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Referral Cover Letter Examples [Free Templates]

A referral cover letter mentions the connection you have with the hiring manager by mentioning an individual referring you for the opportunity.

When writing a referral cover letter, you should consider referees who contact the company before dropping names in the letter. The referee’s name should be mentioned in the opening or introductory part of the letter to catch the eye of the employer since the recruitment process deals with many candidates and employers aim to shortlist candidates based on details that seem to stand out in their cover letters.

Purpose of a Referral Cover Letter

A referral cover letter is essential as it gives the applicant a better chance of getting selected, as many companies rely on referrals to acquire new employees. The hiring manager gives priority to all individuals referred for a position before considering other methods of employee acquisition because it helps in selecting an individual who best fits the role available following the referee’s details.

Mentioning a prominent person as a referee or someone with connections with the hiring organization is like having an employment reference that boosts your chances of getting hired. The primary purpose of a referral cover letter is to create interest for the hiring authority as the manager reads your application since hiring based on referrals has proven to be an assured way of getting reliable employees.

Referral Cover Letter Examples

Who to Select as a Referee

Different people can be referrals in a cover letter. Still, most importantly, a referee should have relations with the hiring organization or be from a prominent organization to increase the chances of being considered for the job. You can scan your LinkedIn connections to see if you know anyone working at the organization you aim to apply to and request them to refer you as an applicant.  

A referee can be either a friend, former colleague or even a former boss who may have some associations with the hiring organization or manager.

Mentioning a Referee in a Referral Cover Letter

A referee should be mentioned in the referral cover letter by stating the name and the relationship with the applicant.

Below are details that should be included when mentioning a referral in a cover letter:


A referral cover letter should be written formally as its purpose is professional and hence should start with a salutation or greeting, which entails mentioning the hiring managers’ name. Greetings show respect and professionalism, which are some of the qualities expected in any organization.

Best impression in the first paragraph

Creating an impression on the hiring manager is of great importance as it increases the chances of hiring. Give detailed explanations about all the accomplishments and qualifications in your referral cover letter to ensure that it impresses the hiring manager. Ensure that the accomplishments mentioned are in line with the job opportunity being applied for.

Mention the referral

There are various ways you can mention the person referring you for a job opportunity in your referral cover letter, and this should be indicated in the first paragraph of the letter or email. You should ensure that the following details should be put into consideration:

Who it is

The person’s name should be mentioned to enhance transparency and show that you have been referred for the opportunity. In addition, the role or position of the referral in the organization should be mentioned.

Your relation to him/her

A brief description of the relationship should be discussed to show how well the referee knows the applicant. The previous interaction should be well stated to elaborate on the relationship between the two. If the referee is a friend or a former colleague, it should be necessary to show the depth of the relationship. 

Why you are being recommended

The introductory part should mention why a referee has referred you by stating your relationship with him/ her. For example, “I have been recommended this job opportunity by Mr. Albert, who works for your organization, and he requested that I contact you directly. He was a former colleague at Parkland’s organization where we worked under the same department of operations.”

Show your interest

Showing interest in the job is a significant aspect that should be portrayed in the first paragraph of the referral cover letter. It should focus on your strengths and capabilities in line with the organization’s operations, which will help in the growth and development of the company. This creates interest in the hiring manager and allows consideration for the position. For example, “I have proficient skills in bookkeeping and team management, which I have used previously to enhance the accomplishment of tasks and goals in my former organization”.

Acknowledge the consideration

Conclude the letter by saying thank you to the operating manager for their consideration for the job opportunity. This shows the firm belief the applicant has and their eagerness to work for the organization.


A signature put at the end of the letter shows professionalism and is also required for a formal letter.

Referral Cover Letter Examples

Below are a referral cover letter template and a sample for your ease;

Applicants address (Name)

(Postal address)


(Contact details)      



Hiring managers address (name)

(Postal Address)


(Contact details)


Dear (name of the hiring manager)

I am writing to apply for the position of (position being applied for) advertised by (name of the organization). I have diverse knowledge about your products as I have worked on a similar role (name of the organization worked before).

My former colleague (name) referred me to this position and advised me to contact you directly for the application. We have worked together for a period of (give specific time frame) at the (name of the organization). During that period, I acquired skills such as (mention specific skills concerning the position being applied for)

Kindly review my resume and I believe I am an exceptional candidate for this position, and I will highly appreciate it if you allow me to work at your organization. Again, I highly appreciate your consideration.

Yours truly,


(Applicants name)

Sample Cover Letter

Callie Adams

123rd Boulevard Street

111 111 111

July 9, 2021

Mr. Brandon Adam,

The hiring manager,

126th street,


222 222 222.

Dear Mr. Brandon,

I am writing to apply for the consultant position at the ABC organization advertised through electronic media. I am conversant with your products as I have worked for an FGH organization which deals with similar products as a sales consultant.

My colleague Grace recommended I contact you directly for this position as I pose qualities that enhance an organization’s adequate performance through increased sales. Grace and I worked closely as sales agents at the FGH organization for three years.

My diverse experience as a sales consultant has increased my capability to research market gaps and challenges, which helps in an organization’s adequate performance, increases sales, and reduces losses.

Kindly review my resume, and I believe I will be an excellent candidate for this position. So again, I highly appreciate your consideration, and I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,


Callie Adams






    Tips to Write an Effective Letter

    The following key aspects should be considered when writing a referral cover letter in order to do so efficiently:

    Be professional

    A cover letter should be written in a formal tone to show professionalism. This is displayed on the format of the letter whereby it should start with the address of the applicant, address of the hiring manager, salutation, body (which entails the purpose of the letter), a conclusion, signature, and name of the applicant.

    Precisely cover the education portion

    The cover letter should precisely mention the applicant’s qualifications, which are in line with the open position. This helps the hiring manager to consider the application as it matches the requirements.

    Talk about the referral

    The referral should be mentioned in the first paragraph of the referral cover letter to spark an interest in the hiring manager. Once the manager identifies that the application has been based on a referral, there is a higher chance of securing the opportunity as the referee can provide more details in the case of a follow-up.

    Keep it simple

    A referral cover letter should be straightforward since this helps the hiring manager easily understand the aim of the application letter and be able to identify the referee. Additionally, simplicity helps save time for the reader and gives them a better chance to create interest in the application.

    Tailor what you can do for the company

    The cover letter should give peculiar objectives the applicant perceives to implement in the organization through the open position to benefit the company. These should be positive aspects and should be supported by previous work experiences. It creates a good impression on the hiring manager and hence increases the chances of getting hired.


    Proofreading the cover letter helps remove spelling errors that may affect the quality of the letter. Additionally, it helps eliminate grammatical errors, which might temper the initial meaning of the content and help ensure that the correct procedure has been followed.

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    Key Takeaways

    When writing a referral cover letter, the following key points should be put into consideration:

    • The applicant’s address should be included on the top part of a referral cover letter
    • The hiring manager’s name and address should be placed below the applicant’s address.
    • Show interest in the open position you are applying for
    • Name of the referee in the introductory paragraph to attract the hiring manager’s attention.
    • State positive qualities or aspects which will make the application stand out.
    • The applicant’s signature and name should be placed as the last part of the letter.

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