How to Create an Effective Actor Resume (Free Templates)

Did you watch the next series and come to the conclusion that you would “play it better”? Nothing lost! Filmmakers and ad producers are waiting for talented actors and extras. In many cases, you don’t need to have graduated from film school.

All you need is talent, personality, and … a well-written resume. It will interest a potential employer and guarantee you a pass for the final casting. How to do it? Read our tips and become a star of the screen. We also have a free acting resume template for you!

First Impression

The actor must attract the attention of the viewer from the first second. You must make an equal impression on your employer. When talking in private, you get this effect with what you say and how you behave. And when writing your resume?

 We will not surprise you – a resume is very important. Your resume must be legible, transparent, and professional. So make sure you choose the template and graphics carefully. Your photo will also be of extraordinary importance. As an actor, what you look like is your business card and work tool. Post a color photograph on which you will look neat and attractive.

Personal Information

 Also, provide all personal information – role assignments are often based on gender and age. If you have your own website or portfolio, be sure to include a link to them.

When compiling a resume, it’s useful to adhere to a certain format and some rules:

  1. Subject line. If the heading indicates what purpose you are writing, this can significantly speed up and simplify communication, and your resume will certainly not be lost among many others, for example, “Actor’s Resume”, if we are talking about actors, or “Competitive Script” if it’s for screenwriters.
  2. The text of the letter itself. To get started, introduce yourself and briefly tell them why you are writing. For example: “Hello, my name is John. I want to take part in a casting for such and such a project.” This will again simplify your communication with them – they will definitely know what interests you and will be able to give you an answer sooner.
  3. Well, and most importantly – this is the resume itself. Personally, the following will suffice:
    • Surname, name, patronymic;
    • Age, date of birth;
    • The current city
    • Height/ Weight;
    • Social status (student, working);
    • Work experience in any creative projects (filming, theatrical productions, amateur performances, etc.);
    • Professional skills and knowledge (if any);
    • Contact details (phone, mail, accounts on social networks – will be only a plus);
    • You can also say a few words about yourself (not too carried away) – so to speak, advertise yourself. Maybe you have some special talents – you cross-stitch Van Gogh’s paintings well or parody Pugachev sitting on the twine 🙂 But at the same time, you don’t need to tell the story of your whole life in detail

“I am Cheerful, Romek …”

Do you remember this scene from Bareja’s “Bear”? If you do not want the director – and thus the potential employer – to close the door in your face shouting: “will immediately take me to Tworek”, try to give the impression of a professional and a person prepared for the profession.

The biggest advantage will be a major education and, more specifically, studies completed at theater or film school. Yes, we know that it is not easy to get to such a university – even many actors known from the headlines failed to do so.

Do not forget, however, that there are many schools on the market offering acting courses and training. If you have completed any of them, be sure to enter this information in your resume.

May the Lord Play Curds

Yes, we know this text sounds unreal, but very often at castings, potential actors are asked to play scenes that seem absurd to the average person. The point is to find out how much skill you have and whether you can handle any task.

We write to you so that you can understand, the most important asset in the profession of an actor is practical experience. If you’ve ever played in commercials, in movies or music videos – be sure to enter this information in your resume. Don’t forget about even the smallest achievement.

How to display them in a biography? Some use professional templates. We especially recommend the ones created by our experts. They have special columns in which you can assign appropriate achievements to each professional experience. You can describe the roles that you played and write a little more about the skills you used to implement them.

Many people forget or neglect this opportunity, which is why your resume will stand out and let you stand out from the rest.

Multiple Man Show

If you do not apply for a single actor in the theater, you must have a number of soft skills that will allow you to work effectively with a team of people. Other actors will accompany you in the movie, TV series or advertisement, so you must like working with other people.

Write in your resume that you are a communicative, easy-to-contact, open and trustworthy person. Because you also have to work with a director, producer, sound engineer, makeup artist, etc. You must have a good work organization, the ability to divide attention, and work under time and stress.

Do not forget to add that you like public appearances and that you have a number of skills, such as using correct and beautiful English. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​may be an important asset. Very often, your role will require you to speak the matter, not in your native language, and you will be more credible when you understand what you are talking about.

We don’t even mention the obvious – knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be useful to you once you gain international fame. In general, if you approach the issue thoroughly, then in the network, you can find a typical resume of the actor.

As a rule, for official castings, a resume template is compiled separately and laid out on the site, but film companies always need fresh faces, regardless of whether castings are being held or not. In any case, if the company received your resume, you will automatically be listed in the actor’s database, even if there are currently no available roles.

And always remember – the more competently your resume is compiled, the more chances you have.

Free Templates

Tips have been helpful, but would you like to see an example resume? Nothing easier! Download an acting resume template.




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acting performance resume

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child actor resume template

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