How to Format any Follow-up Letter (with Examples)

Generally, follow-up letters are created in a formal business letter format, meaning they have no indention. In writing a follow-up letter, bear in mind that the content should be concise and direct to be the point, and as a tip, we suggest you include deadlines in them.

A good Follow-up letter is comprised of the following:

  1. Catchy subject line
  2. Opening salutations to the person/persons/group involved
  3. The opening line that states where and when you met as well as points talked about, ideas discussed, self-introduction and other information that would help the reader remembering who you are
  4. Subject matter to be discussed
  5. Possible meeting time and your contact information
  6. Ending remarks
  7. The signature which includes your position and or company

To better illustrate the preferred format of your follow-up letter, please refer to the following:

Subject: Will you be attending the sales meeting on January 18, 2017


Dear George,

Thank you for the great meeting yesterday, and I believe that it was a great success because various important points were discussed as well as possible bottleneck points that could hinder the progress of the project. Based on what was discussed, I believe that I could have a solution to the possible bottlenecks and would like to discuss the matter further with you.

Speaking of discussions, would you be available next week for a proper meeting and brainstorming session. I can prepare the necessary items as well as points of discussion ahead of time.

I will call you by Monday to confirm your meeting availability.


Jean Gray


Mike Tyson Group of Companies

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      By writing a follow-up email or letter, you are able to accomplish so much and be able to properly create a steady avenue for further communication with the desired recipient. To effectively and efficiently create proper letters, be sure to adhere to the following:

      • On point
      • Concise
      • Effort-free
      • Courteous

      By following the format and adhering to the guidelines listed, you can rest assured that your points will get across and you’d be having a more effective relationship with any individual.

      Types of Follow-up Letters

      There are many types of follow-up letter which includes but not limited to Job application follow-up letter, Job interview follow-up letter, periodic service follow-up letter, After-sales follow-up letter, After Quote follow-up letter and Complaint follow-up letter. You can find more information about different types of follow-up letters and when is the right time to send each type of follow-letter.

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