Proof of Residency Letter Templates (Affidavit of Residency)

The proof of residency letter is a sworn statement that indicates that a person resides at a specific address. The letter is often written by an employer or a landlord, with additional documents, to provide supplemental evidence. An employer will attach IRS Form W – 4 while a landlord attaches a lease agreement.

The purpose of the proof of residency letter is to acknowledge that the mentioned person is a resident of a mailing address or State. The document is usually required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when applying for street parking or acquiring a driver’s license. The document may also be required when applying for insurance programs, government agencies, or employees who need to prove that they live where they claim.  Providing the letter on time will build the landlord’s relationship with the tenant and show the kind of respect that the tenant expects from the landlord.

Alternative names of proof of residency letter include an affidavit of residency or proof of residence letter.

Get Written Permission

You may receive a request to provide a proof of residence letter of your tenant from a third party. This may include an employer, lender, court, notary, assistance, program, financial institution, school, or the DMV. In such a case, inform your tenant and get their written permission to provide the said information to the third party. This will protect you from being sued by the tenant for providing their information to a third party without their consent.

Proof of Residency Letter Types

Affidavits of residency differ depending on the purpose and to whom they are written. The major types include:


DMV Affidavit of Residence Letter

This letter is written by a company or an organization to provide proof that the person applying for a driver's license resides within the state.

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Employer Affidavit of Residence Letter

An employer may write a proof of residency letter to verify that the named person has been working for a given period within the state or area.

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Family Member Affidavit of Residence Letter

This affidavit is usually written by parents or grandparents to prove to the government, school or university that their child or grandchild has been living in their home.

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Landlord Affidavit of Residence Letter

A landlord or roommates may be required to write a proof of residency letter to give testimony or confirm that a person has been living on the premises.

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Notary Affidavit of Residence Letter

A notary proof of residency letter is written to give a sworn statement that the person has been living at an address. The letter is sworn under penalty of perjury and signed in the presence of a notary public.

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School Affidavit of Residence

This proof of residency letter is written to prove to a school that the named student is or has been living at an address. The letter may be written to an elementary, high school, or university when a student is applying for in-state tuition.

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    Proof of Residency Letter vs Landlord Reference

    The proof of residency letter is different from a landlord’s reference. A landlord reference is written by a landlord to give credit to the tenant for paying rent on time, treating the rental space as their own, and following the lease terms. As such, this document is optional and will only be written when a tenant proves worthy of being referred. On the other hand, the proof of residence letter is a compulsory letter when confirming that the tenant has been residing on your premises.

    Writing a Proof of Residency Letter

    When drafting a proof of residency letter, it is important to note that it acts as an official testimony that the mentioned person resides in a particular State or address. The following are some key points to consider:


    This is the day on which the letter is written, such as March 21, 2021. Align the date to the right, and place it at the top of the letter. If the letter will be notarized, make sure that the date on the letter matches the date you are meeting with the notary.

    Name and address of the landlord

    Add your name at the top left of the letter. Include your full legal name, full address, email address, and phone number.

    Declaration statement

    The first sentence of the letter should be a declaration that you formally acknowledge that the mentioned person was residing at an address or State during the mentioned period. Make sure you have included the full name of the Signature Party and the address. For instance, “I, John Doe, formally acknowledge that Jane Brit resides at my rental property at 112 New Avenue Road, California since the 19 December 2017.

    Length of residency

    You should clearly state the length of time the mentioned person resided at the residence or address. This needs to be precise if possible, including the day, month, and year.

    Term of the lease

    Include the terms of the lease, specifying the date when the tenant moved in and the date when the lease terminates.

    Persons who live on the property

    Include the names and contact details of others who are residing and sharing the lease agreement with the tenant. Also provide details as to how long they have been living with him or her.

    Amount of rent paid

    Specific the amount of rent paid by the tenant, include the time of the month when the rent is duly paid by the tenant.

    Offer to answer follow-up questions

    Offer room for follow-up questions, and how the interested party may contact you for more information.

    List of evidence documents attached

    Attach two relevant documents that provide further evidence that the person has been a tenant at the residence for the specified period. They may include a paycheck stub, utility bill, and driver’s license. Other examples of proof include bank statements, health insurance cards, cell phone bills, mortgage statements, residential lease agreements, tax returns, real estate deed, vehicle registration, and voter registration card.

    Notary acknowledgment

    If there is no supplemental evidence attached, make sure the letter is notarized.


    Before finalizing the proof of residency letter make sure that you sign the letter, type your name, and the date that you signed it.

    Finishing the document

    You may get assistance from an attorney to draft your letter, but making your own should not be any difficult. Simply type the letter with all the necessary elements in a business letter format, proofread it, print it, and sign as appropriate.

    Proof of Residency Letter Template

    [Your Address]


    [Recipient’s Address]

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I, (Your name) formally acknowledge that (tenant’s name) resides at my rental property, (rental property address: Street number, name, city, state, ZIP code). The lease term with (tenant’s name) began on (lease start date) and will end on (lease completion date). For the period (tenant’s name) has been living on the property, he has been staying with (list of people who live there). He had been paying (rent amount) on the 5th of every month. I have attached the following documents for your consideration: utility bill and residential lease agreement. For more information, you can reach out to me at (Your phone number) or via (Your email address).

    Best Regards,

    (Your Signature and Date)

    (Your Name and Date)

    Special Considerations for Landlords

    As a landlord, you want to make sure the letter is considerate and provides the necessary information. Depending on the situation at hand, make sure you:

    • Respond to tenant’s request quickly – This will save your time and make sure that the verification process is as accurate as possible.
    • Do not write for a bad tenant – You are not obligated to write for a bad tenant. After all, they may use such information for unscrupulous purposes.
    • Gather all information – Make sure you have all the information needed before you start writing the letter, including the purpose, audience, and the kind of information needed.


    What does proof of residency mean?

    Proof of residence is a sworn statement that indicates that a person resides at a specific address or State.

    Who can ask for a proof of residency letter?

    Some of the parties that will ask for a proof of residency letter include an employer, lender, court, notary, assistance, program, financial institution, school, or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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