20+ Complaint Letter Samples & Examples

Writing a complaint letter can be very tricky, but the most important thing is to remember to be direct and tasteful. When you are having a problem with a product or a service, and you are trying to resolve it with a company, the first thing you must do is to discuss your concerns with the company’s representative. If a phone call or an email fails to resolve the issue, you should then consider writing a complaint letter.

There are various reasons why you should write a complaint letter:

  1. It ensures that your complaint is on record with the company
  2. It helps you to reserve any legal rights you may have in the situation
  3. It lets the company know that you are serious about taking up the complaint

Types of Complaint Letters

Formal Complaint Letter

A formal complaint letter is used by a customer to communicate their concerns and raise their issues to the relevant authorities. A formal complaint letter is usually backed by a legal document that lays down the facts and legal reasons that you believe are adequate to support your accusations against a party that warrants you a remedy for the damages you have incurred.

This type of letter is usually used when one is complaining about something, such as a product or a service.

Product and service Complaint letter

Consumers usually write this type of complaint letter to the manufacturer or retailer concerning a problem with a product or a service. The aggrieved customer writes a product/service complaint letter to the concerned authority to inform them about the poor performance of the products and/or services or to complain about the delivery of defective goods.

A complaint letter should be brief and to the point. It should also state what you would like to be done about the issue and how long you are dedicated to waiting to get it resolved.

Employee Complaint letter

This type of letter can be written by either the employer or the employee. A complaint letter is usually written by an employee if they want to make a formal complaint about something that happened at work.

Features of a Complaint Letter


A complaint letter must be addressed to the relevant authority. In most cases, a complaint letter is usually channeled to the human resource department or the customer care department, depending on the case.

The Problem

ensure that you provide a clear description of the item you bought and the problem you encountered with the item. Be very specific about the details and make sure to include details like the serial number, name, and location of the seller. It is also great to include the name of the customer care representative you spoke with if you had earlier on tried to resolve the matter.

If the complaint is neither about the product and/or services, make sure to include all the necessary supporting factors such as any verbal exchanges, your account of what happened, and even the documents and records if applicable. Make sure that all the information is well covered in the letter such that whoever will be reading it will have an easy time understanding what exactly the problem is.

Relevant Documents

Attach copies of all the relevant documents. This includes the receipts, cheques, warranties, and email conversations if there is any. This is very crucial as it verifies your complaint. Don’t forget to include in your letter the exact documents you are attaching.

The solution

If you can convince the company that they did break the law or that they failed to follow their rules and regulations, your complaint stands a better chance of being taken seriously. Express what action you would like them to take regarding the complaint that you have made.


A complaint letter should state the period for which you would like the issue resolved. This creates a sense of urgency in resolving the issue. The period you are providing should be realistic enough for the company to investigate and resolve the matter.

Name and contact information

When writing a complaint letter, you must provide the recipient a way of contacting you should they require more information or clarification from you. Also, make sure to include your official name in case of any follow-ups.

Just like any other official letter, close the letter with the appropriate tag, e.g. “faithfully,” “Sincerely,” etc.

Sample Letters & Examples

Complaint letter sample for poor service

When writing a complaint letter against poor service, you should first contact the company against which you have a complaint. Contact the company manager and report bad customer service you have received from an employee.


14th Aug 2020

The Manager

Company name


RE: Complaint about Poor Service

Dear (name)

I sincerely regret to notify you that I had a gold membership card for about nine years now, but unfortunately, I experienced great trouble with the new instructor on 12th Aug 2020. I normally have private paid sessions with the instructor from 4 pm. to 6 pm. For whatever reason, he was having a session with another client during my time.

Sir, I couldn’t do my sessions, and I had to go back home to meet other pressing engagements. The new instructor didn’t even offer as much as an apology for his conduct.

I believe that it is in your interest to take strict action regarding this matter.

With thanks,


625625 Mountain view

(762) 651 718 18

Complaint letter sample for a bad product

If you buy a product and you suspect it did you a disservice and/or the product you bought was damaged or bad, and you are seeking redress, you can compose a complaint letter and send address it to the manager or any other relevant authority at the company.

Brian Paul

76 River View

Byland, CA 6526

14th Aug 2020

Mike Tyler


Ring Manufacturing Ltd.

76 River View

Byland, CA 6526

RE: Purchase of spoiled Goods

Dear Ms. Rosewoods

This letter is to bring you to notice regarding the purchase of spoiled goods on 1st Aug 2020.

At the time of the purchase, I was assured that the goods would be fresh upon arrival. Instead, the products I received were spoiled. I have attached a photo with the delivery receipt.

I would like you to deliberate on this matter as soon as possible and refund my purchase or send out another supply.

Thank you for attending to this matter. Feel free to contact me any time: (888)82782; [email protected]


Brian Paul

Attached: Photo and receipt

Complaint letter sample for harassment

No one should tolerate harassment in the workplace, and if it happens, one should draft a complaint letter and address it to your supervisor or HR.

Name of victim



Name of the recipient


Name of organization



Dear (name of the recipient)

I am writing to inform you about the inappropriate sexual advances I have suffered at the hands of (name of the harasser). I have been the (position) for seven years, and my work ethic has never been called into question.

The harassment began on the (date) when I was transferred from the (department) to (department) and (name of the harasser) said that he/she was attracted to me. This has continued every day since.

On (date), he/she sent me a voice-note that said he/she would love to make sweet love to me in the washroom and in my office.

I reported this matter to my supervisor about the situation after, but (name of harasser) has not stopped. I have all the evidence from the harasser. I also have a witness who witnessed the harassment.

I would like to bring to your notice that I have had to undergo emotional trauma and embarrassment at work. The harassment has also affected my relationship with my spouse and is affecting my performance at work.

I plead that you take up the matter and take any necessary action.

Yours Sincerely



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Tips for writing an efficient complaint letter

  • Start politely

Manners matter a lot. Your complaint is likely to accord the attention it needs if you remain polite. Ensure that your letter doesn’t contain any threats or ALL UPPERCASE; if it does, it is more likely to be ignored and may be handed over to the law enforcement. The most valid complaint letter is usually short, averaging about 500 words tops.

  • Ask a Question

When writing your complaint letter, make sure that your request is in the form of a question. Use words like, “How do you fix this?” State what you would like to be done and how long you are willing to wait for a response. Another phrase you can use is, “I wish to complain in the strongest terms about…” Make sure that the question is clear and easy to understand. It helps if you are honest, genuine, and void of any sarcasm.

  • Explain the Problem

Clearly indicate your reasons for writing the letter. Make sure to highlight all the facts, including the time, date, and where you purchased or received the products and/or services. The recipient should be able to read and understand the first few sentences upon reading the letter; hence it is important to go straight to the point. Explain yourself well and make sure that you are detailed enough to seize their attention.

  • Don’t Blame Anyone

It is advisable that when writing the complaint letter, you always remain courteous. Regardless of how justified your complaint is, do not allow your letter to sound angry, threatening, or sarcastic. Keep in mind that the recipient of the letter may not be the person responsible for the problem.