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Free Employee of the Month Nomination Forms

Most organizations that choose to honor employees with the distinction of Employee of the Month nomination do so using a structured voting procedure. For instances like this, the Employee of the month nomination form comes in handy. It complements the nomination exercise by providing a uniform written ballot for employees to vote for their preferred candidates. This works to the employer’s advantage as a standardized form is easier to gather votes, review, and count.

The Employee of the Month Nomination Form is a document that provides a standardized method through which employees vote for a colleague who they believe should receive the distinction of Employee of the Month with his/her employer. The employee award nomination form template contains fields that best describe the Employee being nominated, questions the highlighted Employee’s accomplishments and strengths when working in a certain area.

Selection Criteria for the Employee of the Month

Employee nomination programs play a significant role in boosting workers’ morale within an organization and cultivating a positive and dedicated workplace environment. However, this can only be achieved through proper planning and management of the nomination program such that it is conducted fairly. The role of the company’s management is to ensure that the process of nominating, selecting, and rewarding winning employees are consistent and impartial.

The following section is a step-by-step guide for the selection criteria involved in the Employee of the month nomination:

Qualifying employee

Typically, the employer decides which candidates are eligible for the Employee of the month nomination. Other factors such as equity, optics, and the program’s goals must be carefully considered to qualify for this distinction. For example, if the recognition program aims to reward committed employees and spark motivation amongst the other workers, the management, executives, and other top-level employees should not be allowed to run for the same award, as this may spark workplace conflicts.

Similarly, private contractors, temporary workers, and recent hires should also not be eligible to run for the employee of the month reward. Naturally, most organizations have fewer executives, managers, temporary workers, private contractors, and new hires.

This means that they will be recognized more often than regular employees. If a regular employee never receives a nomination, they may end up feeling disengaged with their work and unmotivated to go above and beyond for the company since they are never recognized for their contributions. All of these factors are bound to make some of the employees feel left out, leading to negative organizational politics and conflicts. Nomination programs should never favor visible employees only.

The best way to go about it should be creating separate employee of the month awards for managers and employees such that everyone gets an equal chance to participate and a possibility of winning.

Note That

Once the management has put the program’s eligibility criteria in place, the Employee’s responsibility is to nominate their preferred candidate from the list of candidates provided by the administration. Allowing the employees to vote feels fairer, and it nurtures a general sense of community amongst themselves.

Grade general performance

Large corporations and companies with many workers may have several competent employees vying for the same distinction award. This might make it hard to evaluate the nominated employees and pick a winning candidate. Nevertheless, assessing employees in such instances is simple if there is one clear standout.

Therefore, the management should decide how performance metrics and popular support will be gauged and how the final decision will be reached. This should be done invariably, and the whole process should be transparent to all the parties involved. This way, employees will not feel like the award decisions are made based on biases and discrimination.

Provide reasons for nomination

Before the nomination process, the management should communicate the selection criteria and explain why they selected the specific performance metrics.  This can be achieved by clearly explaining to the employees what the company cares most about and how this can be measured. Some common examples of workplace performance virtues include teamwork, continuous improvement, working under pressure, and producing quality work.

Components of a Nomination Form

Nominating an employee for Employee of the month involves providing reasoning as to why the Employee deserves the honor. When selecting your preferred candidate for the Employee of the month award, you should align the following contents in the Employee of the month nomination form:

  • Your full name, title and department
  • The title of the employee you are nominating and the department they work for
  • Provide your specific reasons for nominating the employee
  • Include the number of years that the selected Employee has been working for the company.

Procedure for Employee Nomination

The rules of many awards require the nomination of candidates. The company policy for who and how candidates are nominated vary with each award. The process of selecting the qualifying candidate from the nominated ones varies with different organizations. However, the typical procedure for employee nomination in most organizations follows useful steps.

The steps are provided below:

Step 1: Voting

The company requests all its employees to fill out the employee of the month nomination form prepared and provided by the employer.

Step 2: Assessing qualifying employee’s skills

Once the employees have voted for the preferred candidate for the employee of the month award through the employee of the month nomination form, the ballots are submitted to the organization’s human resource department or the management at large. The personnel department then assesses the qualifying employee’s skills and eligibility through the criteria already discussed above. The purpose of evaluating the qualifying employee is to ensure that the whole exercise is fair and transparent.

Step 3: Selecting the winner

The third stage of the employee nomination process allows the personnel department or the management to evaluate employees to come up with a clear standout. After establishing a clear standout, the most competent employee is selected because the award has to go to only one employee per month.

Step 4: Employee of the month award ceremony is held

The nomination process’s final step involves hosting an employee of the month award ceremony to recognize the employee. To make the nominations effective, the ceremony should be held publicly, and all the employees should be involved. Most organizations offer the winner gifts in the form of money, certificates of honor, tangible and valuable contributions, and employee recognition on the company’s website.

To impact the workplace positively, ensure that the nomination program for the Employee of the month award is celebrated publicly and the winning Employee awarded Infront of everyone. Although some organizations choose to award gifts to the winner, some companies offer their winner certificates or any other tangible accolades. 


Remember, recognizing employees demands some level of consistency. Don’t just award employees for the sake or otherwise make the ceremonies seem like careless and hasty efforts. Employees may appreciate even the smallest overtures if they are done with some forethought and care.

Free Nomination Forms

Besides providing you with a guide on selecting the winning Employee for the Employee of the month award, we have also provided you with a free employee of the month nomination forms that are customizable and downloadable. Our employee of the month nomination form templates are professionally designed and crafted in a way that follow the ideal nomination criteria. Download Our templates today and get started.





    Nominations within an organization are a great way to boost workers’ morale and overall productivity. When companies decide to recognize their employees through the Employee of the month award, they tend to use a standardized employee of the month nomination form template known as the Employee of the Month Nomination Form.

    The employee of the month nomination form makes the voting procedure efficient by providing a consistently written ballot for employees to cast their votes. The employee of the month nomination form also improves the nomination process as it makes it easier for the management to review and tally the votes and announce the winner as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you say when nominating someone?

    When nominating your colleague for the Employee of the month award, write about the great things that he/she is and has been doing, how the nominee met the award eligibility criteria, and provide specific examples that explain why the person deserves to be recognized. Review and ask for clarifications about the management nomination criteria such that you nominate a quality employee. Remember, it is the quality that counts most and not the quantity of the nominations.

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