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Free College Roommate Agreement Templates (Word | PDF)

In college, there are high chances that you will share a room with someone else. It may be either in a residence hall or apartment. In such cases, you may want to sign up for a roommate contract or a college roommate agreement. Even though it is not legally binding, roommate contracts can be an excellent way to ensure that you and your roommate agree on various living details.

Putting a college roommate agreement template together can be challenging, but they have several advantages. You can approach a roommate agreement in various ways, and this article seeks to discuss them. Roommate agreements come as templates and can give you an excellent idea.

College roommate agreements play an essential role in the day to day activities. They are a form of the social contract that seeks to bring more understanding among college roommates. This is regardless of the course one is taking, the study times, quiet hours, and other details. To make sure it is useful, use the questionnaire and get every roommate to fill it. After that, gather them together and discuss the differences in schedules. Know which time is suitable for which activity and for which roommate.

The importance of a roommate contract cannot be underestimated. Apart from avoiding unnecessary disagreements and clashes, roommate contracts help maintain a healthy relationship among roommates. You will be better off with this agreement. Many learning institutions recommend that students should sign roommate contracts to ensure harmonious living.

Free Samples

Sections of College Roommate Agreement Template

Discussed below are the essential sections of a roommate agreement


A roommate contract should clarify details about sharing. For example, it should answer whether it is okay for roommates to use each other’s stuff. If there are off-limits things, the college roommate agreement template should indicate. Furthermore, it should provide information about what happens in case something breaks. Is sharing allowed? And if it is, to what levels should it be done. For example, if the roommates are using the same printer, who should replace the papers? Besides, it should also clarify what happens in case something is destroyed or stolen on someone else’s watch.


As roommates, you need to discuss your schedules and find out who likes sleeping early and a night owl. This is important because it prevents collisions in the house. You need to be effective and avoid fixing activities at the same time as your roommate.

Study time

Your college roommate agreement template should include these sections. Some people only study well under certain conditions. The contract should indicate which time is ideal for each roommate to study. By doing so, everything will run smoothly. The college roommate agreement template should also show how each of the roommate’s studies. For example, if one likes to study alone, they might need time to do so. There are other things like the use of electronics during study time. Home theaters and TV need to be off during study. The roommate contract tries to put this into consideration and create an excellent environment for everyone to study.

Private time

There are moments when one wants to be alone. In the college roommate agreement template, it is referred to as private time. One of the roommates might be in a relationship and needs personal time whenever their partner visits. It is essential always to put such things into consideration. Private time should be strategically placed so that it doesn’t inconvenience the other roommate. For example, if a roommate is having exams, don’t ask them to leave so that you can spend time with your loved one.

The college roommate agreement template plays a vital role in preventing such things from happening. Also, there are situations when one’s girlfriend or boyfriend visits without warning or prior notice. In such cases, how do you let the other roommate know that you need to be alone for a moment? Alerting the roommate that you are spending time with your loved one prevents them from walking into the room and making it uncomfortable.

Borrowing, taking or replacing

Throughout your study, taking or borrowing something from your roommate is practically inevitable. So, if a borrowed item is destroyed or stolen, who pays for it? The college roommate agreement template should give guidelines about borrowing and taking. For example, one can be okay to share food with you as long as it is enough. Such things should be put into consideration to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.


As much as it might sound silly, personal space is an integral part of the college roommate agreement template. For example, you can specify if you are okay with your roommate’s hanging around your bed while you are away. Furthermore, you should indicate the space you need when studying or having a phone conversation with your loved one. This prevents unnecessary collisions.


The agreement should make it clear when one should have visitors. There are situations when people are staying over, and it might inconvenience the other roommate.


Is it allowed to eat each other’s good? Can you share? If that is the case, the college roommate agreement template should indicate who buys what. Discuss with your roommate to decide on this.


Ladies find clothes a big issue. You make it clear if it is okay to borrow each other’s clothes. If yes, then you should give prior notice before doing so.

Free Templates

Following are college roommate agreement templates that can be edited and customized after being downloaded:

College Roommate Agreement Template 01

College Roommate Agreement Template 02

College Roommate Agreement Template 03

College-Roommate-Agreement 04

College Roommate Agreement Template 07College Roommate Agreement Template 08

College Roommate Agreement Template 08

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a roommate agreement college?

    It is a document that guides roommates on how to coexist in college.

    What should I split with my college roommate?

    Mostly, roommates split TV subscription charges, food, and laundry services.

    Can I choose my roommate in college?

    It depends on the college you are admitted to. Some colleges allow students to pick roommates while others randomly place them in rooms.

    What are good questions to ask a roommate?

    The kind of sport they like, how they spend their free time, their likes and dislikes, etc.

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