Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Forms

What is a dog puppy bill of sale form? You might be knowing or still uninformed about it. A dog puppy bill of sale form is a form filled for the legal transfer of the pets from a breeder. It entails all the details, including the purchase price. However, puppies leaving their mother are usually tricky; hence you can opt to fill as well as sign the document with a deposit so that you can come back and pick your puppy at a later stage when its big enough to leave its mother. This form requires notarization. The law requires that a puppy must be eight weeks and above for it to be taken for sale. However, these laws do not apply on every-one of you. It is mostly for kennel operators, dog breeders, and any other animal facilities.

When is it needed?

Dog puppy bill of sale form is a very vital document that is necessary for dog sellers, breeders as well as owners to have. This form is a basic necessity when you want to sell your puppy to someone else. Therefore, three categories will require you to have this document, this is when you are selling a puppy as a breeder when you are moving from a place due to work reasons, and you want to transfer ownership or rather sell off your puppy and finally when you want to sell your dog because you can no longer take care of it.

Free bill of sale form

Dog Puppy Bill of Sale Form

    Importance of a dog puppy bill of sale form

    As mentioned above, the dog puppy bill of sale form contains conditions and terms of sale between the seller and the buyer. This document shows that the puppy or dog has been acquired officially, and it is the hands of a new owner. The following are the importance of these documents:

    • For reference in case of fraud and misunderstanding issues.
    • It gives all the detail about the puppy and the time of purchase.
    • It proofs that you have full authority to sell your dog.
    • It protects both the buyer and the seller from confrontations and misunderstandings.
    • It shows that the procedure of selling was done legally.
    • Standard bill of sale form should include:
    • The dogs’ details such as the breed, sex, health status, registration number, color as well as its name.
    • The date of purchase; is to show when you officially decided to the sale of your puppy.
    • The seller’s and buyer’s addresses and names. This is to make the procedure more legal and to do away with mistaken identity.
    • The purchase price as well as a deposit that has been made for the dog or puppy
    • The signature of both the witness, buyer as well as the seller. Furthermore, it also includes a date.


    The dog puppy bill of sale form plays a vital role when you want to sell your dog. Therefore, as a kennel operator or a dog breeder, you should always have this document to make your work easier whenever you want to sell your dog or puppy.

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