25+ Blank Field Trip Permission Slip Templates

Field trips, we’ve all been on them at one time or another, and they can be quite fun. There are trips to the museum, parts, even to the state capital. These trips combine fun with education and help give the less fortunate children experiences that they might not otherwise get. But these trips can also present some issues for parents and school as well. One of those issues is responsibility. To get around this, schools, organizations, or groups take advantage of the field trip permission slip.

Permission Slip & Schools

Permission slips are a necessary part of any school activity where the children will be leaving the school grounds, being involved in certain projects or activities. These slips are used to obtain a signature from each and every parent which is used to permit the child’s participation. By using these slips, the parent waives responsibility in case an injury or accident occurs.

Types of Permission Slip

Blanket Permission Slip

The Blanket Permission Slip is one that covers the basics. These slips are used for the standard field trip that occurs during the school year.

Informed Consent Slip

If there is going to be an activity, event, or trip that may have an ‘inherent risk’ involved. This is explained in great detail, so when the parent or guardian signs the slip, the school is not held responsible should something occur.

Legal Value of a Permission Slip

When the parent or guardian fills out a permission slip, they are basically stating that those in charge of the trip, such as the school, are not responsible if something occurs on the trip. The blanket slip usually has a ‘Waiver of Liability”. This means the parent or guardian agrees that if something happens during the trip, it’s not the school’s fault. It is not uncommon for the school to ask to have the permission slip signed by a notary public if the trip is extended, out of state or country.

Contents of a Standard Permission Slip

It’s time to get to composing your own permission slip. To do so, you’ll need to know the contents of one. Consider the activity or project carefully, so you know exactly what to write. When you start the permission slip, begin with a concise, detailed summary of the event or project. Include the following elements and any others that are pertinent to your needs so the parent or guardian is made aware of all the details.

  • Teacher/Guardian
  • Class
  • Time: start time and expected return time
  • Date
  • Destination
  • Reason
  • Expenses: List cost, how to pay, and deadline if any
  • Type of transport
  • Important Medical Information: Allergies, medications, etc.
  • Emergency contact information
  • Comment section: Area for parents to leave comments or special instructions
  • List any additional requirements: Type of clothing, supplies, box lunches, or money to buy lunch, etc.

Next, there will be a section where the parent or guardian can grant their permission, using fill in the blank format such as:

I, ________________________, grant permission for my child, _______________________ to partake in the (event/trip/project)__________________, on (Date/time)__________, with ______________________.

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    As can be seen, the permission slip is a bit more complex than it seems at first glance. By using our free to download, customizable permission slip templates, you’ll be certain to have the perfect form for your personal situation. Simply download the form to your PC. Next, open in Microsoft Word, and begin to add your information. By using our permission slip templates, you take the guesswork out of the process, plus cost-effective, as they are free to download, and you can print out as many as you like. No need to purchase special software, or spend valuable time learning how to make your own. We guarantee that by using our templates, the entire process will be quick, easy, and smooth, from start to finish!

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