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There are times in your life where you will feel the need to honor those who have done great things, and in those times you need to have a simple way of doing that. If you are someone who runs a business, there will be times when you will want to honor certain employees and let them know that you have noticed the work that they do. If you are in charge of a charitable organization, there will be times when you would like to honor one volunteer above the rest and let them know that they are valued.

If you are someone who is in charge of a school, there will be times when a specific teacher should be honored for all that they do. When you are looking to honor someone in a formal way, you will find that the printable award certificates found here can help you to do that. When you seek out award certificate template, you can quickly create something that will honor those who are deserving of honor.

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What is an Award Certificate?

An award certificate is a printable, formal piece of paper awarded to the recipient for their contributions or achievements. It usually provides more information about the recipient’s work and accomplishments than a simple acknowledgment letter. A good example is a certificate for the inter-district competition participation awards. Awards certificates allow recipients to record achievement, effort, or progress towards winning a medal, trophy, or other recognition. Additionally, they often serve as legal acknowledgments of recipient’s achievements or contributions without having to write out official documents physically. These certificates are used in different fields such as academics, business, and sports. Award certificates are nowadays created using templates as they are fast and easy to personalize.


Award certificates were birthed from the Hawthorne Experiment conducted by sociologists in the 19th century. The objective of the experiment was to identify ways in which employee productivity can be boosted in factories. The experiment’s findings discovered that productivity increases if employees are appreciated and made feel special for their efforts and contribution. Then, award certificates were introduced as a form of appreciation in the workplace and institutions where productivity is emphasized.

Reasons to Give an Award Certificate

Award certificates are often used to recognize achievement and can thus be effective in encouraging team members, rewarding employees, and expressing appreciation. With certificate templates, award recipients can also share with others how they earned this recognition and what set them apart from their peers or colleagues, something which may not be apparent through word of mouth alone. Below are instances when awarding certificates is often practiced:

Community service award

In recognition of community service or volunteer work, a certificate can be given to acknowledge the recipient’s substantial contribution and dedication. The award can be given by government, local councils, schools, or public service offices. This type of certificate can be easily printed on any company’s letterhead. Award certificates are used in community service as most people sign up for their need to help and get involved in the community. As such, monetary awards may not be as fulfilling to participants. However, community service awards provide a tangible appreciation that promotes teams’ spirit and encourages continuous participation.

Good behavior 

With the increasing importance of achievement in a child’s life, teachers have developed ways to motivate children and reward good behavior. One great way is awarding certificates. The teacher can award the child for behaving appropriately during class or an outing. They can also award children who learn from their mistakes and changes their ways. For example, if the child has been a constant noise maker in class. Then, after detention and a good talk, they reform, and they can be rewarded for their excellent behavior. Certificates offer a cheap way of encouraging good behavior.

Good job

Award certificates are usually given to the employee who has done exceptionally well in their career achievements or the quality of their work, performance, or input. There are also awards for outstanding community service, academic prowess, and sports performance. In such cases, a physical recognition to commemorate the achievement for years to come can go a long way in giving the team or the employee something to show for their hard work. When giving the certificate out, it is highly advisable to provide specific details such as academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and what the achievement was.

Employee/volunteer milestones

Career milestones are celebrated in many ways, including awards certificates. An award is usually given to individuals who have achieved a certain level of feat. For example, if an employee has earned a promotion to a managerial position, the company may give out an award certificate to recognize their achievements. Another example is if the volunteer has been volunteering for a whole year, an award can be given to mark the milestone at the end of the year. The recipient can receive the certificate and take a picture with the senior management to encourage them to continue soaring high.

Course completion

If a person has completed a course, they can be awarded a certificate to mark the achievement. This effectively boosts motivation to achieve and participate in other activities that improve skills. Such a certificate should indicate the course, distinction/certification, completion date, and a congratulatory message. These certificates can be used by course trainers, employers, and teachers. In addition, a printed award certificate can be framed and hung in the office as a display of competency and pride.

Types of Award Certificates

There are many types of award certificate templates that can be used for different events and circumstances. First, you should decide what type of certificate you would like to give; this will enable you to plan your ceremony in a much more manageable manner. Below is a comprehensive discussion of all the different types of award certificate templates that can be used at any formal or informal ceremony, ritual, or occasion.


A handwritten certificate is the traditional type of award made by hand and personalized for the recipient. Handwritten awards were typical in the 50s and 80s, especially during New Year and Thanksgiving, to acknowledge exemplary employees. Handwritten certificates were crafted on thick paper with the name of the recipient. Its contents were written through calligraphy and embroidery. As a result, these certificates are only effective if you have time and know who you are giving them to, as they take a lot of time. They were common back then as printers were not as advanced and popular as today, and the need to award employees wasn’t as high as today.


Printable certificates were invented when computer technology became more advanced. It was made to replace handwritten certificates during the advent of printers in the workplace in the 1980s. Calligraphy and embroidery were replaced with typing, which allowed new and more presentable fonts to be used in the certificates. They are still used today as they are effortless to use and can be printed on any size of paper. The advantage of printable award certificates is that they are fast to create, less laborious, affordable, and can easily be downloaded online into the recipient’s computer or laptop and shared. In addition, the recognition and acknowledgment are immediate. As a result, printable certificates could be issued at any time if needed and not only on designated occasions.


Digital certificates are the latest form popular since the 2000s. They use digital printing technology to print on paper, and they look exactly like handwritten or printable certificates but with a personal touch of your design. This is because digital certificates use great designs, layouts, and fonts to give them a personalized feel. The advantage of digital certificates is that they can be printed on any size, shape, or color of paper as long as there is a printer available for use. This is a quick and easy way to give someone an award. However, it does not have the same effect as a traditional handwritten certificate. A digital certificate can be created online and sent to anyone via email, social media, or other means. An award certificate template is an example of a digital certificate.

Free Templates


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Tips to Show Value in the Certificate’s Presentation

Presenting the award certificate also matters as much as the award certificates. Here are some tips that the giver can use to show value in presenting the award certificate.

  • The giver should have a similar message on the award and in the introduction. This means that the introduction should contain a message that matches the award inscribed on the certificate.
  • The giver should have a certificate cover for better presentation, neatness, and value addition to the certificate.
  • The paper used to prepare the certificate should be gold-foil, and the seal on it should be bright-colored or an inexpensive gold. It makes the certificate more appealing.
  • There should be a well-prepared speech and thought to share with the recipient during the award ceremony. The giver should write their thoughts down and share them with the recipient.
  • The giver should arrange a gathering where others will attend to celebrate the recipient as they are awarded their certificate. This will make the recipient feel more special and encourage the rest to continue with their hard work.
  • When presenting the award certificate template to the recipient, the giver should always shake their hands and whisper a congratulatory message.
  • The giver should ensure that the presentation of the award certificate template is a moment the recipient will never forget. This can be done by arranging picture taking of those moments.


In conclusion, an award certificate template is a great way to acknowledge recipient’s achievements or accomplishments. There are many types of awards, such as achievement awards, participation certificates, qualification awards, etc. If you need to make certificates for your team, department, or club, it can be done quickly and easily with an award template and the right editing tools. Templates are a great way to add a personal touch to any occasion. Choose the right design and the suitable certificate template if you want it to be effective. Award certificates are used to announce the award recipient to their peers, colleagues, family, and friends at the

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