will be demanded from the customers if they want to exchange or return any product, and this policy varies from company to company. In addition, it is proof for the company itself to show a track record while filing its tax.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Vehicle receipt template

The vehicle receipt template is required for any activity in which a vehicle is used. In any case, it can be selling a car, taking a car for rent, or even if a service is delivered to the customer through a vehicle. When the driver wants to register a new vehicle, these receipts are demanded, and these are issued once the full payment has been given.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Cash payment receipt template

A free receipt template is issued when payment is made in cash for buying any service or a product. It serves as written proof that the seller has given the payment. In addition, the companies can use these receipts to track their sales records of different products by analyzing them.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Cleaning receipt template

The printable receipt template is used by those companies which provide cleaning services to different customers when they have received the payment from them. Such services may be provided at the residential or commercial level as well.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Credit card receipt template

The credit card receipt template is used to give authorization to a person for making the specified transaction on behalf of another person who has bought any product. The duration of this authorization may vary from one day to weeks and even to months. For example, such authorities are transferred to another person when transactions are made every month, such as home rent, etc.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Delivery receipt template

Once the purchased goods are delivered to the customer at his/her actual address, the delivery receipt templates can be used for mentioning the successful delivery. Any item being used in your daily life or required by you for decorating your home etc., can be delivered and require the delivery receipt, which is given to the customer when the payment has been transacted successfully.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Deposit receipt template

The printable receipt template is used for giving it to the customer when the payment has been deposited. This receipt serves the purpose of a surety that the depositor will pay the total amount. In addition, it gives the benefit of paying the cash amount at any later time if it is not available at that time.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Donation receipt template

When people donate money as a charity, the receiving organizations use a donation receipt template to provide them with a receipt of the amount they give. Then, when paying tax, the person can use this receipt to claim a tax deduction.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Earnest money receipt template

A free receipt template for the earnest money is given to the buyer who will buy any real estate property from the seller. After the agreement, the receipt is given to the buyer when the funds have been transacted. It bounds both the seller and buyer to strictly follow all the conditions mentioned in the agreement. Otherwise, any legal action can be taken by any accused parties.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Event payment receipt template

The organizations which plan or manage different events use event payment receipt templates. The receipt is given to the guests who want to attend the event after paying the ticket fee for entry. The amount received is written on the receipt and the date of receiving money and is given to the guest who has paid for it.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Hotel receipt template

Different hotels use printable hotel receipt templates for keeping the record of services provided by them. The guests are provided with the receipt when they pay the bill to hotel management. All the services for which the payment has already been paid will be mentioned to avoid any inconvenience.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Itemized receipt template

The merchants use the free itemized receipt template for giving it to the buyers after receiving their payment. First, the names of both parties and the number of items sold are written. If the seller gives any discount, it should also be mentioned, and then the total amount will be written on the receipt.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Medical bill receipt template

The medical bill receipt template is commonly used by hospitals or doctors of any private clinic. It is given to the patient once they have cleared their hospital dues. First, the names of all the medicines and other medical assistance provided are mentioned, and then the total gross amount is written at the end. Patients can use this receipt to claim compensation from their health insurance company.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Receipt book template

Printable receipt book template has usually contained three receipts, out of which one is given to the customer after receiving the amount of book purchased by him/her, and the other two are kept as proof in the record of that particular book's company.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Sales receipt template

When the vendors sell any product to their buyers, they give them a sale receipt. The number of products bought by the customer is mentioned, and their total amount is written at the end of the receipt. The sales tax is then placed according to the type of items sold and their sale area.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)


Security deposit receipt template

The landlords use the free security deposit receipt template. These receipts are given to the buyer when they have deposited the security fee for the real estate property they bought, and it is refundable. The landlord will refund this security deposit once the tenancy procedure is completed, so the buyer should keep this receipt as proof.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    IRS Requirements for Digital Receipts

    As the world is growing in technology and advancement, the receipts are also being saved in digital form. The International Revenue Service (IRS) considers the scanned copies of receipts in digital form as a part of their valid records since 1997. Therefore, all business owners should provide a copy of these receipts to the IRS by all the business owners. According to the Revenue Procedure 97-22, a digital receipt should be:

    • Accurate.
    • Easily stored.
    • Preserved.
    • Retrieved.
    • Reproduced.

    Every type of documentation is not considered to be valid as far as the tax audits are concerned, and the IRS only accepts those documents on which the following details are correctly mentioned:

    • Amount of payment.
    • Place.
    • Date of payment.
    • Type of expense.

    Digital receipts have a benefit over the physical receipts in that they cannot get damaged, and to save them from any loss in case of data loss, you should save them in your drive so you can easily access them any time.

    The IRS has given a list of those businesses, who has a small startup, and they should keep their receipts retained. It includes gross receipts, cash register tapes, credit card receipts and statements, invoices, cash slips for small cash payments, receipts of purchases and raw materials, deposit information, receipt books, etc.

    Elements of a Printable Receipt Template

    Receipts are of equal importance for the customers and sellers as well. To make authentic receipts, some essential elements should be considered, which should be checked while taking any receipt after buying any product or service. Some of those elements have been enlisted below:

    • The receipt number is mentioned on the receipt given by the seller.
    • The date on which the payment transaction was made.
    • Total amount received from the buyer.
    • Name of the product purchased or service provided.
    • Complete name of the seller as mentioned on all other documents.
    • Name of the buyer as mentioned on the identity documents.
    • Type of method by which payment was transferred to the seller.
    • Check number if the payment is made through the check.
    • Credit card details, if the payment is transferred through the credit card.

    How to Make a Printble Receipt Template?

    There are pre-made printable receipt templates that can be found in stationery stores, or you can download the free receipt template we are offering. In them, just fill in the blank fields with the necessary data.

    However, making a printable receipt template is not difficult! You can even type it on the computer and print it! Keep reading and learn how to make a receipt!

    Give the document a title

    Put a title in the header of the blank sheet: “Receipt”, “Payment receipt”, or “Payment declaration”.

    Narrate the receipt

    Now you will write as if you were the person who received the money:

    “I, __________ (insert the name of the person who received the payment) , received from ___________ (name of your company or the person who made the payment) the amount of _________ (amount paid) , for the services of ___________________ (describe the fact or service being paid) . ”

    If there is other information about the payment that you think is important, you can include it as well. For example: in the case of payment being made in installments, you can specify the number of the installment paid.

    Take care of the values

    Just in case, it is always recommended that after the numerical value, the amount should be written in full – for example,

    $ 150.00 (one hundred and fifty dollars)

    According to US law, in cases of discrepancy between the numerical value and the written one, the written one prevails. To avoid problems arising from typos, take this into account.

    Leave space for the place, date, and signature

    Finally, describe the city and state where the payment was made and add the date in full.

    For example

    New  York / NY, June 25, 2020

    Add a line with a space that fits a heading, and below it, write the full name of the person who received the payment with his CPF. After that, ask for her signature.

    Now that you know what it is, what it is for, and how to make a printable receipt template, there is nothing to stop you from creating standardized receipt templates for your company over time.

    Check the forum to make payments

    If there is any dispute or disagreement about the validity of any receipt, it must be discussed in court. In that case, if the document does not contain a specific forum, the dispute must be filed at the place where the printable receipt template is signed.

    Free Receipt Templates

    Following are the free printable receipt templates that can be edited after being downloaded:




    rent receipt template doc

    rent receipt book

    rent receipt letter

    rent receipt format in excel

    rent receipt bc

    manual rent receipt

    rent payment receipt pdf

    rent receipt maker app

    rent receipt template doc 01

    rent receipt book 01

    rent receipt letter 01

    rent receipt format in excel 01

    rent receipt bc 01

    manual rent receipt 01

    rent payment receipt pdf 01

    rent receipt maker app 01

    rent receipt template doc 02

    rent receipt book 01

      The important thing is the content: a receipt must always contain the identification of the parties (payer and recipient), the amount paid, the service, the location, the date, and the signature of the person who received the payment.

      Ways to Scan a Receipt

      It is not always easy to carry all of your receipt pages with you in your wallet or purse. But you never know which you will require a printable receipt template at any time. So an easy way of keeping your receipts with you is to get their scanned copies which can be kept on your mobile phone and will be readily available whenever you need any of those receipts.

      Following are the two ways you can quickly get a scanned copy of any printable receipt template.

      Physical scanner

      You can use a scanner to get your receipts scanned. For this purpose, you will have to go to any specific net cafe or use the scanner available in your office. The receipt page is put on the scanner, and its scanned copy gets saved in the attached computer or laptop from where you can get them copied in your USB or the mobile phone. This method of scanning receipts is quite old and traditional.

      Mobile apps

      In this modern world of technology, such mobile apps have already been introduced by which you can easily get scanned copies of your receipts. You can get any of the scanning apps downloaded on your mobile phone. Once it is installed, all you have to do is capture the image of the receipt, and its scanned copy will automatically get saved in the designated folder immediately.


      Printable receipt templates serve many purposes and are used worldwide in almost every sector ranging from the local markets where daily life accessories are available to the large business setups working at a commercial level. Free receipt templates are of equal importance for the customers and sellers. Receipts develop a mutual and trustworthy connection between the customer and the seller because of are authentic proof of payment.

      Printable receipt templates are used to record different kinds of payments made for varying purposes by the people. When it comes to the tax payment, all these receipt records are checked for which the tax amount will have to be paid. Printable receipt templates are available on our website online, with the option of downloading them freely from there.

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