Notarized Bill of Sale Forms

A ‘bill of sale’ vouches for the transfer of property more so when a debt for security is required. Some state witness backs the notarized bill of sale. As such, it is more secure and credible than the ordinary bills of sales. Many states and other jurisdictions require the use of this form in the transfer of various pieces of property like homes, cars, and land.

Reasons to use a notarized bill of sale

Several reasons inform the use of this form for the transactions we have delineated above. Below, we identify and examine a couple of the top reasons:

Comply with Statutory Regulations: As already explained, the use of the notarized bill of sale is mandated by many states and jurisdictions. This leaves no room for trial-and-error as you cannot overlook it. The failure to use it may hence give rise to untold suffering and unnecessary issues. You have to find out the laws that exist in your area hence before setting out.

Safer and Credible: The document makes any subsequent transactions safer and more credible. Not only does it provide independent verifications of the details of the property concerned, but it also makes for exhibits in case the disputes spill over to the courtrooms. This gives you the security you need for long-term use.

Expedites the Registration of Property: A typical bill of sale contains all the crucial pieces of information regarding that particular piece of property. Also, it is notarized and vouched for accuracy by a state official. It hence expedites the process of the registration of the said piece of property as it furnishes all the details readily with minimal delays.

Enjoys Legal Protections: Lastly, the notarized bill of sale enjoys legal protections that are not accorded to other documents of its kind. That is chiefly because a copy of the same is usually deposited with the local state law office. If and when any disputes arise, the legal apparatus will usually swing in full action to vouch for the accuracy thereof.

Bill of Sale Form

Notarized Bill of Sale Form

How to Find The Notaries

Many sites from where you may find the notaries do exist. Below nonetheless are the most reliable online resources from whence you may derive yours:

Notary Public Directory: This is an online compilation of all the notaries in the United States of America. It provides the information you need at the click of a button. The site has no specialty and hence serves all cadres of users.


American Association of Notaries: As the name implies, this one brings together all notaries within the United States of America. Membership in this association is exclusive. This means it is more credible than the many alternative sites.


Live Notaries: Live Notaries goes further than merely recommending a notary for you. It also handles the processes of securing the services of a notary. For this reason, it greatly expedites your services and the benefits that come along.


National Notary: Just like the American Association of Notaries, this one is also a compilation of the leading notaries within the United States. Similarly, it gives you access to a vast array of notaries who may be relevant to you.


Notary Classic Online: Notary Classic Online, unlike the other sites we have examined, does not hook you up with a notary. Instead, it guides you through the process of finding one (it empowers you with the relevant knowledge). Then, it leaves you to make your own choice.


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