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How to Word Your Sponsorship Request Letter (15 Samples)

Sponsorships are essential in any kind of development. They come in as a last resort to open doors that would otherwise remain shut due to financial difficulties. Whether you plan to host an event, run an organization, or plan to engage in some personal development activities, you will certainly require money for facilitation. But requesting for sponsorship can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the sponsor in person.

Luckily, one tool will help you get started. This is a sponsorship request letter. This letter has been proved to work effectively in bringing you closer to your potential sponsor so as to form a benefit corporation.

How to Structure Your Sponsorship Request Letter

The layout for writing a sponsorship request letter should conform to the formal format and guidelines. With that in mind, your letter should have the following elements:

Sender’s address

Typically, those sending personal letters should begin their letter with the sender’s name, address, and contact details. However, if you are using a company’s letterhead, its recommended that you ignore this part.

Date of writing

Immediately after the sender’s address, you can skip alone then add the date of writing. Be sure to use the precise dates for record purposes.

Recipients address

After the dates, then should be the receiver’s address. You can indicate the name, address, and contact details (optional).


Like any official letter, you need to use appropriate salutations to address the recipient. Some of the appropriate salutations to consider include ‘Dear’ or Hello,’ followed by their name. In some instances, however, you may not know the recipient by name. Therefore, you can use ‘To whom it may concern.’

Opening paragraph

This is the introductory part of the sponsorship request letter. According to the views of many experts, the opening paragraph should be as captivating as possible. With that in mind, you need to present yourself that invites the reader to continue reading. In other words, it’s the marketing part of your sponsorship request letter. To achieve this, make sure you mention the benefits that the sponsor will receive in return. Or, you can mention how the sponsorship will bring an impact to the society.

Body paragraphs

Here, it would be best if you expounded more on the benefits that will be ripped through the sponsorship program. Remember that every sponsor will want to put their investment where it best counts. They want to know how their sponsorship will impact or bring benefit to you and those around you. Therefore, you can explain why you need the sponsorship and why you feel it will be ideal to partner with the sponsor.

Conclusion paragraph

Conclude your letter by thanking the prospect sponsor for taking the time to read in your sponsorship request letter. Again, let them know how you plan to follow up on the sponsorship request letter. If possible, you can add your contact details for easy reach.

Sign off

You can sign off with a complimentary professional close, such as Sincerely, Kind regards, and mention a few. Your signature and name should then follow this. When sent through email, however, you can ignore the signature part.

Sample of Sponsorship Request Letter

[Senders Name]
[Senders address]
[Senders contacts]


[Sponsors name]
[Sponsors address]
[City, State, Zip code]

Dear [Sponsors name],

Our school baseball team recently managed to win the state’s preliminary baseball tournament that helped in Kansas State University Fields. Following the great victory, our team was selected to represent the state at the national youth’s competition.

We would therefore like to request for your support in sponsoring us to the nationals. Your support will come in handy in enabling us to win our next competition. The national competition will be aired on the local channels. Through your sponsorship, your company’s brand name will be printed on our shirts. Also, our sponsors will be named in the pageant and on future competitions.

We, therefore, request you to sponsor us with any amount as little as $5000. If you have any questions, please contact us through [input contacts].

Thank you so much.


[Senders name]

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      Do’s for Sponsorship Request Letter

      • Make your expectations clear. Choose sponsors that can provide what you’re looking for.
      • Make a list of what you can offer to sponsors.
      • Create sponsorship levels. Sponsorship levels are often put into ascending categories such as bronze, silver, and gold. Each level provides specific benefits for sponsors depending upon the amount they wish to donate. For example, a gold-level sponsor might receive free banners at the event, VIP tickets, and mentions by important speakers during the event.
      • Negotiate. It’s okay, and a good strategy, to be willing to negotiate. Sometimes the sponsor you chose would like to help, but can’t provide everything you’re asking for, or have different services in mind that you need. Find out what each sponsor can do for you and go from there.

      Don’ts for Sponsorship Request Letter

      • Settle for any sponsor. Don’t change your vision or major goals to accommodate someone else’s. A company might want to sponsor you but has unrealistic expectations of what they’ll receive in return.
      • Don’t try to over sell. Keep your letter sincere. Be direct about why you believe your chosen sponsor would be a good fit.
      • Don’t use special or colored fonts. Business letters should be formal and simple. Use your creative flair to create an eye-popping sponsorship level chart instead.

      Using these tips and examples, you can write an outstanding sponsorship request letter and reach your goals.

      Tips for Writing a Sponsorship Request Letter

      So, you’ve got great examples and a formal structure down. Now it’s time to write your content. Here are some tips to help you create a sponsorship request letter that will make you stand out and find a sponsor to help you achieve your goals.

      In order to bring your organization’s fundraising narrative back to life, you need to craft a high-quality sponsorship request letter that convinces your reader for that incentive. If you are wondering how to make your letter stand out, read on to realize some useful tips and tricks:

      Be as specific as possible

      If there is one thing to refrain from is making your letter generic. In other words, make sure your letter is addressed to a specific person at all times. On that note, take some time and research on the sponsor’s full name, address, and contacts. The more specific your letter is, the higher the chances of getting the sponsorship. 

      Be personable

      Again, while researching a particular sponsor, ensure you capture their interests and personality. It is a nice idea to include their personality within the letter. For instance, if you are raising money to build schools, you can mention something like this, ‘I know how much you love education among kids and that is why I decided to reach out to you.’

      Don’t be pushy

      Refrain from pushing the reader to buy your idea as it will be a turn-off. Therefore, you need to use a polite, friendly, and convincing tone within the letter.

      Proofread your letter

      Failure to proofread your letter can sabotage your chances of getting the sponsorship. If you send your letter with spelling, grammar, or other technical mistakes, it will depict your unprofessionalism. Believe me; no one wants to attach themselves to unprofessional individuals. Therefore, take your time and correct any mistakes that may have occurred when typing the letter.

      Mention the benefits

      For your sponsor to fully participate in your activities, they will want to know which benefits they will obtain in the process. For instance, if they will get good publicity, make sure you mention exactly that. Or, if you plan to print their name on the tickets, be sure you inform them.

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