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Free Consultant Timesheet Templates for Excel

The timesheet is used to record the billable working hours of a consultant by writing the starting time of work and the time when the work got completed named as consultant timesheet.

The consultant timesheet template will also help track the number of leaves taken by the consultant in a particular month. The consultant entered the data in the timesheet template manually to keep it updated because it does not update automatically.

Consultant timesheet template is used by different people, including business managers, doctors, educational staff members, etc. It helps them have the complete record of their employees regarding their working hours completed within a month.

Consultant timesheet templates are handy because they have a wide range of use in various fields. The template for consultant timesheets can be created easily either by using Microsoft Excel, Google sheets, or with the help of any other spreadsheet software or application. It is convenient to use the consultant timesheet template, which has been made in Microsoft Excel because different rows and columns will be specified for including different pieces of information. It will help you view the details easily by just having a quick view of all the specified columns for different employees.

Consultant timesheet templates are available online and can be freely downloaded from our website. There are different formats regarding these templates, and you can select the one which suits your consultant’s timesheet best. The available online templates can help you create your consultant timesheet, and on the other hand, you can also choose to download those templates and edit them as per your requirements. The consultant timesheet templates can be edited in MS Excel or even in MS Word.

When do I need one?

Employers can use a consultant timesheet template to track the duty hours of all the workers, whether they are working in the office or doing their jobs remotely. The employees are obligated to mark their attendance when they start doing their work, and the time when their work gets completed will also have to be mentioned before leaving the office. The working hours are monitored, and the time taken by employees to complete a specific set of tasks can also be included in their records.

There are different columns and rows in which the date, name of the consultant, time of starting work, time of work completion, and their signatures can be added. It will help you keep a non-biased and open record for the consultant and the company. Consultant timesheet templates are beneficial for businesses with a huge setup. They cannot check on all the consultants individually, so all the individual consultants are informed in advance to fill all the demanded details in their timesheets. The working performance of every consultant can be easily visualized through the consultant timesheet template.

Whether you are a consulting or audit firm, with several consultants, or that you work as a freelance consultant, you need to track the time spent on each project, each case, and for each client. In fact, what is billed to your client is your time spent on a project. You will, therefore, have with this spreadsheet a control document to be signed by your client to validate billable hours together.

In addition, this will allow you to know the number of hours spent on each project, thus optimizing your time and improving your margins on your various jobs.

To do this the easy way, it is recommended to create a timesheet to record and optimize your time. Below we not just explain the essential component of a consultant timesheet but also provide you a FREE editable timesheet to download and use!

Benefits of Using a Template

A consultant timesheet template serves various purposes and is beneficial to be used by the company and its employees for keeping the two-way record, making the whole procedure ranging from assigning a particular task to the payment transfer after the completion of the task unbiased.

Following are some of the benefits of using a consultant timesheet template:

Streamlined payroll management

In case the consultants are hired by a company on a contract basis and are paid according to the number of tasks completed by them, and in some cases, their pay rate is decided on the number of hours they give for a particular set of tasks assigned to them on the monthly task list. So the consultant timesheet template will help keep the record of their billable working hours.

Not only can the billable working hours be tracked, but the time spent on each task can also be visualized, which will help you check the consultant’s performance. After analyzing all the details, their payment will be approved by the company either weekly or monthly, as decided earlier.

On the other hand, the clients can also be charged according to the number of hours spent completing their specified tasks. So they will be given an invoice for the payment accordingly.

Simplified budget planning

A consultant timesheet template can help you plan the budget for a particular task. It is done by observing how much time the consultant can complete a particular task after seeing the consultant’s history from previous timesheets. It will help you when you are getting new projects and telling the payment rate to your client according to the working schedule of the consultant. In this way, the chances of completing the task up to the client’s mark will also increase the success ratio, which will ultimately lead to an increase in profits.

Efficient task management

It becomes difficult for the large business setup to check the working performance of each consultant individually as it is not possible and requires a lot of time to do so. But the consultant timesheet template can prove to be very effective in this regard as it allows to check the work of remote workers works.

The tasks provided to all the consultants are listed in it, and the progress for each task can be monitored easily. It will also help you train your consultants about how to manage their tasks within the assigned time to complete them appropriately.

Resolving disputes

If assigning the tasks and transferring their payments of billable working hours to the consultants is not transparent, then it may lead to different disputes among the company and their consultants. So, the consultant timesheet template can help avoid such disputes in the first place, and even if the disputes arise, they can be resolved with the help of it. Moreover, it will be helpful because everything will be a part of the record in the form of a consultant timesheet for all the consultants.

How to Use a Consultant Timesheet Template

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you will need to understand how a consultant timesheet template is used to write all the details in specified sections accurately. It is essential to understand because you cannot make any mistake regarding any detail mentioned. Three essential sections need to be filled appropriately.

A complete guideline about what information needs to be added in each section has been explained below:

To create a consultant timesheet template, you need the following mandatory information:

Personal information

  • Customer information: It will include all the information regarding the customer as:
    • Name of customer
    • Postal address of the customer
    • E-mail address of the customer
    • Telephone number of the customer
  • Provider information: The basic information that should be enlisted regarding the provider is as:
    • Name of provider
    • Postal address of the provider
    • E-mail address of the provider
    • Telephone number of the provider
    • The period concerned
    • The hourly rate

Apart from the contact information, you will also need the following necessary information:

  • The date of the service;
  • The name of the client;
  • The name of the project;
  • Billable hours over the relevant period.

Table of activities

In this section, all the essential details regarding the tasks assigned and completed by the consultant are listed. It is appropriate to keep this section in tabular form so that the progress of each task can be tracked down easily.

Following details are required to be filled in this section:

  • Day of starting the task.
  • The date on which the task was started.
  • Name of the task.
  • The total number of hours spent on each task.
  • The number of overtime hours, if applied.
  • The total number of billable hours.
  • Other expenses, if applied.

Credentials and payment information

The last section includes the information about the total payment paid to the consultant. Following details are required to be filled inaccurately:

  • The total amount to be paid.
  • Signature of the consultant.
  • Signature of the manager.
  • Date.

Free Templates

Following are some free editable consultant timesheet templates that can be customized:

Weekly Consultant Timesheet Template for Word

Consultant Weekly TimeSheet Template Excel

Consultant Timesheet Template

    Create an Excel Consultant Timesheet

    If you are a little familiar with Excel formulas, you can, for example, create your own consultant timesheet according to your own ideas to make Excel your personal work time calculator. This is not difficult at all:

    Enter your desired column headings in an empty sheet (e.g., date, the start of work, end of work, break, total hours, etc.).

    image 4

    Enter your working and break times in the table.

    image 5

    Use simple Excel formulas to continue calculating working hours (for example, subtracting the start of work and break times from the end of work).

    image 6

    You can calculate plus and minus hours by first setting your standard working hours per day and then deducting the hours actually worked from this value.

    image 7

    You can use the Excel AutoSum function to calculate your monthly working hours.

    You even have the option of calculating your due precisely by adding your hourly wages to an empty cell and then multiplying it by your working hours.

    Alternatively, you can also download and use our editable ready to use, free Excel template for recording and optimizing the time easily and quickly.

    Professional Tips

    You can consider some of the critical points for making your consultant timesheet template easier to use for keeping the records managed. So some of the additional tips have been given below in this regard:

    Assign project codes

    You can assign the project codes to different projects; each code will be specifically for a single project and cannot be given to any other project. So a section of project code can be added to the consultant timesheet template. It will help avoid task duplication or assign the same task to different consultants with different names but with the same information.

    The codes will be even specific for each of the consultants. So in this way, sorting out the tasks will also become easy while approving the payments for all the consultants. It will also save your time and make you free of any workload pressure. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is that the project codes should be sequential and straightforward so that there might be no confusion at any later time when the number of tasks will get increased.

    The project codes can be in the form of alphabets, numerical digits, or a combination of alphabets along with the numbers, but you will have to make sure that each code is unique and new for each project.

    TIP: You can use the initial letters from the consultant’s name and then add the numbers according to the sequence of new projects to make a project code for the tasks assigned to particular consultants.

    Ensure government compliance

    No matter what tasks or projects are going on in the company, it should be ensured by the company and all the workers that any of the projects is not against government compliance. So before starting a new project, you should have complete knowledge about rules and regulations provided by the government for that particular type of project. Any form of legal requirements associated with that task should also be fulfilled in advance to ensure that any object may not arise later, which might cause a delay in task completion. It will not be suitable for your company’s image as well.

    Choose a simple template

    Stuffing the consultant timesheet template is not a good idea. It will become difficult for the consultant to list all the details, but it will also be time-consuming for them to understand it and fill all the requirements in it daily. But, on the other hand, it will also be challenging for the company to handle a lot of information, and it could not be adequately managed.

    There are more chances of mistakes from the employees’ side while filling the details in the timesheet and from the employer’s side, as well as they might skip any critical information which needs to be added to the record. So the format of the consultant timesheet template being selected should be simple and easily readable. Moreover, the timesheet will be selected based on the period a task is anticipated to be continued.


    To monitor the working performance of all the office-based consultants and those who are remotely working can be a difficult job, and it may require you to hire more staff members for performing this duty. It will not be appropriate for the company as well. But the continuous monitoring of all the consultants is also essential for the progress and productivity of an organization or a company. So consultant timesheet templates can be very fruitful in this regard.

    Consultant timesheets are a productive tool in which the time consumed by a consultant to complete a particular task can be tracked, and their progress can be continuously checked. It will help reduce the pressure on higher officials of the company, and they will also be informed about the status of all ongoing projects.

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