How to Write a Farewell Email to Coworkers

A farewell email to coworkers is a final message sent to your colleagues informing them that you will be leaving the company soon. The idea is to leave things on good terms, maintain established relationships, and commemorate your time at the company. Besides this, saying goodbye to your colleagues is considered a show of good manners and professionalism.

Leaving your job is an inevitability that most people must face. As you gain more experience and knowledge, you may want to seek out other opportunities elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t need your previous coworkers anymore because they form a crucial part of your network.

Are you leaving your company soon? Review the following tips and examples on how to write a goodbye letter to coworkers.

There are three main reasons why employees are encouraged to send a farewell letter. They are:

  • Etiquette – It is considered a show of good manners to notify the people you have been working with that you will be leaving the company.
  • Networking – Everyone you meet during your career forms a crucial part of your network. Even if you are moving to a new company, you may need your coworkers in the future.
  • Transition – If you have been collaborating on projects with a certain team, leaving without highlighting the transition plan could cause confusion.

Which Coworkers Should Receive Your Email?

When figuring out who to send your farewell message to, consider everyone with whom you have interacted regularly. This may include:

  • Close colleagues
  • Your manager or supervisor
  • Your entire department
  • Employees from other departments, with whom you have collaborated on previous projects
  • Other members of staff with whom you are close

What to Include in Your Email

A farewell email can be formal or semi-formal depending on the recipient and the relationship you share with them. Whether you are writing to a close colleague or one you just met, consider including the following details:

  • Details of your departure
  • If possible, details of your new venture
  • Memories shared with the reader
  • Gratitude
  • A personalized message for the reader
  • If necessary, details for the transition plan
  • Your new contact information

Writing Tips for a Farewell Email

Your farewell message is about more than saying goodbye because it is your last chance to leave a good impression on your colleagues. Consider the following tips when composing your Farewell Email to Coworkers:

  • Send the email at least a day or two before you leave.
  • Keep your message positive and cheerful.
  • Avoid making negative comments about the company or your employer.
  • Keep your message short and to the point.
  • If necessary, provide details for the transition plan.

Farewell Email to Coworkers (Format)


From: {Your Official Email}

To: {Coworker’s Official Email}

Subject: Leaving {Company Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms./ Last Name},

I am writing to inform you that I will be stepping down from my position as {previous job title} at {company name} on {insert date}. I will be joining {new company name} in {location} where I will be working as a {new job title}.

The {duration} that I have worked alongside you have been valuable and memorable. You have been {mention positive qualities}, especially during {insert precious memory}. As I leave, I want you to know that I am grateful for your friendship and support.

While I will be exiting the company, it is my wish that we keep in touch. You can contact me on {contact information} at any time.

Thank you, once again, and farewell.


{Your Name}

{Previous Job Title}

Sample Farewell Email to Coworkers

10 January 2031

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Leaving Fast Lane Inc.

Dear Philip,

As you may know by now, I will be leaving my position as Production Manager at Fast Lane Inc. on 13 January 2031. I have accepted a position at Premier Solutions in New York and will move there soon.

I am beyond grateful for your friendship, both professional and personal, which I have enjoyed for over 11 years. Your support and encouragement have helped me through the toughest days.

It is my sincere hope that we will maintain our friendship, even in my absence from the company. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] anytime.

See you soon.


Linda Bell

Farewell Email to Coworkers (Word Template)

Farewell Email to Coworkers (Word Template)

Final Thoughts

Your colleagues have supported you at work in many ways throughout your employment, which is why How to Write a Farewell Email to Coworkers learning is important. Remember to mention your reason for leaving, thank your coworkers for their support, and share your contact information. Even if you have a lot to say, keep your email short and to the point.