Boat Bill of Sale Forms & Templates

A boat bill of sale is a document that is used in transactions involving the sale of boats and other water vessels. The right documents must accompany any transaction involving the sale of boats. This document bears vital information regarding the purchase, including information about the buyer and seller and also the vessel. Besides serving as the primary document in the sale of boats, the boat bill of sale is used as proof of ownership, and it’s also a requirement by the state when registering boats. This document relays any prior registration details and also states whether the transaction includes the outboard motor and trailer.

Other names used for the boat bill of sale include watercraft bill of sale, vessel bill of sale, and boat sales contract. The buyer and seller should only sign the boat bill of sale after the seller deposits funds, and the boat has been delivered. Although the boat bill of sale is primarily used for transactions involving the sale of boats, it’s also used in transactions involving other water vessels such as:

  1. Rowboats
  2. Kayak
  3. Sailboat
  4. Jetski
  5. Ferry
  6. Fishing boat
  7. Canoe
  8. Cabin cruiser
  9. Tag boat
  10. Skiff, etc.

What to include in the boat bill of sale

When selling or buying boats or associated equipment, it’s vital to ensure you follow the law to avoid frustrations or going against the law. A typical boat bill of sale should include the following:

  1. Name &address of the buyer
  2. Name& address of the seller
  3. Date of the transaction
  4. The agreed price for the sale
  5. Hull identification number
  6. Model, make and year of manufacturer of the boat
  7. A previous title and registration number if available
  8. Information on whether the boat includes an outboard motor
  9. Motor horsepower, make, and serial number(if the motor is included)
  10. If the transaction includes a trailer (if so, also include the model, make, and serial number).
  11. The main color of the boat
  12. Any secondary color or color of the pinstripe
  13. Title certificate
  14. A lien release( Its primarily used in transactions involving the sale of used boats)
  15. Printed names and signature of the parties in the transaction, including the seller, buyer, and witnesses.

After the document is filled out and signed, you may want it to be notarized by a public notary.

Free Bill of Sale Form

Boat Bill of Sale Form

    When Should You Use the boat Bill of Sale?

    Anyone planning to buy or sell a boat can use this bill of sale. This document used for many watercraft from jet skis to yachts to sailboats. The following are some parties that may use a boat bill of sale:

    • Boat dealers
    • Family members
    • Organizations buying or selling boats
    • Online trading sites that deal with such vessels such as and
    • Individuals purchasing boats
    • Companies and businesses selling or buying boats

    The boat bill of sale can also be used in transactions involving the purchase or selling of used boats and accessories.

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