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How to Write a Business Trip Report (Free Templates)

Required by many companies in their reimbursement policies, the work trip report is an employee accountability document. It is through it that the employee presents the financial summary and also demonstrates his performance during the period he was away.

It must contain accurate and direct information and is intended to prove the achievement of goals and the legitimacy of the expenditures made.

 It is a way to formalize the details and is useful both for the employee, who justifies his work activity during a trip, and for the company, as a management tool, facilitating the audit of cost centers.

If you work for a company that requires reporting, or you are a leader and intend to introduce the requirement, questions about the content and form may arise. 

To help you better understand what it is, how to create it, and what information and documents cannot be left out, we have prepared this text with several tips. Check out!

Business Format and Policy

For the company to have a transparent and functional process, there must be a pre-established standard and norms to be observed in the preparation of the reports. The most common way is through spreadsheets. Usually, companies also require the presentation of tax documents as proof of expenses incurred. 

Before taking a trip, you need to find out what the requirements are, from the documents to the established form, for filling out the report. After returning, it becomes much more difficult to obtain the documents and properly fill in the fields in the trip report.  Therefore, it is important not to leave room for mistakes and to observe rigorously and carefully all the guidelines given by the company. 

Depending on the purpose and duration of the trip, different documents may be needed to prove your productivity. So, on each occasion, it is a good idea to check this possibility.  By knowing exactly which data and documents cannot be left out and the correct way to present the report, you avoid rework and the risk of not having any expenses reimbursed. You also guarantee that you will be able to prove your productivity and the effectiveness of your trip. 

The common format of a business trip report is similar to that of the memo with font size 12, 1-inch margin, and Times New Roman is the font type.

What to Write in a Trip Report

Although each company has a specific policy, some requirements are common to the vast majority of companies. Paying attention to these points, you will certainly be protected and have better conditions to prepare and prove the trip report. Never leave this information aside:

Travel information

First of all, it is necessary to inform the data about the itinerary, duration, and the start and end date. It is also important to keep a record of other details, for example, which transport is used for the trip to the airport and the travel time.

Be sure to identify the address and name of the hotel where the accommodation was held. These data are important to reference distances and make clear the displacements and the time spent working in the period. They are the main information and should never be forgotten when making a business trip report. 

Script and list of activities

Next, you must demonstrate, using a chronological script, what the work periods were and what activities you were involved in during your journey, separating the periods by days and specifying intervals and the duration of each of the different occupations. 

This information is to distinguish the periods in which labor activity was being performed. Thus, it is possible to accurately account for rest periods and separate moments dedicated exclusively to work. This provides greater transparency and proves that the traveler’s functions have been exercised. 

List of expenses

Finally, it is necessary to specify clearly and in a proven manner, what expenses were incurred. This list should be related to the activities that happened during the day. All meals, transportation expenses, and other expenses that may happen must be recorded.

In this way, the traveler will ensure that, in the event of a dispute or doubt, he/she will be protected. If there is a logical correlation between the planned events and the expenses incurred and, of course, keeping only items that are covered by the company’s refund policy, the report will make sure that all expenses were justified. 

Documents to be kept 

In addition to the information provided by the person traveling, documents that prove the data contained in the spreadsheet must also be attached to the report. Some companies require the presentation of these documents to reimburse expenses, so be careful not to run the risk of forgetting or losing an item and being at a loss.

Invoices and receipts

Many companies require that, for the reimbursement of expenses, invoices must be filled out in the name and with the data of the legal entity. 

It is especially important to pay attention to the correct filling in of fiscal notes and expense receipts to make sure that the information is in accordance with company policy. 

Documents related to the performance of functions

Along with the documents related to the expenses and the itinerary of the trip, it is important to present those that prove the execution of the tasks determined for the traveler. Certificates, declarations, and contracts that have been carried out during the period will serve to substantiate and prove the execution of the tasks. 

By correctly providing all this information and following the instructions regarding the form of the report, you make a good impression, of commitment and organization, as well as competence, safeguard your rights and still guarantee that you will have all expenses properly reimbursed. 

The correct completion of the work trip report avoids several inconveniences for the employer and the employee and brings security for all. It proves the execution of all tasks, provides a basis for recording all the working time and the results achieved. Thus, you can formalize and record in a document everything that has been accomplished. 

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Free Trip Report Templates

A business trip report template provides immense efficiency as it helps you in branding by providing a constant structure. For that reason, we are offering FREE business trip report templates, which will greatly help you increase your productivity.


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    Key Takeaways

    The business trip report is a document required by most companies that deal with recurring days of their employees. The document is of paramount importance, as the costs involved in the process must always be controlled. All of this requires a consistent reimbursement policy, capable of optimizing the work of both the traveling professional who needs to present the document and the person responsible for the corporate travel budget who will organize all expenses. You can download and use our FREE business trip report template to make things happen more quickly!

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