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Free Daily Planner Templates – Editable

Most people assume that planning and being prepared only applies to specific aspects of their lives, for instance, work or business meetings. However, making daily plans is advisable, leading to successful and productive habits that benefit every aspect of your life. Effective planning promotes balance and prioritization, eliminating hectic and unproductive days.

Planning involves charting your daily tasks using a timetable, a to-do list, or a template to manage your time and complete all your chores. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a student, or a business owner, daily planning is a way to avoid being overwhelmed, disorganized, distracted, and ineffective. 

The most effective tool for daily planning is a planner template. A daily planner template is a chart, book, or computer program with sections allowing users to plan for or track their daily tasks. This tool allows you to organize your daily tasks, prioritize urgent ones, and set reminders for due dates/deadlines. That means you are less likely to forget or be sidetracked by a task.

This article will help you learn more about daily planning, its benefits, and how to create a proper planner for your tasks. A guide will be provided to help you create a template in MS Word to help you break down your daily activities and hours effectively. In addition, you can choose to download free and customizable templates given below. It will help you save time and effort easily and make your planning simple yet accurate by including all the required components.

Free Templates

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      6 Benefits of Using a Daily Planner

      You need to use a daily planner if you wish to remain organized in your career, family, and social life, especially if you have a busy one.

      A planner is all you need, and below are six reasons why it is beneficial to use it:

      Enhances productivity

      With a planner, you can easily focus on each task without distraction. This way, you remain focused and motivated to accomplish your task and tick it off your planner. You will be more productive at work and home without being distracted and overwhelmed. Moreover, you can seamlessly move from one task to another.

      Manages stress levels and health

      If you have organized your day, you are less likely to be stressed, anxious, or physically drained. This is because you can comfortably prioritize urgent tasks and meet deadlines without compromising your mental health and peace. In addition, it will allow you to schedule breaks throughout the day to allow you to pause and recharge.

      Note: You can easily stay on track with things like exercises, diet, and regular doctor appointments, which will improve your health.

      Maintains effective schedules

      A planner will help you to maintain schedules since planning entails successfully managing your time. This tool lets you schedule the exact time for personal tasks, work duties, errands, appointments, events, and even much-needed holidays/vacations.

      Increases creativity

      If you have a proper breakdown of how you intend to accomplish all your daily tasks, it is easy to create room for new things. You can easily find time to increase your creativity by learning a new skill, participating in an activity, or engaging in a hobby. 

      Note: If you are creating the planner yourself using MS Word or downloading a template given below, you can express your creativity by adding decorative items like stickers, pictures, or art.

      Maintains reliable record

      If you use a planner to organize your daily tasks, you will have a reliable record that you can refer to in the future. This way, you will stay motivated by looking at what you have been able to accomplish. Furthermore, you can use it to correct any mistakes you might have faced with your planning. It will also help to remind you to spare time for your family and friends. 

      Helps manage time 

      Finally, a daily planner helps manage time across all aspects of your life. You will start viewing time as an expensive resource and prioritize your activities effectively. Also, you can say ‘no’ to tasks you cannot complete or those that interfere with your planning.

      Since using it benefits your life, it is advisable to use a template when making it. With such a document either created on MS Word or downloaded for free from our website, you can use it multiple times to create a detailed and suitable daily planner. Also, you will not only save time, but you will also make your planning easier.

      Remember that using the same template means you will easily establish a working routine. You will spend hours accomplishing those daily tasks and being productive instead of repeatedly handling the planning process.

      This infographic is about statistical insights of using a daily planner.
      This infographic is about statistical insights of using a daily planner.

      Making a Daily Planner Template in MS Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

      With this step-by-step guide, you can create a document that will help you organize your tasks, appointments, and goals in a logical and structured way. Apart from that, this template will remind you of all the components you should have and their placement in your planner.

      The following guide will help you create a template for your daily planner in MS Word:

      Step 1

      Open a blank page on Microsoft Word and click File, then Save As to save your document in an accessible location.

      p1w2VaV0KeuGtqB90JLiCO8HdexejJUYR1EfAj7Sg8ObSu8gFFuNJif5R7xGl5C5cSNiNQ k2dUl4hn8DNytkP 0tFIm295joOBd hl7mx2taDHNiN8A g IVDlbri 0KYGdL14jbPstBhs6oGmQBZY

      Proceed to set the margins of the page by clicking Page Layout, then Margins, and then select Narrow. This is meant to maximize the page to increase the working space.

      DASYcXF3ip6Rw39hlcjspgL3uYJteVKD DaG2JU S FDtHphBNo2oAgJPOJYhREIoesDmA22ZbC9NhYJ8oGIxUnNuM8FfGXyhpcKn Q 7P7tFr59tqyW25x7YIbm UvM220yKJ3FK KBKeXHW3TuZCE

      Step 2

      Click Insert, select Table, and then Insert Table. Ensure that you set the default setting of your table to 5 columns and 33 rows. The idea is to have a large table that covers most of your page.

      Select the entire table, then go to Layout under the Table Tools and change the height to 0.81 cm or 0.32 inches.

      pvBZdrInUzTWzGH MtppvKmPHy 4L4ktbMJWXT6npsZxnHrrIcWEsDcfDGTvhYlbkEByZdJ61tSQFQFinKvlnJYXFYMiylWh6JCaEz i38YCOqTJ2D nv2qCOLH1rWq HXBjzH8 CKt7azu8 uXCy78

      Step 3

      The next step is to format the table to create different sections where you will include the elements that should be found in your daily planner. Start by moving the middle column to make it look like this.

      iIGyKtbsBdug4J5DLJd aOeKltyR 0DCE yy4ulhjOxi5K KT7ubyAqRZTKqH4jqWq4cNtBGDwJmddI2aC45YPppTzTRs07ZF2oyHEYbSOfmeuuu7T5Z

      Proceed to highlight the first two cells and merge them. Click Layout and then Merge Cells.

      c8Lahq73d5zRmT2DLIZknd4aSB1nB0tjrA30H5VquOnDQejbtRwX0oWk ytJ 7aU6hvWsH46zKjdZ6iizSRSletQ q3oZ52q3423kQUQOdAD8ksuUXEvwU hRkZOGHOl0B7vKGzEJOEqrmz3uJ4jZzg

      Before typing anything in the newly created cell, you should select the entire table and make changes to the position of the text.

      BEyv1ue YziD1j5nqduf9XZeaMo8Da58HML0EE7MO2DH W74mJSE0xNS70kl3ck2uEdwW81BqnSoFsKQD24IXsHJMNKx4fc6PkFcTDaBwuMPBXlCY4SlT6
      ymGkY uRWncBAk Tvl oCqYcCDu7hpS M3Y5SNhhKHMqZuaDog24oUChhtM4 MkNV8Z7wG232 ipuFntcr gTzIE

      Depending on your preference, you can change the font type and adjust the font size. Click Home and then Font to make these changes.

      Step 4

      Proceed to highlight the newly created cell and the two cells below it. Click on table Design, the Borders, and No Border to remove the borders around these selected cells. Once that is done, select those two cells below again and click on Top Border. Your table should look like this:

      oS9Y0oxZEP44Wv2Ndh1sFlLx9w0LI57NfxVArW5ePV7qA pddEvAYKZV2Owd7zq9XXIqqKwhaTYzC78as832yjXmoD1XBHmiVfI6iSC1NAa atZdhNcEHMF2TdCh9EurpVpi

      Following the same procedure, select the two top cells on the other side and merge them. Select the two cells below them and use the same procedure to remove the borders. Once this is done, replace the required bottom and top borders.

      bGhrRGUZIwZMouBhYdbeejFVZNHFK ASxbsVEsJYzof9k4BXQ2DTE3peiL2mRRh1OplEDpc0CYvZ6CmB OPXjEF6rf5axqqKtAe9VLfqgWf2qrXQfmudxh8CBTCJeoTed6 B1WcnLL8ZBp9PvoQn7oQ

      Step 5

      To create a better distinction between the sections of your daily planner, select the small middle column and remove its borders. Then replace the required borders, that is, the left and the right border. Your document should look like this:

      dw2WG f0k8wZxOx0Omg9WiAUAGBwUul6PwPulSPRWvUFyFqO11kN6wk9zs3RXWyxO3VcWLXGw VSxF16 nbONUhrhKJFQC1uLojFVY mRWDG6ATd2aCJMe0c9ue25u5O9C486awXAyjoZIUEnpdpNw

      Pro tip: For the color schemes, include thicker border lines below each heading to make the sections distinct. These aspects will make your daily planner more appealing and professional. 

      Step 6 

      Using the merge cells option, the daily goal section should focus on things you tend to accomplish every other day but are likely to forget about them, such as calling a client. These tasks may reoccur or vary from day to day. 

      Then, we must create a to-do list section on the left side of the template. Also, use the borders option to create space between the to-do list section and the new section you will create later. Like the daily goal section, you can check off a task once you have accomplished it. Your document should appear as shown below.

      Pro-tip: A to-do list is a list of tasks you want to accomplish on that particular day, such as cleaning, meal prepping for the week, or even studying. Once you have accomplished a particular task, you should check it off the list.

      BoWIindkJUG22oUmG6XnXw6npFqVNiDdit3yr21PyWj11CehF2Js2RDqWsIpb40CobTMuD69UDqHZwej0i B6jZQVdj5JgAGbgNsv0ybZWIPyHrNr3adupEG5OXbH3oPlcO1RF 9 2z3teKQmni8H4

      Step 7 

      For the next sections, follow the guidelines you used to create the daily goal section & to-do list and create them. You should record meetings, doctor appointments, nail/salon appointments, or other events in the schedule section.

      Pro-tip: Ensure that you place this section below the to-do list and format it so you can record the exact time for the appointment.

      The urgent section includes a list of tasks that must be handled before any other tasks.

      For the gratitude section or daily inspiration (quotes), you should record one or more special aspects of the day you are grateful for, such as completing an assignment, launching a product, or even getting a new customer/client.

      Finally, the notes section is where you can include anything you have learned or thought about. It is a space that promotes your creativity.

      Pro-tip: You can maintain the same font type and size for all the headings or make them different. It all depends on your preference.

      uYDLY7uWOpFTrf28VXKzyuo auq 7dUAoZLn4F2yr2aCeUMvLGOPKLVoTvrJOWKyPo4dS49sa TsoU7LG 1I210GHRXv3w8qgSMScykGco76 OsM1Thuf04

      Step 8

      The template is ready for printing and use. Check the printer settings to ensure everything is set to standard size before printing.

      Note: If you find this extensive step-by-step process time-consuming and difficult, you can use free downloadable templates from our website for your ease. These pre-built templates will simplify setting up your daily planner while guaranteeing an accurate and complete document you can customize. 

      Why are Printed Sheets Preferred over Digital Planners?  

      Printed sheets are planners created using paper and pen, such as notebooks, a notepad, a diary, post-it notes, or loose paper. You can either stick them to a wall, somewhere accessible or bind them together to carry them around easily. On the other hand, digital planners are digital versions of printed sheets. A digital planner is an interactive PDF that, just like printed sheets, allows you to manage your goals and plan your daily tasks.

      Digital planners have become increasingly popular in recent years. Since they are not paper-based, they are safe for the environment. They are also more effective in managing and arranging multiple responsibilities and tasks simultaneously. In addition, they enable you to attach documents, photos, and files. For recurring tasks, they make it easy for you to set up automatic reminders and notifications. They can be synced across multiple devices to access your planning and keep track of your tasks from any location.

      Contrary to it, printed sheets offer more space for brainstorming. Using the printed planner, you can easily write down notes and cancel out silly ideas. This also allows you to be more creative with your style and format when planning for the day. In addition, printed sheets are more portable than digital planners, especially if you use gadgets like computers rather than smartphones and tablets. You can carry them anywhere and review your tasks, adding more notes if needed. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your schedules, events, and appointments.

      With a digital planner, it means that you are using a device that may contain social media and other distractions. Instead of checking on your planning, you may be tempted by other distractions that come with them and fail to accomplish your tasks. Remember that printed sheets offer more privacy than the latter due to this aspect. If you use printed sheets, power failure, lack of internet connection, and technical difficulties will not affect your planning.

      With that in mind, digital planners and printed sheets can be used to plan your day. However, printed sheets are usually preferred over digital planners for their portable convenience, creativity space, guaranteed privacy, reduced distractions, and the ability to add more notes or information whenever needed.

      Final Remarks

      Time management is fundamental to life if you wish to accomplish all your tasks. To achieve this, you must plan your day to ensure you can manage your responsibilities. Planning and organizing make recalling and tackling your daily tasks easier. You can use a daily planner to organize your resources and time.

      To achieve this structure, use the detailed guide provided in this article to create a template or download one for free from our website. The idea is to find an effective way to manage your time, increase productivity, complete all your responsibilities, and introduce balance into your life. 

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